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Top 5 Things You Might Be Missing in Your Sales Force Automation

Top 5 Things You Might Be Missing in Your Sales Force Automation

As a manager in the sales team, you would want to grab every opportunity that you can to stay on top. That’s why it’s vital to maximize your resources. We know much of its importance in increasing your sales profits and in preventing any issues before they happen. This article will help you improve the effectiveness of your sales force automation program and make sure your team concentrates on your customers.

What Is Sales Force?

Sales force is part of a company or business that solely focuses on their sales. They make sure that the sales will keep steady revenue and attract and maintain customers. Getting a sales force automation for small business is recommended to be able to stay on top of the sales game. Now, we will talk about the benefits of the software next.

The common sales force automation software definition is that it is a software that can automate certain sales tasks that include contact management, inventory control, inventory monitoring, order tracking, and order processing. There are many features of a software and may vary.

The main thing it does is increase your sales revenue. Other things that they do are the following:

  1. Update and organize your sales campaigns
  2. Provide higher quality customer service
  3. Increase sales
  4. Improves close and win rates
  5. Give quality leads

Each software is different and may cater to a specific business. The good thing is that most small to large companies can benefit from them. If you want to know more about the available software out there, read’s sales force automation software reviews. Now, let’s start talking about what you may be missing in your software once you have it.

1st: It Helps You Manage and Organize Your Sales Territories.

A sales territory is a geographical location or a group of customers that is designated to a particular person in the sales department. This includes distributors, agents, franchisees, and sales managers.

Monitoring your sales territories can help you organize your potential leads and guide them until they are able to make a purchase or close a deal. Using the software makes it more efficient, and you can do the following:

  1. Saves you time and money because it automates tasks such as lead processing.
  2. Eliminates conflict as it delegates tasks to a specific department. It promotes ownership and responsibility of the tasks.
  3. Provides real-time notifications to remind the team to make follow-ups or other important details. This will improve customer service and quality of service. You’ll also be confident that everything was attended to.

Here are three nifty tips when setting up your sales territories:

  1. Create Specific Goals and Stick With It. Start by finding out what you need to accomplish. By having a guide on what to do, it will help you make your life easier by getting all the things you need in the sales process. You will not have a hard time in determining who can be your qualified leads, where your target market can be located, and how much of your resources would be needed for your campaigns.
  2. Gather All the Important Information That You Can Get. Your customer information may be vital to your next sales campaign. This information can provide you your customers’ demographics and helps you predict what can be your next sales campaign will be like.
  3. Regularly Review the Details That Can Be Used for the Next Campaigns. All the information you have is right in your fingertips. They are useful and give accurate information. Not only that you have to perform regular maintenance, you may need to make some changes now and them to make sure they are working properly.

Planning and executing sales territories takes time. It also needs careful planning, and it depends on what your sales campaign is all about. If you’re looking for the software that is aligned with your specific needs, then, read the top sales force automation software.

2nd: It Helps You Forecast Your Next Sales Campaigns.

Because you have your customer information, you can use it to predict an accurate forecast. You can also use the details such as your quotes, orders, and opportunities. Using sales force automation software can help you figure out what your shortcomings were in the last campaign and fine-tune it to work better than before. It can also monitor and predicts your recurring revenue.

3rd: It Helps You Manage Your Orders.

Managing orders is a breeze because the order fulfillment procedure is streamlined. This saves time and lets your sales team focus more on their sales. The sales team gets to access the orders in real time. It helps prevent orders being delayed and improves customer satisfaction. It provides accuracy, reliability, and certainty that the orders are being taken care of.

Customers can also benefit from it because it’s easier to track their orders. They can see their booked orders and know the status of their order. They can check the status using the web or by contacting customer service. Not only that, you can also help save the environment by saving paper.

To be considered a part of the top sales force automation software, the software should manage your reports, customer intelligence, and dashboards.

4th: It Helps You With Your Sales Strategy by Cross Selling and Up Selling.

The software promotes your products and services to buyers. It gives recommendations on similar or related products that they just purchased. They also give offers and notifications that is based on the purchase order of the customer.

It analyzes the purchase history to check if the customer is a right fit for an upcoming campaign. This results in improving the revenue and customer loyalty. They are considered as a few of the sales force automation software solutions it provides.

5th: It Helps You Manage Your Sales Opportunities and Check Out Your Competition.

You can benefit from the software by grabbing every chance that is related to improving your sales. These include the following:

  1. Looking up your competitors and finding out their sales strategies. The strategies that worked will be noted and those that didn’t will be avoided in the future.
  2. Easier to find discounts and offers only available to select customers.
  3. Monitor the progress of every customer transaction, beginning from the first point of contact to the time a sale is complete.
  4. Faster replies in communication.
  5. Use other resources aside from aggregate lists.
  6. Maximizing the return of investment (ROI) by getting every sale opportunity.
  7. Increases the chance of a higher sales return.
  8. Higher possibility of loyal customers.

Just remember that a great manager has many responsibilities and can multi-task. But isn’t it better if you can automate tasks to make your life easier? This is the reason why this software is very important in the business.

As a sales manager, you don’t just use your sales force automation software; you also need to motivate your team. Here are seven quick and easy ways to empower your team to do more:

  1. Use Gamification. It’s a unique concept where you get something that already exists and integrate it with game mechanics. This something may be a website, an online society, or something else. The two of them combined promote participation, loyalty, and teamwork. It engages the team to do more and add importance to the business.
  2. Lead by Example. You have to practice what you preach. Always be morally and ethnically correct and be a good example to those around you.
  3. Organize Meetings. Having regular meetings will let everyone know of the progress and keeps everyone updated on what’s happening.
  4. Empower the Team. Be confident that they can work with minimal supervision but get the job done.
  5. Have a Strong, Lasting Relationship With Them. Get to know them personally after the work is done. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to have a team that knows what to do and watch out for each other’s backs.
  6. Reward the Positive Things. Getting recognition and acknowledgement is a great feeling.
  7. Give Constructive Criticism. Don’t just criticize or point out any mistakes or shortcomings. Think carefully of what to say. There are cases where providing negative feedback without any positive undertones may result in under productivity or stress. It might give a negative impact to the success of the team or the campaign.

There are many things that your sales force automation tools can do for you, but they should do these five basic things for you.

  1. Saves you time
  2. Increases your sales
  3. Organizes your sales team
  4. Manages your sales opportunities
  5. Provides quality customer service

Working with your team using fun, motivational methods will not only improve the mood but also the productivity. Combined with the best tools, it’s not a surprise if your sales revenues goes up.

If you don’t see any of these features in your software or if they are not working for your business, it might be time to look for another one. Why not read on’s Sales Force Automation Software Reviews to help you decide which software is the right fit for your company?

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