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Various Uses of Video Conferencing in Today’s Electronic Era

Various Uses of Video Conferencing in Today’s Electronic Era

With the birth of modern technology, many ways have been formulated in order to make communication a lot easier and faster. Before, people will need to send handwritten letters in order to keep in touch with their friends or close family members living far away. Among of which are text messages, phone calls, emails and video calls. All these make communicating with people from different parts of the globe way more convenient.

One of the most prominent ways of communication is through video phone calls. Through this, people will not only be able to exchange messages, but can also talk to each other face to face with the use of a smooth internet connection and a computer. Today, another method of communication is becoming famous among people. This technology comes by the name of video conferencing. In this article, you will learn what video conferencing is, its uses in different fields of specifications and know about the top video conferencing tools existing.

Importance of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the manner of engaging in an interactive video communication with multiple people from different locations using a technology that will permit more than one location to conduct concurrent audio and video broadcasts. Apparently, video conferencing is different from the famous video calls, since the latter usually involves a limit of two people to communicate properly and is meant for individuals. Video conferencing is likely more focused on serving locations. With the aid of video conferencing, it is now easy to learn about the things happening around in a particular place in a more specific manner.

A software is needed in order to set up a video conference. There are quite a number of video conference software brands that are available in the market. These computer applications contain features which help video conferencing to become way more advanced and convenient for its users.

The method of video conferencing contributes a great role in many fields of specifications. Many businessmen, academes, media men and more other professionals are benefiting from video conferencing ever since it was first used in the latter part of 1930s until today.

In this modern society, video conferencing has been utilized more widely and more efficiently. The entire process has also enhanced and became more advanced in comparison to the earlier years. This is also, of course, due to the fact that this means of communication is trying to run along the many advancements in terms of technology.


Video conferencing is widely used in the field of business. Many business owners use the method of video conferencing when making transactions with multiple clients found in different locations overseas. This is for the reason that there are a lot of things businesses can do when their clients are actually seeing the things they are doing in contrast to just keep in touch with a phone call. Below is a list of the gains video conferencing gives on businesses.

  1. Saves Time – since video conferencing works in a fast and convenient way, transactions can now be made quick and easy. The business company and the clients will be able to explain things clearly with the high definition video quality, video conferencing offers. This will likewise save business industries from spending too much time explaining things that are hard to understand when you are not seeing others clearly.
  1. Hike in Your Team’s Productivity – since it saves a lot of time, your team can likely invest their energy doing other works that ought to be done. Thus, increasing the level of work produced a team in a business company will get.
  1. Lowers Travelling Cost – business travels cost a lot. Aside from the fact that it will cost the company to spend a good amount of cash just to get a business representative meet the client. It will also cost a lot of time and energy. It is both tiring and expensive to engage to.

In customer reviews cited at, the importance of video conferencing has been emphasized as it helps businesses look professional regardless of the business’ size. Today, business companies will not anymore need to tire themselves doing certain extremities in order to close the deal as they will only need to make a video conference and all the other things will come along the way.

Online Teaching

In recent date, online teaching has been among the most prominent and most sought online profession. Many are engaged in the career of teaching online, especially teaching the English language.

Many individuals make use of virtual classrooms to teach to various students all around the globe. There is also a video conferencing tool made available for those which contain several features to make teaching online efficient. These  tools will help students and online teachers to achieve the following:

  1. Host workshops online to aid in educating students – the convenience brought by learning online is the reason why these kinds of online jobs are hitting popularity today. With the aid of an efficient video conference software, workshops that can help students enhance their skills are now easily made available.
  1. Connect with students, regardless of the location – since it is made for the purpose of connecting to multiple people in different locations, this method is also made perfect for online teaching as an online teacher will be able to connect to his or her students through video conferencing without a hassle even though they are at the end parts of the world.
  1. Go in online trips – a number of video conferencing applications enable students and online teachers go on “online trips” for educational purposes. These trips are not really the usual trip, students will experience in a usual school setting. However, it is not also very far off from the original matter. Video conferencing today is not only limited to the computer application found on desktop computers but are also made accessible for phones and other handy kinds of gadgets. Since it is convenient to bring, teachers can go on certain “trips” while still looking on their phones and video conferencing while doing their classes.

When looking for the right video conference software that can help you in achieving the mentioned advantages, there are reviews of video conferencing tools which you can check out that can help you in picking the video conferencing software that will fit your purpose.

Actual School Environment

Aside from homebound teaching, video conferencing is also manifested in an actual school environment. Some high schools around the globe can make use of the method of video conferencing to improve students’ educational experience. For example, it can be useful when it comes to teaching foreign languages like Spanish. Schools can utilize this technology to make an actual Spanish speaker teach the students the mentioned language with the use of video conferencing.

Although this isn’t very well-known or manifested in most school curriculums, this method is a great way to make students learn different forms of cultures coming from various countries. There are many video conferencing companies that can help you make all these possible, which also offers their services at an affordable price. The level of education, students will have to gain will become more improved with the help of video conferencing.


Aside from the business trade, video conferencing is also much applicable in the media industry. Media utilizes this tool for some of their conferences which are done online. With the help of it, media men can now attend a press conference in different parts of the globe just by using a computer and a well-working internet connection.

Several media conventions have been done online with the use of video conferencing. In fact, the Online Media Briefing Center (OMBC) has been created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the purpose of giving facts by means video conferencing. OMBC is protected by a password and is only made for professional media men. The facts visible in the OMBC will be given to the vast majority later when it has been given to the professional journalists.

When online press conferences are being conducted, various journalists from all around the world will be expected to come. In year 2007, a group of African journalists was given the chance to attend at an international press conference settled by a non-governmental organization based in France, which tackled about issues as regards to governance and development by means of video conferencing.

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