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UI Guidelines for Mobile and Tablet App Designs

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Mobile marketing has taken over the internet landscape. Most users today are on mobile and as a marketer you have to optimize for mobile to stay ahead. With mobile internet traffic already having surpassed desktop traffic, it is essential to develop a branded app for your business. While native app UI design has been the most conventional option for business owners, you have to think outside the box by going for a design that is easier to use.

More importantly, you want a design that is acceptable on multiple platforms. User interface (UI) largely affects how users appreciate your app. You might have a brilliant website but if the interface doesn’t make things for users, you end up losing a lot of customers. To get it right, you must build an excellent user interface because it also affects the overall customer experience. How do you achieve this? Here are some ideas:

  1. Know Your Users

You might start with the idea that screen size is what matters most, but you have to note this is not the only constraint. If you don’t know who you are targeting with your app then you are in for a big shock. You have to start by understanding your target audience by creating their personas and determining how you expect them to behave. You should also use scenarios to get insights on how they normally act. You should also explore all possible conditions during one interaction.

  1. Content and Builder User Flows

You have to invest time in research and design. Start by building user sketch flows that will then guide you to come up with a design based on your research. Always start by fleshing out the idea of your app and then building on what you have in mind. A written outline is fundamental, as it helps identify the most important aspects of your app including number of pages, flow of the pages among other details.

  1. Follow Pillars Of Interaction Design

The rules of good interaction design still apply despite the fact that you have a smaller screen. Your design should be goal driven and you must focus primarily on usability. More importantly, focus on affordance and make it easy for users to interact with your website. It is also crucial to make easy for users to learn quickly how to interact with the UI and also get quick feedback. Before embarking on any design, make sure these rules are in place to guarantee your app meets its objective.

  1. Stay Familiar

While every developer tries to be unique, it is still important to enhance usability with familiar phone patterns. Check out popular and common interface designs and build your interface using such ideas. It is important to learn what works but remember not to copy another design because it could lead to copyright problems. Make sure you focus on gestures and animations because they form the backbone of interface designs.

  1. Finger-friendly Design

When designing a mobile app, you must have in mind the fact that users are looking for quick access to information. As such, your interface must be friendly to touch. Allow enough space for users to tap easily with a single tap. If buttons are too close, users will instantly be turned off and your app will be counterproductive. Consider how users will be holding their phones when using your app and make sure the user interface (UI) easily adjusts to this.

  1. Cut out the Clutter

The basic idea when it comes to app design is to make things easy for the user. In genial user design, you might use multiple screens but when it comes to app design consider the size of the screen. Users want to get things done quickly and the only way to do this is by making it possible to do as much as possible using as few clicks as possible. Make sure you avoid cluttering your interface with so much. The less users have to do the more they will return and use your app.

There are many more mobile app trends and ideas coming up in the world of app design and you should always be on the lookout. As a website owner, it is imperative to check out as many apps as possible preferably in your niche. For instance, while shadows and gradients seem to have gone out of fashion you can still create an impressive UI using them and still attract a lot of traffic. Go ahead and talk to your mobile app development company about which design best suits your brand.


Madhu Kesavan

Madhu Kesavan

Madhu Kesavan is an IT Entrepreneur and CEO of W2S Solutions.He helps businesses to resolve their problems with IT solutions. He believes that Innovation requires a combination of knowledge, skill and courage. He also encourages and guides young people to focus and help them grow.He leads a team of developers, designers and engineers; As a team, they build visionary Apps.
Madhu Kesavan

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