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The Most Trending On App Stores

Google and Apple owned the most used and preferable operating systems exists in all the smartphones. They are the big giants who own the smartphone technology, as they provide the lifeline to them.

They also have their own App store’s known as Google Play Store for Android and App store for iOS devices. There are millions of applications which are downloaded by billions of people each month. These applications are Authenticated and Reliable as they need to go through various security measures to be a part of these stores. To make the constant check, there is a dedicated team of developers who keeps an eye on these applications to avoid any malware.

We are living in the world that keeps on changing with the updated technology launch in every minute. We do get updates as everyone wants to prove themselves superior and own the market. This App store also keeps on updating the interface with the involvement of the new applications in order to make users eager to use them.

The update is the necessity, and they come up with the most trending applications and advertise them with the help of the social media.

Google Play Store

Google is well-known and the most trusted brand across the globe. They own the operating system that is going toe to toe with Apple and is used by millions of people. But to make the users bound to Android, they need to do a lot when compared to the iOS applications. Optimized applications with the quick response are what lacking and developers had overcome these issues. They have a bag with millions of the latest Android applications, which can be further categorised further into games, music, movies and so on. These applications can be downloaded on any Android device depending on the compatibility and further can transferred to any other device.

Google Play Store has a section named Editor’s Choice with the list of applications, which should be on your smartphone. Hand-picked apps which are most downloaded and praised by the users. These applications make the trend, as all Android users want to have the app and to be a part of a change. In this era, Facebook is the most trending application which I think is used by all of us regardless of the age. It sets the trend and everybody is following it.

But Google Play store is not the only App store from which the Android applications can be downloaded. There are third-party app stores which are authenticated by Google and can be downloaded from Play Store.

Why would I download any other App store??

Google Play store is an authentic and officially licensed store which comes in all Android smartphones. But there are some limitations that allows users to check options which are available in the market.


These app stores provide free app of the day which is payable on Play store or provides a discount on the premium applications. This is considered to be the best option to get the most of it and without paying the money; the user can get it for free.

Happy to Help

Third-party app stores are working for the users and trying to maintain the trust. They have a unique way of recommending applications. They will check the applications you have searched for a day and next time you login, you will get a list of such recommended applications. This recommendation option is not available in Play store and they need to work on that.


Some app stores give you an option to filter your search. It is a great help when someone wants specifically searched applications which will depend on the purpose, quality and age group. It will minimize the stress level to go through the whole list of applications and will get selected applications.

Area Specific

Some developer works on these app stores which will be limited to the area. Few third-party app store will be available in some countries rather than the whole world. These app stores will have area specific applications which can be used by locals.

9 Apps

Launched in 2013 on Google Play Store, 9Apps is an alternative to Play store. 9Apps store is winning the race with differentiation and development of applications available on App store. Categorization played a vital role, as one can find the subdivision of applications depending on the genre. Games are categorized into different sections like Puzzle, Action, Sports, and Shooting etc. This will help in the search process as applications are also divided in Music, Productivity, internet tools, Music and much more.

They do have a recommendation process in which apps will be recommended to the user and the speed of downloading any applications is far better than Play store. Developers have worked on the optimization and delivering the best of it.

Most Trending Applications in app stores

There is a list of different applications which were downloaded and liked by millions of users.

These are some of the applications which are setting up the trend and are most liked and downloaded applications around the globe.

App stores like Google Play Store and Apple App store are free from any malware. There is no risk while downloading any applications from these stores and recently 9 Apps has also shown the same traits. They all maintain the transparency and maintained all the safety check before adding any new application to the list.

Everybody wants the change and if it is innovative, we will love that. These app stores are working day and night in maintaining the standards so that the users will get the hassle free experience. They are coming up with the new ideas that will engage users to use their app stores. If it is a free app for the day, premium application on discount, recommendation list to seek out the search, optimized downloading speed, then they are here because we want them.

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