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Top Tips for Retailers to Improve In-Store Execution Effectiveness

With today’s reigning digital age, most retailers are well aware that their customer’s loyalty is based on who has the best bargains at the best times or who is offering the highest discounts possible. Effective in-store execution allows you to take full advantage of a competitive edge through mobile merchandising software that you have not experienced before. Here are several top tips to consider if you want to take the effectiveness of your in-store execution strategy to new heights.

Stock Up Your Inventory

Make sure that your inventory is stocked up throughout the year without exception – especially during your promotional periods. Keep in mind that you cannot offer a great deal or competitive price on products that you do not have on-hand. It is highly recommended to crease the percentage of your paid fees based on the basis of your performance.

Handle Retailer Negotiations Wisely

Be focused and determined when you want to negotiate retailer support for your in-store promotions. Your primary objective should be to remain informed and properly educated throughout the entire process. In most cases, poor decisions that cause adverse reactions within your in-store execution strategy were caused by the lack of information. Make sure that your agreement with supporting retailers is thorough and clear – outlining your spacing arrangements for existing inventory, mobile retail audits, visibility plan and other aspects of promotional support.

Enhanced Your Knowledge-Based Team

Would you consider your employees as a “knowledge-based” team? Do they frequently encounter questions from customers to which they cannot provide quick yet accurate answers? You must realize that an integral element of your in-store execution is the roster of employees that you have in place to sell those items and push those promotions. Your customers are going to want to know as much as possible about your products and promotions before committing any of their time or money towards your revenue.

This also means that your employees will need to spend more time interacting with customers than handling tasks that could easily be automated and managed accordingly. By reinvesting your employees into the sales aspect of your store instead of the behind-the-scenes operations, you can exponentially boost the effectiveness of your in-store execution and the efficiency of your retail merchandising software.

Pay Attention to Shopper Behaviour

You can do a lot behind the scenes working with your team and integrating your retail audit software into your sales strategy and in-store execution. However, if you are not paying attention to the behavior and reactions of your customers, you are essentially hindering the progress and potential of your business plans.

You must be able to have a system in place that allows you to gather and analyze information – perhaps through mobile retail audits and other means – regarding how your customers behave and shop within your store to effectively improve and enhance the quality of their shopping experiences. Doing so will also allow you to effectively provide precise boundaries and efficient arrangements for your future in-store promotions.

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