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VDI (Or More Correctly DaaS) May Now Be a Mission Critical Application, but Why Isn’t It Monitored as Such?

The uptake of VDI has been astronomical over the past 4 years due to massive performance gains in Flash Storage Arrays and multi-core processors as well as corresponding price reductions. Yet I was surprised when CIO’s started to rate their Virtual Desktop offerings as a Mission Critical App; but why wouldn’t they?

Take 20% of your customer facing staff offline for a few hours, or provide a degraded service offering that directly impacts internal staff from meeting customer expectations, and you certainly have a Mission Critical event. But despite its new found criticality, the “app” wasn’t being monitored or managed as such.

Perhaps it’s the great gains in DaaS reliability and performance over the past few years that’s led to a lack of focus on the service experience, but expected performance and reliability in itself does not mitigate risks around customer complaints or help desk tickets due to poor user experience when they do occur. All too often these issues when raised, are done so in a vacuum of hard metrics and baselines, because IT shops lack easy insight to empirical data which then leads to a loss of credibility and trust in the service offering.

One way to mitigate those risks is by managing an offering delivered from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, as-a-Service, regardless of the source of provisioning; internal or external. MSP’s and IT shops generally describe a provisioned VDI offering as a “service offering”, but rarely is the offering monitored as such, or backed by relevant SLA’s.

In collaboration with the executive team from ct4 (, a premier DaaS service provider in the APAC region, FireScope has engineered an out of the box solution to provide specific monitoring, measurement and reporting on factors like logon performance and desktop latency, which allows user experience and customer satisfaction of VDI sessions to be understood in near real-time.

Too often these metrics have been locked away in platform management tools and not visible to business customers or IT management. Furthermore, they are not tracked for compliance to SLA’s, either internally or externally.

With FireScope’s integration to Citrix, these metrics are natively consumed and used to manage, monitor and track DaaS performance & user experience. If you have time, take a look at the 7-minute video demonstration:

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