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Using Surveys to Make More Sales

Businesses who fail to pay attention to their customers’ personal opinions are missing out on attracting more sales from their customers. Stop assuming you know what your customer wants.

You see this all the time online. Everyone piggy-backs on the latest trend or what’s hot — not listening to what their target market truly wants & needs. Would you sell a lawn mower to someone who has one already? Probably not. This is why survey’s are essential to your business and can help you make more sales.

Here’s a few ways that surveys can help your business:

  1. Asking for feedback builds trust and loyalty from your customers. They feel that you have their best interest in mind and this will ultimately lead to more sales.
  2. You will be able to improve your products and services by asking for your customers’ opinions on what you can do to make them better.
  3. You may be able to eliminate products or services that are wasting time or money for your business. After receiving your survey results, you might discover that you can scale back on products or services that the customers feel are not really that important.
  4. New ideas are often generated from the direct opinions that the customers share.
  5. You can stay ahead of your competitors by offering frequent surveys. Most customers would prefer to stay with their current providers, but leave because competitors are offering something more up-to-date with trends or technology.
  6. Surveys can help businesses make many detailed decisions such as pricing of products, colors, added features, etc

So, how do you create a survey? Easy!

Through the process of your newsletter or email marketing campaign, you can engage your subscribers in sharing feedback about your products and services to help you improve them. Some email marketing managers already come with the utilities to create surveys; if yours doesn’t, you will be able to find many resources online to help you easily create your survey forms.

Below are ones that come highly recommended and are easily integrated into your email template with an embed code:

Once you’ve created your survey, you can contact your subscribers and encourage them to fill out your quick survey form.

Keep in mind that your customers’ time is valuable. Don’t ask them a million questions — if you do, they will exit and not return. Try to ask questions that are more focused on one or two products or services. Using a one – ten scale, star system and check marks allow your customer to go through your survey quickly without fuss. You can send out separate surveys on a quarterly basis or at least spread them out so that your customers are not overwhelmed with meeting your demands of feedback.

But, why would they want to fill out my survey!?

In my experience if you ask the customer what they want, they will be more likely to purchase from you if you create the product or service. Now you’ve made yourself their go-to. Another great way to get people to fill out your survey is by offering some type of reward for their time, you’ll find that more customers will participate. This could be a free coaching session, a resource guide, checklist or eBook — even a audio interview. Whatever you feel is of value in exchange for their time, they are doing YOU the service by completing your survey.


Remember as your business grows so does the dynamics, products and services of your business. By gathering information will allow you to know what your customers want and be able to offer it to them. And that’s really good for business!

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April Smith
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