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Use Your Great Optimization Skills To Get Found In App Store

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Have you ever wonder how in a search engine all the content you need comes out similar to whatever you type to search and most of the time search doesn’t need to be based on your past searches. Where as in an app store if you type a few words there comes a result similar to your past searches first and while searching an app for a particular reason i.e. music : first few would be the ones you have downloaded in past or from the iOS developers from whom you already have some app installed in past. Here comes the basic difference between SEO and ASO.

Being good in App Search Optimization depends on a few technical facts of how you take things as they are.

Significant technical facts

                    Image- Significant technical facts that help you in app search optimization

ONE of the starting points is Keywords and their research. Just as in SEO you need to use applications to find out words similar and relevant to the application you want people to search in an app store but remember the simplest and easiest word people could choose for the particular app. More particular the common words make more chances to the app to be found easily.

SECOND step to be found is common yet interestingly weird but is equally important as keywords search and the part we are talking about is description of the app which is commonly found under almost each and every app available in an app store. Stuffing a description with more and more keywords and relevant content increases the applications visibility on app store and thus attract more number of users. But it comes with a responsibility of letting users know your credibility by the words you use in description. End user always needs to know the sensitivity of information and permissions the app seeks to perform. Better to make the description short and well written to make people understand the full functions off the app.

THIRD iconic step would be icon as an icon is the face of an app so make sure the icon reveals the major function and benefit you are giving to the user to enhance his ability making things for what they are using the app. One can always seek professional graphic designers help to make the coolest possible logo to attract more and more users to the application. As an icon is probably the first impression you have on the users looking for your app.

FOURTH major part to stand out of the box is using screenshots as an advertising banner but sure of using it to tell a full length journey of app through the screenshots of some of the best parts of applications. Make sure the screenshot thread are in good quality clear and visibly interesting to the viewers. As in an app store the users are more interesting in looking forward the good options rather than just reading out and try testing.

FIFTH attraction to the users’ app suggestions is video footage or trailer to be precise. A video footage is always helpful to the end-users to see what excitement they are getting once after installing the app you are promising them. It also makes the end user confident about what they are about to experience. But in this scenario one must not show fake trailers to engage genuine users and try give the users both entertainment and knowledge of product you are offering.

SIXTH important part is to be informed of what’s new and advance in market. The keyword, and the search engine. The optimizing words and features and advance rules of app stores to get updated all the time is to get noticed always by the users.The one who is shown the most is the one desired the most. So updating is the key to appearance. Updating is not what others do but what you do should be something no one has done yet.

SEVENTH point is made of 5 stars and reviews of end users visited your app or downloaded it. Though this is something an iOS developer cannot chose to write or doctor and so this is completely out of a developers hands but there is a lot to do for the same section due to its high intensity among the user community. People love to read the reviews and other people last experiences with the app to make their mind up to use the app. So make sure to read each and every review carefully and highlight the maximum 5 star rankings above all whereas answer all the negative reviews immediately to let users know that you are working on the issues they faced and you are serious to give them the best user experience they can get.

More you respect the user and show them that you care is equal to the number of potential app users you get to make the product more success and visible on the app store.

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