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Top Features to Consider When Choosing Email Management Software

When emails were developed, it offered a new and improved way of sending and receiving mails. The waiting time for a letter to arrive has been cut to practically nothing. It was a godsend to those who liked to send messages and receive them in turn. For business people, it was a dawn of a new era. Unfortunately, it has become overwhelming. With the billions of emails being sent and received every day, the average worker has found himself unable to manage his emails effectively thus leading to poorer productivity. Email management software is the answer to the problems of high loads of emails in a company. It helps organize inbound mails and helps workers reply to messages more efficiently. There are many more features that an email tracking software contains and here are the top most that you should consider if you want to acquire one.

Top Features to Consider When Choosing Email Management Software

Email Routing and Management Workflow

Email routing is the process of directing an email to the host of the recipient. When an email is sent, it goes through a filtering process to identify if it is clean or a spam. When there is routing, the filtering process goes a step beyond just checking. It makes another copy of the email based on some rules that you have set up. When getting the best email tracking software, be sure that it offers intelligent email routing, because you want your message going to the right recipients. There are many routing options like split delivery, dual delivery, smart hosting and content routing.

Another thing to look for would be the workflow management of email responses. When getting email management tools, make sure that the centralized information base will ensure that responses to emails are accurate and consistent. Even when clients are going from one channel to a different one, all queries should be handled with the same answers and knowledge.

Comprehensive History

Comprehensive history of all the emails sent and received should be recorded in the email tracking tool. When one of your agents receives an email asking for information, they would most likely include details in their emails. Details like account name, account number, problems they are encountering with your product and their general query. Of course, your customer service agents will reply. It is important that the software you will consider will record all of this correspondence between the agent and the client. This is in case more questions will pop up later. Or if the client complains, there is proof that your agent did his or her job properly or maybe not. Another reason would be that these emails can be used as reference if further problems would occur of the same nature. This comprehensive history will also help deal with that specific client in the future. It will help your agents identify what that client’s wants and interests based on their query.

Personalized Responses and Automatic Replies

The best email management software will offer the option to send personalized responses. This way, agents can write personalized messages for their clients. They can make templates beforehand, where they can add links to certain sites, articles or you products, and attach documents from the resource library. On the other hand, the option for automatic responses is also mandatory. This will tremendously reduce the workload for your agents especially for emails of the same kind. Your agents wouldn’t need to write and send the same email over and over because an automatic response is available. On average, an office worker receives about 121 emails every day. The employee would never be finished with his work if all those emails are answered with personalized responses. The option for automatic replies is very necessary when choosing an email management software. If you want to know about what features certain software provides, go to their site and read about the product. You could also read reviews of email management software to know which of them will offer the best deals according to the users.

Significant Content Extraction and Keep Up to Date With Contents

Emails from customers or any other people contain essential information like key content, signature, previous exchanges, header and disclaimers. One feature that you should look for in your email tracking software is its ability to extract significant content from the emails received. This will save valuable time for your clients, giving them ample time to tackle all emails they receive and it will ensure that they understand what the email is all about. Most emails that are coming in contain a lot of fluff and reading the entire message will waste time, so if your software can remove all the unnecessary details it will increase the productivity of your employees.

Adding new content to the system should be easy and efficient. This will allow a more all-inclusive database for future searches. Contents of the database should always be updated, so when agents do a search for a topic on the database, everything will be there. Read reviews of email tracking software to know which software offers easy uploading of new content on their database.

Editor for HTML Content

Emails can be written in two ways. The first one is HTML where the email templates are written in codes to format messages and images can be added. The second one is plain text, where there are no formatting options and adding pictures is not possible. The best email tracking software should allow you to edit HTML contents of your emails. Your company probably has a fixed style for your emails. This brings consistency to all emails coming from any of your employees. There should still be freedom to edit the content of the email whenever an agent so desires. Sometimes personalized messages are needed and your agents should be able to add downloadable forms, brochures, manual, instruction guides and other things the customers might ask for. A fixed template is necessary but it should also be editable and the best software should allow this to happen.

Proper Query Escalation and Supervisor Reporting

There will always be times that the agents won’t be able to answer queries from customers and the issue is taken up higher in the hierarchy. The management workflow of your email management tools should allow for a proper and easy escalation of the query. It should be easy to ask for help from a manager by just forwarding the email to them through the software. And it should be just as easy for the manager to return the email to the agent with notes on how to answer queries of the customers. Seeking the help of the manager on issues above the responsibilities of the agent should be handled properly with the workflow management.

There are also issues that only experts on the topic will be able to answer. Collaborating within the team should be available with the email management tools. This will make reporting to the proper authorities easier and more efficient.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Most software contains a dashboard where all the important buttons and options are located. This is an important feature that you should consider when choosing an email management software. Everything should be available on the dashboard. This will improve efficiency since no time will be wasted looking for needed options. The dashboard will also indicate the queue of emails that needs attention of the agents. This will show the urgent queries and those that will not need to be prioritized. A comprehensive dashboard will help organize the way the agents and employees respond to emails. This will increase productivity and make the jobs of the agents easier.

Monitor All Activities

It is the job of the supervisor to monitor the activities of his agents and their customers. A great email management software will allow the supervisors to monitor all activities discreetly and at real time. This is to ensure that any problems that might be occurring can be solved immediately. The ability to monitor events at real time will also help supervisors see how his or her agents are performing. Potential problems can be quickly nipped at the bud when supervisors are actively monitoring their agents. Read reviews of email tracking software to know which software offers real time monitoring of activities. This is because not all software will offer the best features. It is very important to do a thorough research and read what others are saying before committing to a software vendor.

Emails are a necessary evil in every business. Sometimes, when employees get a lot of emails they get overwhelmed. That is why the development of email management software has been a god send. But not every software is the same and you might get software that does not contain the features that you need. So it is very important to do research and read reviews to know which one will be a perfect fit for your business needs. This article was written in the hopes that it will help people like you who are looking to manage their emails.

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