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Top 7 Reviews of the Best Pharmacy Software and Their Uses

Top 7 Reviews of the Best Pharmacy Software and Their Uses

The continuing growth of the healthcare industry in both the size and complexity increases the competitiveness in running a pharmacy business. It is expected from the pharmacists to offer excellent customer service and offer their knowledge and advice to the customers as well as to continue driving profits.

It is even a greater challenge for owners and managers of multi-store pharmacy. This includes having to manage multiple teams, to monitor and streamline workflows and inventory levels, and to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is done and completed. Because of this, many have been trying to find dedicated and reliable pharmacy management solutions to help them run their daily business operations.

A pharmacy software can help drug store businesses in automating and simplifying their workflows to improve their work efficiency.

Best Pharmacy Software Reviews

Out of all the many pharmacy management software in the market, choosing the most efficient and the best one to help you run your pharmacy business is essential. This includes having all the features and functions you need to effectively run the system. You can also read reviews of the best pharmacy software to help look for the ideal one for you and your business.

  1. WinPharm Hospital Pharmacy Software

WinPharm hospital pharmacy software is a user-friendly and cost-effective pharmacy management solution for Windows. It can be used as a standalone management system but can also be integrated with an Electronic Health Record of EHR system. WinPharm is an ideal pharmacy software that is fully featured with hospital pharmacy drug distribution and control system, and EMAR or Electronic Medication Administration Record system.

The WinPharm features include order entry and profiles with treatments and lab reports, transaction logging and history, automatic formulary re-pricing, floor stock system, interdepartmental accounting, full inventory system, automated ordering and receiving. It also includes optional features like physician order entry interface, EMAR module, outpatient module, and full integration with EHR.

WinPharm is capable of online drug lookup either by brand, NDC number, and generic name or ID, and non-formulary drugs. It can also run in various languages.

  1. SoftClinic

SoftClinic is a pharmacy management software for advance and paperless management of hospitals and clinics. From initially being a clinic software, SoftClinic has grown to be a hospital management system that includes a family of pharmacy and laboratory modules that can be utilized by both small- and medium-sized hospitals.

This pharmacy software is easy to use that can generate prescriptions even in regional languages in less than 60 seconds. It operates with family wise patients’ record management and file manager utility that can store images and videos. SoftClinic has an inbuilt demographical and clinical data analysis. This can be useful for all types of hospitals, clinics and for specialty clinics and physicians. It also functions as billing and accounting manager with built-in and restores facilities, multi-user, and LAN compatible.

  1. Axis Pharmacy

Axis Pharmacy is a software that is designed with the latest and advanced technology that is ideal for pharmaceuticals, retail stores, wholesalers, distributors, and exporters. It is simple and easy to use but is also powerful and flexible.

Axis Pharmacy covers an extensive set of features such as built-in bar coding, automatic voucher entry, multiple currency real-time syncing, multiple bank accounts, warehouse management, and multiple batch management. It is also built on excellent reporting tools for a better view of reports and can export reports to PDF, Excel, Word, and CSV. Axis Pharmacy is compatible with Azure SQL 14 and can be used as RemoteApp in Azure.

  1. PioneerRx Pharmacy Software

Tracking and coordinating every patient’s medications in your pharmacy business system is made easier using PioneerRx with its built-in features on Patient Risk, Adherence, Med Synch, and MTM or Medication Therapy Management. It has integrated medication synchronization technology that can help identify the risk of individual patients that are being hospitalized.

PioneerRx’s features and functions include a workflow calendar, reporting and improvement, patient notifications, and automatic prescription refill. It also promotes rapid data and an enhanced workflow with its features such as pre-check station, intake station, hard copy image workflow, and document management. Additionally, it features with prescriber add and edit from NPI or DEA database, medicare and commercial insurance lookup, automatic COB billing, and CoverMyMeds Integration.

With the PioneerRx’s reporting features like advanced searching, specialty drug manufacturer reporting, customizable reporting, and Excel and PDF exporting, you can be in control of your data the way you want to view it. More than that, the delivery management module, employee time clock supporting biometrics, and robot automation in PioneerRx, you can easily enhance your pharmacy business’ workflow.

  1. PrimeCare

PrimeCare is specifically tailored to address the needs of the long-term care pharmacies that serves ceased mental health and assisted living facilities. It allows for customization in managing workflows that can handle even the high volume transactions from the health facilities. PrimeCare allows reviews in payments received from various health care facilities with its accounts receivable module.

The software system also offers a billing matrix module that can help establish rules inpatient billing and streamline all billing processes and operations involved in a pharmacy business. There is also an alert system that automatically sends notifications for missed due dates for payments or has exceeded the credit limit of the patient’s account.

PrimeCare also permits customers to access the PharmaCare network. It has a medication therapy management module that enables the users to develop various treatment plans and their appointment schedules for each patient. This includes the patient’s personal records such as medications and dietary supplements.

  1. Prisym Medica

Prisym Medica is an enterprise labeling solution for medical device and other life sciences organizations that are specifically designed to conform to the international compliance requirements. For instance, the FDA’s guidelines for labeling including the 21CFR part 11.

The Prisym Medica is a web-based medical device labeling system that supports generating labels worldwide. This keeps a central control from the head office, the sub-divisions, to the third party suppliers, and the manufacturing sites. This allows you to create, review, approve, print, and even reprint labels and documents that are produced in a manner. This is auditable from its purpose-built user security, group security, and its secure audit logging features.

Prisym Medica provides a proactive review and an approval work engine that can minimize and prevent the possibilities of having production errors and product recalls. It can also be linked to your existing management systems solutions such as the ERP and MRP systems. It is to make sure that information even from the production can be accurately delivered to the label. Prisym Medica also features integration with the Vision Inspection solutions for all your postprint compliance.

  1. MedTablet Personal

MedTablet is a new approach in technology that supports wireless communication. It happens by using both WiFi and a cellular network about the health care information of patients and their medication orders between the healthcare facility and the pharmacy or vice versa. This will help the pharmacy to quickly fill prescriptions and transmit pharmacy data and patient information to the nursing facility. This includes the physician orders, treatment records, MAR’s, sliding scale insulin orders, and direct care records.

MedTablet Personal is an Apple iPhone specific application system that permits setting up restricted access to different patient information. This information is only restricted to one mobile phone number with the limit of 2 patients. The responsible party is authorized to the limited access to their family member’s health care information and provides them limited messaging to the certain caregiver.

All the information that goes in the system is stored on the Microsoft Azure Cloud which is backed up every 5 minutes. MedTablet Personal takes your data on mobile and saves it in the cloud. This will eliminate the worries whenever connections go down since the cellular will automatically take over whenever it is enabled.

Uses of Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy owners and even pharmacists can get countless of benefits and advantages in using the best pharmacy management system.

1. Automated and streamlined workflows. When using a pharmacy software, you can eliminate possible processing errors, automate purchasing processes, and reduce the time and effort in doing manual tasks. This can also help in planning, distributing and assigning staff schedules to make sure that the business has adequate staff all the time.

2. Complete coverage of business operations. A pharmacy management system is designed to help manage every aspect of running a pharmacy business. This includes managing from your business inventories to maintaining all regulatory compliance. This also contains features that can help in retail management such as automated sales operations, advance expiry alerts, and purchase tracking.

3. Provide excellent customer service. With a pharmacy software in your business, you can provide a more comprehensive knowledge to give advice to customers. Using this software system will also give you the ability to create and run marketing campaigns and programs for your loyal members.

4. Analyze your business performance. A pharmacy software is designed to have features that can give you detailed reports, performance insights, and real-time tracking of your business processes. It may also include some integrated business intelligence functions and tools that allow data visualizations and customization of business reports.

To know more about the best pharmacy management software systems, their benefits and advantages, and how to choose the best one for your business, you can visit and read our best pharmacy software reviews for more pharmacy software choices.

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