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Top 7 Business Tools That’ll Improve Productivity

Running a small business requires a lot of time management. You need to stay on top of tasks ranging from accounting to human resources. Keeping everything running smoothly can put a lot of pressure on your productivity. The good news is the world is full of business tools that help improve your productivity by automating tasks and making it easier to manage them.

If you want a boost in business productivity, here are the top seven business tools to consider.

1: Office 365

For a comprehensive productivity tool, Office 365 is definitely worth exploring. The Microsoft-developed product has been successful in catering to big and small business alike.Office 365 continues to be one of the best productivity packages money can buy.

With Office 365, you don’t just receive a single tool to boost productivity. It provides you with a range of products from one of the best word processors in the world (Word) to communication tools such as Skype. You can utilise its file sharing and cloud storage opportunities, and organise business meetings with multiple people at the same time. Office 365 is also a good option because it offers scaling opportunities. The Business Essential package is good for when your business grows and your needs change. It adds additional elements, such as the HD video conferencing option, to your toolkit.

2: TweetDeck

The modern business cannot survive without the use of social media. However, managing your multiple social media accounts can be time-consuming and take away a lot of time from other, more important tasks. The solution is to start using TweetDeck.

TweetDeck helps you link different social media accounts together and manage the different campaigns you are running more intuitively. You are able to use the single platform to view your posts, read comments and respond to them, and see what your followers are doing.

3: Connecteam

For businesses that rely on manyremote workers, the Connecteam app is worth checking out. The tool is helpful in terms of employee management – it can take the stress off from the manager’s but also from the employee’s perspective. It is good for providing employees with enough information about the workflow and it can make project management smoother through its document sharing functions.

Connecteam allows you to customise the interface and the functions. You can create and manage project checklist, making it easy to see who is in charge of what tasks and when the work needs to be finished. It allows work scheduling and the creation of informational libraries for sharing project details and company information securely. As mentioned, the app also allows fast document upload and editing in real time.

4: Google Analytics

A quick way to improve productivity is by ensuring you focus on the most important aspects of running your business. You don’t want to waste time on tasks that aren’t improving your bottom line. For this, Google Analytics can be an essential tool because it helps you understand what content on your website is appealing, how people are using the site, and what products are selling, for example. With Google Analytics, it’s much easier to see what campaigns are working and increasing web visibility and those that are just a waste of your time and money.

5: Bayzat Benefits

Human resources are another area that can benefit from automation. There are many tasks you can automate and digitalise in the field that will help your HR department focus on other more important tasks. To do this, the Bayzat Benefits HR software is a good option – companies like Subway, ME Digital Group and already use the software to manage aspects of their HR.

Bayzat Benefits is a tool aimed at managing employee records and health insurance details. The tool utilises automated filling and data input technology. This allows you to drag-and-drop employee documents on the platform and the system will automatically create employee records based on the information. You’ll stay on top of important employee dates, such as birthdays, work anniversaries and contract expiry dates. You can also use Bayzat Benefits platform to organise and manage your time-off requests – this interactive feature will allow you to better plan for holidays and stay on top of employee absences.

Unlike many other HR software tools, Bayzat Benefits also allows you to focus on health insurance records. It allows the employees to stay on top of their healthcare policy and find what sorts of things are covered by it. It can be a great way to monitor healthcare costs and keep them at bay.

6: WorkflowMax

All the productivity tools on the list are perfect for boosting productivity by saving time and money. In fact, WorkflowMax promises to save around $22,000 a year in invoicing costs. It isn’t any wonder that it has a list of prominent clients in fields like architecture and business consultants. The invoicing tool is advantageous for any small business or freelancer – especially those that provide a service and invoice based on time spent on the project.

The business tool allows the employees to track the time they have spent on various tasks part of a specific project. This ensures they will remain accountable for the work that they do and it makes it easy to create instant invoices for clients. The tool can also be used for quoting clients based on the different elements required for the completion of the project.

Inside the platform, employees are able to build a timeline for the project and analyse their productivity. This can be crucial because it allows the employee to understand which tasks seem to take a lot of time and perhaps start creating solutions for making these tasks faster, if possible.

7: Hiveage

Hiveage is another billing tool you should consider adding to your small business toolkit. It deals with your tax information, it sends invoices automatically to your clients and even provides your business with a way to track orders. You will be able to see with a single click who hasn’t paid their bills and when it is time to send them reminders. Hiveage works by cutting a lot of time away from invoicing; in fact, according to the company, you are able to save 100 hours of work just by using the business tool.

If you want your business to be more productive, you will need to find ways to automate and digitalise different aspects of the business. With the above seven tools, this will be easy and cost-effective.


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