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The Top Most Common Challenges of In-App Mobile Affiliate Marketing


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According to the recent market research studies, a majority of the global population is accessing the Internet via their smartphones and these figures are going to witness an upward trajectory in the future and a vital part of that through native mobile apps. With this kind of drastic shift in perspective,  mobile affiliate marketing, via affiliate management software, has just begun to take a robust hold and is in the process of gaining momentum in a faster way.  Affiliate marketing is a tried and tested monetization approach for websites. You must be thinking that it will be a straight step mobile app developers affiliate marketing as a mainstream revenue box. But sorry to tell you, you are wrong.

Native mobile app developers for sure are the most innovatively thinking people on this planet. They build apps that are greatly crafted and enhance the user experiences and it is the fact that the app they have developed has helped both the customers and the companies. But it is not always that easy. Developers often have to compete and make a survival in this extremely competitive industry. And the famous developer programs like Google’s Android always preach the advantages of making the apps available across the globe into various international markets. In situations like that, the developers who are struggling to make decent revenue from their mobile apps going their app international looks like a great step. But the problem here is that the affiliate marketing industry is not so ready from higher traffic native mobile apps.

Here are the most common challenges that are being faced by both the mobile affiliate marketing and native mobile app developers.

 Problem number 1 —  No sufficient compatible affiliate advertiser destinations

Some of the affiliate advertisers have reshaped themselves in the smartphone world and developed a mobile alternative destination. In circumstances like customers who fail to complete a product purchase on their smartphones then they will get zero commission. Now the question here is why to send them to that advertiser? And the answer to that question else “No reason, so let’s stop it.” Advertisers need to understand the fact that not just a person or two, but the world is going mobile. They will have to invest in smartphones and mobile websites which get API into LimeLight that native mobile app developers into, choose the right item to promote, and then conveniently direct their customers to purchase the product.

Problem number 2 — Applying to many geo-fractured affiliate networks

Making it international in the affiliate marketing world means that you have to be receptive to multiple affiliate account with local affiliate networks such as LinkShare. And then you need to open advertisers accounts through the networks. Of course, it is not a simple administrative process but it has to be done. Also,  a few countries need regional bank accounts like Japan and some other countries such as China do not have an affiliate network for big advertisers like Apple iTunes.

Most of the times, you find the application process to be biased toward websites. For instance, in the application form, you find a field that says: Kindly enter your publisher website URL. Now the problem here is that what would be the URL for native mobile applications? Zero. But if you fail to complete the form then, of course, you are not authorized to join the network. The only way is to continue, accept the reject tense and then freshly appeal with an email that explains everything to the affiliate network. And this ain’t going to be done in an overnight. This would take months.

Problem number 3 — Directing the mobile traffic to the right affiliate advertiser

Now that you have opened multiple accounts with multiple networks, now it is time to find a way from how, from within your native mobile app, to choose the right network to send your consumers too. Anyway, there is an answer to this question that was offered by GeoRiot. A technology that offers a powerful linking service that automatically chooses the right network to direct your traffic to. 

Problem number 4 — Choosing the right product to advertise

Not necessarily the products that are available in your regional advertiser’s online store should also be available across the globe. And this especially applies to the case of iTunes. If you are an affiliate marketing professional who is working with iTunes affiliate marketing programs then please understand that every product availability of iTunes differs from place to place or country to country. So this is where GeoRiot comes into the picture once again. It provides helpful tools for you to check the availability of items in the global store and with special features which automatically of the next best product in the case of your product and availability in the international market.

Problem number 5 — Not optimizing the data

Most of the affiliate marketers are holding a significant amount of data that they can utilize for offers. But most of the times, the affiliate marketers do not make full use of the data to get the maximum advantages. Customers like to interact and engage with various and freshly updated content with every new day. Correctly optimizing the data and content can give you enhanced customer engagement by increasing the user relevancy and the experience. 

Some things have to change

The affiliate marketing needs some kind of reshape since smartphone usage continues to increase in significance most of the affiliate marketers do not know where to find mobile app offers since the conventional networks or not either exposing providing mobile specific campaigns. Affiliate networks who have done and are still doing specialization in mobile apps are just getting started.

Taking the above-mentioned points into consideration can assist you in truly optimizing your mobile affiliate marketing and taking it to greater heights.

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