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Top Tech Tools Every Business Must Have

No matter the size, from SME’s to MNC’s all business owners are increasingly leveraging the power of technology to boost efficiency and productivity. By implementing effective yet low-cost solutions, business travelers can free up some time and emphasize on growing business.

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Business Automation Software

Nowadays, technology driving the workplace productivity; it can be undermine if not used efficiently. Automation software can save upto 60% of time by streamlining the firm’s administrative processes such as analyzing information, updating CRM systems and many more. This would free-up employee time and let them focus on their core activities.

Increased Collaboration

With more teams working together, businesses need collaboration tools that offer maximum productivity. Powwownow’s iMeet is one of the audio and video conferencing solutions that allow users to chat with contacts, make voice and video calls and share information, links and files.

BYOD (Bring your own device)

Most businesses now allow employees to use their own devices in the workplace. BYOD has picked up pace within small businesses as it saves the time required to train employees on training and troubleshooting. Employees can be more efficient as they can securely and productively access their applications and files on any device or operating system.

Expense Procedures Simplified

Filing receipts and application forms to reimburse expense claims is the one that needs a lot of staff and management time. SutiExpense is a tool that allows employees to submit expense receipts anywhere at anytime, just by capturing a snapshot with their phone. The solution avoids the usage of spreadsheets & paper based systems and reduces the time being spent on the maverick processes.

Boost productivity for remote working employees

A tool for employee engagement is one that companies have on their list of essentials. Peakon is a people analytics platform that provides employee feedback to measure engagement and help businesses create happy and productive work environment. Peakon would help you in terms of collecting feedback and involving in conversations that could be lost due to lack of communication between managers and employees. There are a number of processes that can be improved with access to detailed information.

Training and development

In the age of remote and flexible working environments, providing training to staff at various locations is one of the challenges that most businesses face. However, there are a number of online training solutions such as GoToWebinar and Google Hangouts, which can help you in training your staff.

Easy Office Management

Ordering office items is another essential but laborious business task. You have to order multiple things such as stationery, coffee and cleaning products from multiple suppliers. Automated solution like SutiProcure streamlines the office ordering process through a single platform, thus saving time and money. Procurement solutions would save 30% of time involved in invoicing, researching and figuring out saving areas.

Electronic Signatures

Signing documents electronically is a good alternative to the time consuming scanning, and signing paper-based processes. Many organizations are turning to electronic signature software such as SutiSign that allows you to send documents to clients securely and efficiently. Using electronic signature solution, you can have hundreds of documents signed in seconds without tampering any information. As all your documents will be signed electronically, you will don’t have to worry about losing any document. In addition, it adds transparency to the process, allowing both parties to monitor who, and when the documents are been opened and signed.

These tools will facilitate the business processes and improves efficiency across every business operation.


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