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What Are the Top Features of Membership Management Software

What Are the Top Features of Membership Management Software

Membership management software helps organizations, associations, and clubs offer their services to their members. Organizations have different needs and structure so this software has a lot of functions to offer users.

This main function of this software is usually to:

  1. store information of members in a database. This information is also editable in case some data about the member changes.
  1. create memberships. Other functions include renewing, downgrading, or upgrading a membership.
  1. communicate with the members in the database about important information from the management. This includes by email, phone call, texts, or through social media.

Choosing a membership management software does not have to be hard. You just have to ensure that the software can do the functions mentioned above and more.It also needs to have top-notch features. Here are some of the top features that your membership management solution should have.

Effective Implementation of Membership Management

The main feature and function of a membership management application is, of course, to manage the members of the organization. But it should not just be simple management; there has to be an effective implementation of it. Here are some things that you should see in the software to know that it can effectively manage your members:

  1. Comprehensive and secure What you need to know about membership management software is that, mainly, it is all about having a quick access to the information of your members. If you want to contact a specific client, all you have to do is look them up in the database. That is why you need a software that can offer a comprehensive database. It also has to be secured. You might be storing information like addresses and contact numbers that you don’t want anyone else to get a hold of. You can read reviews of best membership management software to know how the security of a software is.
  1. If you want to stay relevant in your members’ lives, you need to always have a presence. It might not be in the physical sense, but at least in their online lives. You could do this by sending informative newsletters, updates, and other reading material related to your organization. There is management software that has an integrated communication feature, so you wouldn’t have to get another software just to automate the sending of your emails.

Allows Paperless Signing Up for the Membership

More and more companies and organizations are trying to implement a paperless policy. To do this, all documents are converted into a digital format. There are many who encourage this because it helps save money, resources, and the environment. If you want to be a part of this movement, then you should get a software that allows for paperless sign-up. Other advantages of this include the following:

  1. You can sign up new members anywhere and anytime. For example, you run a dance school, and you meet someone who wants to become a member. You wouldn’t have to rush back to the office to get a membership form. And this someone wouldn’t need to go to the office immediately, just to sign up. The software will be able to work on your mobile device or tablet, and you can sign itup on the spot.
  1. The members can sign up on their own in the comforts of their home. Similarly, you could also just send the link to the sign-up form to your prospective clients so they can fill it out without having to go to your office.

A User Interface That Is Easy to Use and Navigate

There are many membership management tools that are so difficult to use. The creators wanted to cram everything in it, that the end result is a disaster. You want something that is easy to learn, use, and navigate. You can try the trial version of the software you are considering getting to have a feel for how to use the software. Another thing you could do is to read membership management software reviews to know how the member screen of the software is.

The design of the software should also be responsive. Whether you are on your phone, tablet, or computer, it should all work seamlessly. The responsive design will ensure that users will have a great experience in using the software no matter what device they have.

You want something that is easy to use but, at the same time, contains everything that you will need. Here are some of the functions that should be found on the user interface and member screen:

  1. Details of the members. This would include the basic details like name, birthday, address, and contact details. A recent photograph could also be included to easily identify the member when they go to your club or office.
  1. This would include the status of the member. Whether they are paid, up for renewal, upgraded, or downgraded members. In addition to the membership status, the perks and products they signed up should also be included. For the dance school, an example would be the type of dance lessons the client availed.
  1. Details of accounts. This would include all the payments that have been made and any that has to be paid soon and when they are due. Organizations usually have a membership fee that has to be paid at the start of the program, and this should be included in the account details.
  1. Information for billing. This would be where you will send the client’s bill for the services rendered.

Management of Your Online Community

Online marketing is all the rage right now, especially in a time where the Internet can be easily accessed. You could take advantage of this by improving your online presence. And you could start doing that with the members of your organization or association.

Not only does the best membership management software store information of members, but it can also be used as an online marketing tool. You can use it to reach out to a lot of new people and other potential clients. This software can have an integrated social media management tool to help make online campaigns.

The integration of the social media management means that you wouldn’t have to acquire more tools and software that are specifically used for online marketing. You can do it using this same software that you already have. You will be able to save money and resources this way.

Management of Your Email Marketing

Another feature of the membership management software that can help with increasing revenue is the email marketing. This software has an integrated email marketing platform so you wouldn’t need to transfer all email addresses from your database to an email marketing software. This will make email marketing easier and ensure that there are no duplicate or lost entries since all the information is just in one place.

To know more about the email marketing feature of a software, read reviews of best membership management software found in many review sites on the Internet. And check out this article to know more ways to use email marketing for your business.

Easy Integrations in the System

Unlike the email marketing and social media management, there are other tools and applications that are not integrated into your membership management software. Because of this, you should look for a software that can easily be integrated into other systems. This is so that no exportation and importation of files will be needed. You run the risk of losing data when information is constantly exported from one system to another.

Another thing you could do is to look for a software that has all the applications you need. With this, you wouldn’t even have to look for other software that is easily integrated.

Complete Reporting and Analysis

You might have a regular board meeting where you have to present the status of your members. You wouldn’t have to manually make the report if your membership management software can make reports for you.

A top feature of this software is a reporting function that is well structured and has powerful capabilities. The reports generated by the software can include the following:

  1. Summary of membership information
  2. Billing information for the purpose of accounting
  3. Any specific demographic that you might need. An example would be how many women, in a specific age range, are members or how many members live in a specific area of town.

With regards to reporting, a good feature is that it should be customizable to fit whatever report you might need. The software also has to be good at analyzing data to help you make decisions for the organization or business.

Online Portal for All Members

An online portal for the members is a good feature of the software. This will allow your members to:

  1. make, edit, or cancel appointments or bookings;
  2. view or update existing billing and personal details;
  3. view programs and activities offered by the organization;
  4. option to subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters and other online reading materials; and
  5. send feedback or suggestions about the organization.

Now, you know the top features of a membership organization software. If you are looking for one, check out reviews and rankings at

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