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How to Use Hotel Management Software Effectively

How to Use Hotel Management Software Effectively

Learn about the different hotel management software in and boost your hotel’s overall performance.

The Evolution and Trends in Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is one of the world’s oldest and leading industries. One area which has the most prominent part is accommodation and this includes providing a comfortable place to stay and could also include a meal. Up until today, people are still looking for the very basic services but to bring their experience to a different level, new strategies and technologies need to be tapped.

According to The Statistics Portal, the global hotel industry produces about 400 to 500 billion dollars in revenue each year. Since there are numerous people involved in this industry, it has become one of the most competitive lines of business today.

Several years ago, for a customer to book a hotel, they needed to directly call to get a room. Another option is to call the travel agency and get hold of agents who would not only reserve a room for customers but also offer services like arranging for airline flights and a rental car for those who plan on staying for an extended period. Today, the process is made much simpler while giving consumers more options.

Currently, the majority of travelers use the internet and this has greatly influenced the development of the hospitality industry. It has helped increase the number of individuals who want to travel and explore the world. Whenever people see striking images of beautiful places around the world, they are urged to travel and see it for themselves.

The internet also made it possible for individuals to easily compare hotel accommodation and services provided by different establishments. Hence, many hotel businesses adapted hospitality management software to manage hotel businesses.

Setting High Standards with Hotel Management Software

Despite using technologically advanced management tools like hotel management software, many hotel establishments still can’t go far enough. The most common services provided are making inventory available online, integrating reservations with their website, and developing email databases for repeat customers. These services are useful but there are other beneficial features provided by tools.

It is important to thoroughly understand how to use hotel management software and the features it has so it can be effectively used to benefit the business.

When you use hotel management software, all the critical operations of your business will be in one platform. This allows you to optimize your online channel. With this software, you can manage and update information real-time, thus, you can do so much in a short period of time.

Important and Beneficial Features of the Software

Here are some of the most useful hotel management software features that will help give your business an edge over the other hotels.

  1. Everything You Need in One Simple and Helpful Screen

The role of front desk management is not only limited to welcoming guest; they have the more valuable part and that is to manage all departments. This includes housekeeping, accounts, and online reservation. The most central function of the front desk is to receive visitors and guests. It is the responsibility of the front desk to make the client’s first experience with the hotel a pleasant and positive one.

All the front desk responsibilities can be overwhelming especially when there in an increase in the number of guests. The burden of overseeing all these processes can be lessened when using management software that can integrate different functions in one platform. With this software, you can stay on top of all your duties leading to client satisfaction.

One way to ensure positive guest experience is to make sure that even the littlest details of their bookings are provided. The majority of customers these days prefer customized services. When you have multiple clients with varying requests, it can be overwhelming and each request may be hard to track. Since the software uses one platform for all guest and hotel data, it is easier to respond to their request.

Pooled inventory feature provides a way to make hotel management software work to your advantage. This means that all your channels are connected; hence, when a room is available, it will show on all networks at once. This prevents double booking and increases the chance of online revenue.

Guests want quick and efficient service and this can be provided with hotel management software solutions since processes are automated online. This means that your front desk can easily see which rooms are available for booking, for check-out, and those needing housekeeping. You have all these information in one system so you can keep track of all activities in an organized manner.

Aside from front desk staff, you can also see all these activities using your mobile devices so you’ll get a picture of what’s happening in your hotel even if you are not around. You can see first-hand the bookings and the pricing for each room. You can make adjustments for room rates and availability online anytime and anywhere using a single device. Because all this can be done using one platform, there is no confusion and inefficiency in the service provided.

  1. Reporting Option Tailored to the Needs of the Establishments

Seeing the flow of customers in and out of the hotel is not enough basis to conclude that the establishment is gaining revenues. There are vital reports that need to be tracked daily in order to have an overall view of the company’s finances and revenues.

The task of reporting and analyzing data is mainly assigned to the hotel manager or revenue manager. They have to keep track of the hotel’s average daily revenue (ADV) and the current hotel dynamic pricing. These two reports will give the manager the projected revenue in the future. When these two reports show a decrease in numbers, this means that the business is not doing well.

To determine the growth of the hotel, reports like gross expenses and sales need to be monitored. With all these crucial reporting, you can make important decisions with regards to financial goals.  When mistakes are made in generating the reports, this can greatly affect your decisions and eventually the future of the business. Since reporting is very important, you should know which hotel management software can give accurate data.

Management software allows for flexible reporting in all areas of the hotel. All departments will have unconventional reports as well as methodical support from marketing up to accounting sectors.  Operation reports, financial analytics, and manager reports can all be effortlessly done in the software.

  • Operation reports will give you an idea on information like arrival and departure, guest lists, detailed availability, and guest in-house.
  • Financial analytics will give you a clear understanding of all operational and financial dealings within the hotel. You’ll get a detailed report with regards to income itemization, trial balance, cashier transaction, advance deposit, and open balance.
  • Manager report allows the manager to get data on lodging statistics, pace, and production reports.

Demographics of Hotel Management Software Users

According to a study by eZee Technosys, about 54% of software buyers belong to the independent small to mid-size hotels. Since most people are opting for independent hotels, the demand to enhance and adapt a new technology is needed to keep up with other competitors.

A common reason why establishments are buying the new software is that they want to upgrade to a new system which is full of features that would benefit not just the business but also the customers. Although some buyers are already using management software, they still lack some essential features which are needed for the business. Others are using manual methods which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Features that are frequently requested include reservation capabilities, online bookings, housekeeping, accounting, marketing, and point of sale. Seldom requested features are website integration, facilities upkeep, mobile alternative, and restaurant integration.

Reservation is the central function of hotel management software and 28% of buyers want this feature so they can enter and edit bookings easily. The other 22% want to have competitive offers with regards to online booking since most of the reservations are done online.

With these demographics, we can point out that hotel management software are very useful for small hotels. Mid-sized hotels with a maximum of 50 rooms can also get the same benefits. As for hotels with over 500 beds, they usually have their own mandated software. Hence, if your hotel has 10-50 rooms, you can have an efficient management process when you use the software.

Given many choices, it can be daunting to choose just one management software. But, if you thoroughly understand how your hotel works and the different major department it has, you’ll somehow have an idea of things to look for in the software. Determine what features you want in your software and the price you are willing to pay. From here, you can narrow down your options until you can come up with your final decision.

If you want to know what options you have, go to and read about various hotel management software reviews.

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