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Upgrading Website Development Through Social Media Integration

Upgrading Website Development Through Social Media Integration

Best web development providers would include social media as one of its priorities in marketing. At present, social media websites are keys to higher search engine ranking and conversions. If you want to boost your audience share, social media could give you a full-blown marketing effect.

With several social media sites, there are also more web development tools to use. Yet, combined efforts in SEO and social media marketing will surely pay off quicker than just SEO.

Social media marketing is the reason why you have to look for a website development provider that could accommodate different tasks simultaneously.

The Power and Influence of Social Media Online

Social media is what makes online marketing more effective. It feeds internet users with new content, stories, and interesting places to go to. If a website would focus on one topic, social media could provide as many as thousands of content at one time.

Apart from search engines, people also use their social media accounts in order to search for content. They often look into what is new, what is in trend, and what is mainstream. Obviously, no one in the internet would want to be late on information.

There are various statistics that could prove how powerful social media is. Primarily, Social Media Today statistics showed that at present, there is an increase by 176 million users of social media websites. This only proves that social media is becoming more widespread.

Top social media sites with most number of users are Facebook with 1.71 billion users, YouTube with more than one billion users, Weibo with 600 million users, Instagram with 400 million users, and Twitter having 320 million users. Following the listed websites are Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat, among others.

As per Google, there are over 100 billion searches every month. It is equivalent to a second of 40,000 search queries. Google revealed that it handles 89.3 percent of all internet searches. Over 1.17 billion unique users carry out the searches. By 2014, there are 30,000,000,000,000 pages indexed by Google.

From the given statistics, you could already prove how powerful the internet and social media are.

Through social media, you get the power to communicate with people. You get the chance to interact with your customers worldwide, which you will not be able to do at one time personally. If you are a big company, it could be difficult to cater each customer every time. This would require extra time and costs.

Moreover, with social media on your site, you build trust. You get to expose what you could offer by using social media accounts. Sometimes, people even use their accounts as websites for it is applicable in a way.

Social media is the key if you want to get to where your customers are. If you want to gather more people to visit your site, social media will somehow act as a party where everyone is open for communication. Fish audience and you will definitely get conversions anytime soon.

The power of social media is expected to stay for a long time due to a great reason — it is free. If you are just a startup business, social media is most preferable if you do not have sufficient budget. Setting up your account on social media is free. You are not even forced to purchase services, such as advertisements.

How Effective Social Media Is for Business Marketing

Most likely, you will find it quite surprising that one of the roles in a web development team is to apply social media marketing techniques. Once you understand how effective social media marketing is for your business, you will know why.

Web development services providers will surely offer you social media marketing option. This is because you get more presence in social media than you expected. If you want to build presence and be known to your potential customers, social media is the key.

According to The Social Habit study, 53 percent of Americans who follow businesses in social media are more loyal to the brands. This only shows that those businesses’ efforts in customer retention through social media are paying off.

In ecommerce web development, you also have to monitor the behavior of your customers. With social media, you would be able to gain customer insights. You will be able to know who they are, what they prefer, and how they consider your products or services.

By social listening and consistent engagement to your customers, you can get relevant data that will help your business decisions. For instance, if you are selling medical soap, you may get feedback from your customers by obtaining their reviews on your product. They may open up on their experience of using your product. If they have suggestions, you would surely find it more manageable to improve your product.

Keeping customers is more difficult than getting them. Social media is all about retention. By continually engaging with them through comments, messages, and constant updates, you can keep them loyal. The impact of sustaining customers is big that it could also provide you more clients in return.

Having a website with social media connection is a strategy of backlinking. For instance, if you have a recent post, you have to share it through your social media accounts. Sharing your content will enable your customers to visit your website if they find your content interesting. Social media posts also give you the opportunity to add CTA statements, such as “Tell me what you think in the comment section.” or “Share your experience with us.”

Once you achieve higher inbound traffic, you will find it easier to improve your search engine rankings. SEO may also be added to your social media efforts, such as with the use of right keywords to boost traffic. Take note that keywords used in social media platforms are different from typical search engine queries.

Better customer satisfaction is obtainable with social media accounts. Why? This is because you could deal with your customers’ feedback in just a click. Customers will now get assistance easily, such as on complaints, requests, and suggestions. This will build a good impression to your existing and potential clients.

Website and Social Media Collaboration for Online Marketing

Web development providers use different strategies to make your website and social media collaboration effective. Apart from web development tools integrating social media accounts, they also make efforts in optimizing their usage. This includes correct posting techniques, customer engagement, and audience targeting.

In Twitter, one of the most effective techniques in marketing is to create a content that would engage your audience. If you will be able to post relevant content for your followers regularly, you could be part of the Twitter lists. The lists will make you more visible to users. Web development experts usually use other tactics to get your account into the lists.

If your business is open for community-driven activities and events locally, social media could be your online platform to hold events. It is less expensive and more interactive. For instance, every weekend, you allow customers to share their unique post on a specific topic you gave. You will choose the winner, introduce him or her, and give the prize.

Through holding such events, you can build a community that will definitely anticipate what you could offer next. Through events and competitions online, you could drive more conversions to your business. There are cases companies make their products as prizes. As a result, customers get the chance to try out.

For boosted online marketing efforts, social media would be best to use in tracking your competitors. If you are new in the field, checking out what your rivals do could be the key to your success. Check out their accounts and observe how often they post. Moreover, identify what topic they post, which provides highest engagement.

Through monitoring your competitors’ activities, you could plan ahead. You could easily think of something that would better what they offer.

If you use Facebook, images are considered most effective in engaging users.  According to Factank study, users usually like and comment photo updates. On a daily basis, 31 percent of Facebook users comment on their friends’ photos. Moreover, 15 percent of the said group comments on photos several times daily.

You need to focus on how a social media platform is used for marketing. For instance, you could not consider LinkedIn and Facebook entirely similar. LinkedIn is more on the professional side, whereas Facebook is on the personal side. If you would post content, make sure it fits the preferences of your audience. Apparently, LinkedIn users will not welcome posts about humor most of the time.

Though not entirely emphasized, but reviews of web development providers may give you overview on how firms apply social media marketing. There are several platforms that could supply you with reviews of firms creating websites, such as The website is more trusted for it delivers unbiased and community-driven reviews of website development companies.

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