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Top Five Virtual Reality Mobile Apps

With the creation of virtual reality headsets, it has become easier than ever before to access virtual reality apps via smartphones. Regardless of whatever OS you are using, you can now gain access to several VR games and apps wherever you are using your mobile phone.

To use these apps, however, you might have to install the Google Cardboard app for both iPhone and Android, whether you are using the cardboard headset or not. Run the app on your phone to get features like Cardboard Camera, Street View and more. Once you have your Cardboard app set, you are ready to go, and all new downloads will automatically appear on the app.

To get you going here are five great apps that showcase the best of virtual reality app development for mobile devices.

1. Zombie Shoot Virtual Reality

Just as the name implies, this excellent shooting game takes you in the virtual world filled with zombies where you can shoot zombies coming in your way towards reaching your objective. It is quite fun loving and interesting 3D game based on the concept of virtual reality. The game is built in a storytelling flow that holds you tight till you achieve your objective. It includes 3 stages to convert zombies into the humans. On ef the most captivating game filled with 3D effects, graphics, and sound to let you experience real zombie. You can surely expect excitement, fun, thrill, suspense and visual experience. Overall a complete package of fun and entertainment. All you need is just a “Google Cardboard” to play. The best part of this game is, it is not restricted to a particular age group. The game is available on both the platforms i.e Android and iOS. So, if you are bored with your daily routine and craving for excitement then download the amazing VR game and start playing.

2. Jurassic VR

Just as the name implies, Jurassic VR takes you into a virtual world filled with dinosaurs and lets you explore the terrain. The app is quite simple with great 3D graphics. There are no buttons so to move in a particular direction all you need to do is look in that direction, and your character starts to move that way in quite a slow pace. You will also encounter dinosaurs that move much faster than you but are harmless for now at least. Regardless, it can still get pretty thrilling when you see a rhinoceros running towards you with speed. This game is a great VR app for anyone who is a fan of Jurassic Park and wants to live out the fantasy.

3. Orbulus

Orbulus is a gallery of 3D panoramic images that you can enjoy in a VR context. Although the app is quite non-interactive, there is no denying how amazing it can be to immerse yourself in several beautiful words including the Northern lights in the snow or space in Mars.

To load a particular landscape, stare at the scene until it loads, and the image comes to life around you. Then you can explore and enjoy the view. Orbulus is an app you would want to try more than once.

4. Within VR

Within combines several VR experiences into a single truly fantastic one. It acts as a sort of VR YouTube with links to some of the most popular and enjoyable virtual reality videos and 3D videos available on the web. The app gathers its content from great sources like the New York Times, U2, Vice News, and Muse.

Another great feature of this app is that it frequently updates its platform, regularly adding new content to it. At the moment, short films like ‘Take Flight’ can be seen using this app. The movie features stars like Melissa McCarthy, Charlize Theron and more, and is quite a dramatic film to watch using VR.

Bottom line if you enjoy watching high-quality VR videos, Within is the best app to use.

5. Sisters

It’s rare to find horror games for mobile VR, especially those that give you the chills. Sisters is one exception to try. The VR game packs a ton of scary features including terrifying sounds and objects that react when you look at them. The game is great with headsets to immerse you in the horror environment, and it’s advisable to play this one alone for fear of embarrassing yourself. Sisters does justice to horror VR game experience and will surely give you the creeps.

Virtual reality app development for smartphones is on the rise, and it’s only a matter of time before we have thousands of apps in VR. For now, enjoy the five listed above.

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