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Ultimate Guide Of Do’s And Don’ts For Quality Customer Service

Delivering quality customer service is vital these days. Even though the target of businesses and organizations are to get new customers, keeping existing customers with them is a must. Moreover, it is easier! To accomplish the goal of ensuring exceptional customer services and happy clients is through concentrating on helping the clients who purchase, utilize your items and keep them cheerful by taking care of their issues. To tell the truth a saying, “the customer is king”, not only in past, in fact in present and future as well….

Think of times, when you end up with an unsatisfied call or negative feedback from the customer, however, is it easier to the same extent of thinking of happy calls and satisfied clients? Despite the fact that, contact centers operations are easier to run smoothly with advancements in technology, yet the difficulties and customers’ expectations are rising as well.

Consequently, the business may wind up losing that dedicated client, which is the exact opposite thing a call center would need. Here are do’s and don’ts of customer services to drive results and leads to more sales:


Build Connection


It is time to view your call center talk script! Customers don’t like agents whom they found interested in selling. Nothing will irk your clients, if they think your agents are trying to solve their problem, rather than getting rid of them. Customers will appreciate if your agents treat them in a friendly manner.

Do you know, great customer service marks the difference?


  • Train your agents and tell them the ways of building a connection.
  • Add the animations or videos about the importance of emotional and friendly talk.
  • Let your agents ask and giving examples is good practice as well!


According to Shep Hyken, “customer service is not a department. It’s a philosophy to be embraced by everyone in every department.”

Broken promises are better than no promise! Well, never ask your customer service representatives to make wrong promises and commitments. Adopting a professional attitude is good, but becoming harsh is bad practice and may result in losing your clients.


  • Don’t rush towards ending up the call.
  • Ask your clients, if they still have a query.
  • Never forget the proper greetings of starting and ending up a call!

Respond Quickly And Satisfy Your Clients


According to Donald Porter, the VP of British Airways, “customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong”.

A client is usually looking for the instant solution of the problem. If your call center representatives are able to respond quickly and solve their problem as well; there is no way, you are losing a client. In case, you are running a helpline based contact center, and you need to get back to your customer, try to call them within the time limit, you’ve told them!


  • Don’t let your customers think that you are ignoring them by not getting to them quickly.
  • If you are still on the call, try to fix the problem of the client on first call basis.
  • As a call center owner, you may need to implement a system which makes responding quick and efficient for your agents!


Unable to answer your clients at the time, they will definitely look for another solution. It might result in turning away your most valued or loyal clients and your competitor may earn their loyalty!


  • If your call center representatives are making a promise to contact your clients within 24 hours, the commitment must be met.
  • It is understandable that there is no other way to compromise over the importance of customer service policy. Do let this known to your agents!
  • Do you have call recording or tracking system enabled in the call center? So that, if any of the contact details may miss out, you are still able to contact your clients!

Be Honest And Respect Your Competitors


Ask your agents to remain fairer and honest with the clients. Quality customer service brings along happy customers and this is never by chance! Do let your agents know, there is no room for cheating the customers in your call center. To tell the truth, either they are solving the problem or telling the price of product or services, they must tell truth to the clients. This is same, when talking about your competitors to the clients, don’t say badmouth about them.


  • Have you heard the saying, “honesty is the best policy”? Never forget this and don’t let your call center agent forget about it!
  • Don’t make false promises. They don’t work, in fact, they leave negative impact on your clients.
  • Don’t feel insecure and talk good about your competitors. Let your customer’s analyses that you are best!


Telling your customers the wrong price or getting it more for a single product may lose your client forever. In the same manner, telling the client about contacting him in next 24 hours, while responding to him after three days is the same practice and results in same troubles.


  • Train your agents to remain honest under any circumstances. It ensures your client’s confidence!
  • Let them now and ask them to share the truth about the product features and specifications with the customers so that they only get the product or services they are looking for.
  • Don’t disrespect your competitors, it shows your insecurity. If you do so, expect the same for you from the other end.

Mutual Conversation For Better- Customer Feedback Must Not Be Ignored


Principles of customer service list are incomplete without these factors. Call center sales scripts may improve down the quality of the call, however, it can result in shutting down of the calls as well. Mutual conversation is always better rather than your call center agents speaking and speaking!


  • Ask them your agents to practice conversation instead of delivering a lecture.
  • You may need to modify the sales script.
  • Make it a friendly one instead full of technical details.


Your customer feedback is an amazing way to become aware of strengths and weaknesses of your call center. It is a free way of preparing the tips and improvement ways.


  • Appreciate your agents to take customers feedback.
  • Pinpoint the areas, emphasize on weaknesses and improve your services for better!
  • Keep track of the customer feedback.

Final Words

No matter how hard you try, there are certain do’s and don’ts in customer services which must never be ignored to end up in more loyal and lifetime clients. If you don’t want to worry about your call center operations, appreciate and train your agents using a list above. Don’t overlook your customer service and prepare a plan for your call center growth!


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