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Top 5 Trends Shaping iOS App Development in 2017

2017 should be a great year for tech entrepreneurs and startups because digital transformation is changing the business landscape in a very big way. The tech behemoth – Apple, earned a whopping $1.1 billion revenue in one year – exclusively from mobile apps and in-app purchases. With the proliferation of more devices, the demand for iOS Developers is going to rapidly increase in the near future. Time to gear up!

E-commerce and social media have completely changed the way of reaching audiences, engaging with them and offering services. I’m sure such a dynamic environment must leave you wondering – what are the top 5 trends shaping iPhone App Development in 2017?

If you are a tech geek or one of those curious iOS Developers, this one’s for you!

1. Augmented reality, GIS, GPS and Virtual assistants will become prominent

Mobile app development is now adopted widely by multiple businesses and industries due to its ability to reach a wider user base. GPS (as used by Pokemon Go in 2016) has excellent scope while developing utility and gaming applications.

Retail, automation, health, fashion, entertainment, gaming, and education fields will also integrate Augmented reality and GPS in their apps to give better tracking and visual experiences to their users in real-time.

3D games, Virtual assistants, higher security, more location-based applications – these are some of the more advanced use cases which will leverage iPhone App Development in 2017.

2. Swift is going to be an uptrend in 2017

Swift is gaining popularity day by day. A wide range of frameworks and coding methods for Swift are now available for the iOS developers to use. Apple has declared Swift as open source in 2015, increasing its scope over Objective-C.

This shift from object-C to Swift has empowered iOS Developers with Xcode tools. Such tools work well with the modern compiler infrastructures and thus increase the reliability of code. With so many attributes like easy working and faster learning, Swift is surely going to be at the forefront of iPhone App Development this year. Not only iOS, it will also be used for the development of major apps for tvOS and watchOS.

3. Trends in Digital Security for iOS apps

User’s privacy and data security have always been important concerns when it comes to iOS mobile app development. With the entrance of cloud facilities, mobile data needs to be more secure than ever. However, Apple has always made ATS (App Transport Security) mandatory for every iOS app. But we can expect better data encryption technologies in the next few years as innovative and experimental iOS Developers start addressing these security concerns.

4. IoT Market will grow as Expected

According to Business insider, development of IoT-based apps increased by 34% last year. 2017 will be no different. It is likely to show the same (if not more) growth in revenue generation this year as well. Such tremendous growth in the IoT sector is bound to attract iPhone App Developers to make applications for this newly emerging market.

Along with increasing the utilization of IoT products on Apple devices, iOS developers will change the path of current developments by leveraging some cutting edge technologies. Sensors, image recognition, secure information exchange over Wi-Fi are some research areas of IoT devices and these will also affect the future of iPhone App Development for sure.

5. Increased involvement of iOS Applications in Enterprises

Real-time engagement and dynamic data/operation management are the main elements of enterprise applications. With the evolution of iOS, it has become suitable for developing enterprise apps.

Big Data, IoT, and enterprise app development – all are likely to positively impact iOS app development in 2017.

White it is true that the total number of iOS apps are less compared to android applications, you should also know that iOS apps win hands down when it comes to better revenue generation and app performance. And even this year, users will prefer better functioning and more stable iOS apps over their Android counterparts.

What are you expecting? What trends will shape iOS App Development in 2017? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Prachi Gupta

Prachi Gupta

Tech Blogger at July Rapid
Prachi Gupta is a Content Writer and Tech Blogger at July Rapid, a San Francisco based mobile app development company. July Rapid assists Startups and large enterprises to conceptualize and build custom native iOS and Android applications
Prachi Gupta

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