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Top Reasons Why Use HR Software Based on the Web

Top Reasons Why Use HR Software Based on the Web

You could find plentiful reviews of HR software at, which you could freely evaluate and compare. Apart from finding out the best information systems to perk up the productivity of your human resources staff, you would also have ideas of various HR software packages ideal for your present budget. Apparently, not all HR systems are considerably cheap given the fact that they encompass various functionalities.

One of the most important features to take regard when you evaluate a human resources management software is the deployment. There is an HR software for startups that could be deployed on your server or be accessed via the web. From this discrepancy, you also have to make a decision.

The Difference Between Web-Based and Client-Server Applications

HR software programs may appear similar regardless of the deployment type. Nonetheless, there are a few things you have to consider, particularly advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, you could begin with the system costs. Web-based systems are often offered on usage or subscription basis. This will help you get a grasp of your budget. You may even expand your operations without worrying about firsthand big investment. Client-server systems will normally ask you to pay up front. The initial value of the system would likely be high.

On the other hand, web-based software’s value often includes the database, hardware, and operating system compatibilities. You no longer have to worry about the internal costs, maintenance, and upgrade of the network. The application provider will take care of installing new features to your HR software. Alternatively, the client-server software gives you full control of the software’s environment. Nonetheless, you have to be prepared for the costs of acquirement, maintenance, and updates of the network.

The information technology support for the web-based system is not commonly given attention since all the maintenance requirements will be provided by the developer. You will virtually not be involved in upgrades, software updates, or even migrations. However, you could anticipate the software provider to notify you whenever there is a transition, which may particularly affect your software’s capabilities in the meantime.

The client-server software gives you the freedom to choose when you would shift your database, update your software, and upgrade the network among others. Your software provider will depend on your decision. However, as mentioned earlier, you will handle all the fees related to any movement done.

If you select web-based software, you have to be reminded that all of the system’s functions will run via the internet support. Changes done on the data during offline operation may be stored, but would not be able to take effect immediately. A slower data transmission is also probable depending on your internet plan. As for the client-server software, you may experience faster applications. Offline use could likely be allowed.

The expanded access to web-based software is often commended compared to a client-server application. As long as you have an internet connection, you may access the HR software in any browser irrespective of the gadget you use. You are not always required to use a desktop computer, which is ideal if you want to get rid of additional energy costs.

The client-server software is often connected to the local network. Though it is faster, you may probably find the remote access feature tedious to apply. You still have to invest in a remote access application to increase your software access. This could be expensive and may add to your IT maintenance requirement.

What Are the Key Features of a Web-Based Human Resources Software?

The major capabilities of a web-based human resources software are almost the same with the client-server applications. Primarily, you will have the advantage of having a database, which would provide information necessary for the completion of functions. It is relatively the foundation of the entire system. Even though the database may be deployed on the web, you could assure that it is secured and will not be manipulated by illegal penetrators.

Keeping information of your employees is one of the keys to eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks. Instead of creating a new document every time a hard copy is requested by a certain department or firm, you could let the HR software quickly generate the files. The HR system has an electronic filing cabinet, which will keep all information organized.  This is the reason why even educational institutions adopt HR software for schools. Aside from that, it could also handle tons of data.

Recruitment is a complex task for the human resources team. You need to obtain a lot of data and evaluation to do before you could choose a candidate for a position. To avoid mistakes in selection, HR systems made it possible to simplify the application process. Instead of posting jobs on your company website alone, you may also use the system to cover even the social media market.

Though web-based, human resources systems may filter applicants based on your criteria. The applications also offer basic examination templates. This could be utilized during the preliminary screening of candidates. Once you have hired an employee from a pool of interested applicants, the system automatically transfers the information in the workforce files within a click.

Payroll could also be included in a web-based HR software. The salary calculator is necessary so that you could pay your employees on time in line with their data. Instead of computing workers’ hours manually, use the system to give you a real-time computation of the labor force’s expected salaries.

There are various activities involved in payroll. These include calculating wages, keeping track of workers’ hours, withholding taxes, deducting pay, printing pay slips, and delivering checks. It also functions to compensating for employment taxes imposed by the government.

You simply have to input very small information, which includes a number of hours worked and wage rate. The HR software would take care of the calculations. Every time a tax law is changed, a web-based application could notify you and update automatically.

Performance review is highly necessary so you could grant recognition or extra perks to employees. Especially to those who comply with the firm’s objectives and exceeding expectations. It could be a hassle to create appraisals regularly. There are human software applications that could provide templates. Though, you may tweak in order to adapt your management’s evaluation criteria.

On a continual basis, the system will also collect information regarding an employee’s performance. For instance, you could have a real-time view of attendance, sick leaves, vacation requests, and achievements of your labor force.

Training employees is a must. Though you could claim that your workers are pioneers in their fields, requiring them to undergo more courses is not a waste of time. With the technology advancing, take advantage of it to perk up your workers’ abilities and talents. Get in touch with updates in your industry and always share it with your team through training.

It is also the task of the human resources team to be well versed on probation periods, birthdays, anniversaries, and reports submission dates among others. Instead of putting your company at risk of delays, use the web-based human resources system feature of automated alerts. Prompts could be set so that your human resources staff will never miss an important deadline at all.

Start Getting the Best of Web-Based HR Software!

HR software cost is not a major problem in selecting a human resources management system. As mentioned earlier, most of the systems are offered through a subscription plan, which could be paid either monthly or yearly.

Now that you have to focus on the core functionalities of HR software, you must have information systems, to begin with. These three could be among your top candidates:

BambooHRBambooHR is a very convenient to use human resources system, which you could customize based on your business workflow. It boasts a bank level of security, which means you no longer have to worry about hackers penetrating your system backbone. Furthermore, the human resources system is designed with automated vacation requests and approvals, reminders, employee onboarding, and performance tracker among others. It assures that it will help your HR team save time and focus more on your employees than on paperwork.

UltiPro. UltriPro ascertains that it will transform your human resources management with its leading technology for optimal business results. It works in line with more effective recruitment, payroll, and benefits delivery. By using the system, you could ensure that your business is in compliance with employment tax and benefits provision in your area.

Halogen TalentSpace. The software provider offers different human resources management solutions via the web. It has an easy-to-adopt suite that will deliver more effectual recruitment, onboarding, leadership, development, and compensation. Through the software, you would be able to establish a more robust workforce, which is not just naturally talented, but open for ongoing learning.

The aforementioned web-based human resources software options are available with a free trial. You could test whether the solutions will comply with your business needs as they claimed.

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