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Track Time Spent on Tweets

Social media has many uses in the present times. Businesses have used social media for inbound marketing. Marketing is one of the basic operations used by organizations to achieve competitive advantage over their rivals. Organizations are using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media together to optimize the operation of marketing. Organizations have been able to generate better traffic towards their company products through this procedure.

One of the most famous social media platforms is Twitter. Twitter is a website where you can market your product using simple hashtags. These hashtags work like keywords in search engines. Trends are created through hashtags that make a certain product or issue instantly popular. People can easily look up most trending topics through simply searching the website using right hashtags.

Advantages of Twitter for Businesses

Real Time

twitter time tracking

twitter time tracking

You can market your product and services in areal time environment using time tracker. Tweets are simple but communicate the message to the point towards the targeted audience.


Use of Twitter by famous people and celebrities is very common. You can market your products through these celebrities who have a great inflow of traffic towards them. People associate luxury and quality with these famous artists and will do the same for your business if products are used by these celebrities.


Twitter makes it easier to communicate directly with your potential buyers. Moreover, you can choose to communicate both publically and personally.

Twitter and Time Management

As discussed earlier in this article, Twitter has provided a huge marketing opportunity to organizations. However, it is possible for employees to lose track of time and get distracted while working on Twitter time tracking.

To eradicate this disadvantage, you can easily use Twitter and TimeCamp Time Management Software together. With TimeCamp, it is extremely easy to calculate and track time spent on the website. Moreover, you can limit the hours spent on Twitter so that the employees don’t get distracted and stay focused on important tasks.

Using Twitter has many advantages and it is not suitable to lose them just because it is difficult to manage time. Time is an important resource. If every activity is timed correctly and properly, businesses can make a lot of profit. You may try insightly time tracking as well.

Advantages of Time Managed Tweets

Save Time

With properly defined time intervals to use Twitter, employees will be more organized in their work. It will significantly increase employee efficiency and productivity.

Proper Marketing

Marketing will be more organized and fewer mistakes will be made if employees are less distracted. Employees will be more focused on the task of marketing if they know how much time they have been given to complete a specific task.

If any application is used without proper time management and organization, it will lose its productivity. Time management is essential in daily routines of life. Corporate organizations need time management even more because of the tough environment around them. The goal of the present times is to get more done with less time.

See, how to integrate TimeCamp with Twitter using Zapier and add project:

See, how to integrate TimeCamp with Twitter using Zapier and add task:

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