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Use TimeCamp Timesheet Software to Increase Google Sheets Capability


If you don’t trust us on it, then you simply need to ponder o the thought that why do we time our activities at the basketball and how it motivates us to do more each day. That is not exactly analogous to the time you spend while running your business but they can still be compared to each other.  If you not only want to increase your productivity but also the capability of applications you use, then the best way to do so is by utilizing Time Tracking Integrations via Zapier (you can use asana time tracking as well). Zapier helps connect Google Sheets with TimeCamp to track the time you spend on creating and working on Google Sheets. Now doesn’t that sound awesome and easy with this time tracker?

Connecting Google Sheets with TimeCamp

You don’t need to be very tech savvy to be able to connect Google Sheets with TimeCamp as it involves easy and very simple steps that will help you estimate the time you spend while creating a new folder on Google Sheets and working on it. You simply have to log on to TimeCamp and Zapier and then select Add-ons from settings menu to connect both the software. In order to track your projects in TimeCamp, you simply need to create a new sheet in Google Sheets and then Zapier automatically changes it into a new project in TimeCamp.

Benefits of Integration of Both the Software

The integration is very helpful for your business projects for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is helpful because helps you keep a track of all the sheets you created so you don’t have to worry about losing any important data. There are times when you face problems of losing useful files and documents which can be disastrous for your business but not anymore. This is because by integrating Google sheets with TimeCamp through Zapier Time Tracking Integrations you have an updated record of all the files you create. Secondly, it is a very reliable time tracking integrating software as it is free from any kinds of problems and does not create any fuss for your business so it is easy to trust this software. Finally, it helps increase the functionality of Google Sheets as it incorporates an additional time tracking feature due to the integration. This additional function is very useful for business owners because they can easily determine the time spent on creating and working on Google Sheets time tracking.


Thus, this integration will help make working on Google Sheets more organized, reliable and interesting.

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