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Turning the Website Visitors to Paying Customers

As a digital marketer, striving to achieve better sales and improved ROI, we spend bulk time just bettering the WordPress website’s design! User engagement being the hot topic year round, the most important business is converting the website visitors to paying customers and in turn accelerating the sales.

May it be any sort of marketing medium used to populate the product, the final goal remains the same, the foremost imperative idea is not letting go the new user as we need to tell them why our product/ service is just the accurate one for them or at least the considerable one! While we see the maximum companies focus on the vanity metrics like page views, average visit duration, traffic on websites & apps and of course leads but, often forget to spotlight CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and the bigger picture of conversion and ROI which may land you far behind the trending companies generating user engagement.

What else to engage the user and make him stick to us? Let’s go step by step.

  1. Getting more customers

Before focusing on offers, deals and the promotional stuff, expertise in customer engineering experience! Know what the customers need and make your website a handcrafted customer-friendly platform. For the new users, let them go through an educational journey and know you better, provided the content to be understandable enough to convince them. On the other hand, for the experienced customers, redirect them to the sales page so that they can try your offers and improve your sales.

  1. Holding on the grip

Now, when you have a decent user base, never sit quietly! Maintenance is the key to keeping the customers loyal to you. The day you stop approaching the customers, they will try another option! Stay in constant touch, send them E-mails, SMS, offer mailers, deals to let them be loyal to you. Provide them quick assistance to their queries and make them feel they are important.

  1. Improving conversions

To improve the conversion rate, review your website. Check what needs to be improved. If you are an e-commerce company having multiple products, there are a lot you can do to improve the conversions. You can test the site navigation, the descriptions if they are elaborative enough or not, the page layout and your external PPC ad copy too. Check which ad or campaign gives you the higher conversion rate, develop banners similar to them. What you need to focus on the most is aesthetics of product page, it can be anything minor to majors, such as the color of the call to action button, the font size, the images or the way of representation as well.

The minor things like drop-down menu, popup styles and most importantly the content! It affects a lot, driving more users to the website needs a check on everything from the head to toe!

Get your tools on track with the best you can do to understand the customer criteria and in turn boosting your sales.

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