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Top 5 Reviews of Electronic Data Interchange Software

Top 5 Reviews of Electronic Data Interchange Software

Nowadays, the traditional way of transferring data from one person to another is no longer practiced, and documents are now sent and received computer-to-computer. Fax, postal mail, email and other means of sending documents to process and complete a certain transaction require ample amount of time. But with the use of electronic data interchange, the process of accomplishing a certain transaction becomes real-time. For example, a buyer wants to purchase tons of gravel. Traditionally, to process that request, the buyer will generate a purchase order using the computer and it will be sent through faxes or mails. The supplier enters the order in their internal system and prints an invoice. Then, an invoice will be sent through faxes or email again to be received by the buyer. The buyer will now enter the invoice in their internal system for processing. This is how the manual process of purchasing an order works.

On the other side, electronic data interchange can process a purchase order without involving paper, postal mail, email and people. It only requires two computers that will generate a purchase order and an invoice will be automated. The two parties, buyers and suppliers, have two types of internal system that generate documents and flow straight from each other. This process helps minimize human error and the process of completing purchase orders becomes instant. Electronic data interchange software is defined at Searchdatacenter.techtarget website as the process of transferring data from one computer to another by standardized message formatting, without human intervention.

Electronic Data Interchange allows every company to achieve a higher scale of production. This software was invented to transfer files in a short period of time without requiring traditional means of exchanging documents. Ed Guilbert, the father of Electronic Data Interchange, developed a standardized system in sending cargo information. It was developed during the 1948 Berlin airlift with U.S. army officers. The first EDI messages were sent in 1965 with the use of telex messages, which could send one page of information in just around 2 minutes. Right now, EDI is used by 100,000 big and small companies in the United States. Majority of the users of EDI are big retail companies because it helps them to process and deliver orders in real time. However, small retailers are beginning to adapt EDI to establish a strong business-to-business relationship and communication.

Reviews of Top Electronic Data Interchange Software

  1. Dell Boomi

Brief Product Description:

Dell Boomi is a type of software that enables the processing of data transactions such as orders, invoices, and confirmations between business partners. It helps the user manage a trading partner relationship without the burden of installing and maintaining software.

Product Features:

  1. Boomi-drag-and-drop workflow interface allows you to configure your EDI transaction processes, as well as map data and transformations between EDI documents and your applications, flat files, XML and database formats.
  1. Dell Boomi’s Atom Cloud secures every transaction. When you deploy a Boomi Atom runtime to your local premises, you can connect with applications residing behind the firewall. Regardless of the place where you deploy your atom, you’ll still have a total control over it.
  1. Boomi centralized environment helps you to manage and monitor all your EDI transactions and other application integration processes. You can check real-time the status of your business, and have a full understanding of what’s new across your critical business systems.
  1. Boom EDI standards support all versions of the X12, EDIFACT and HL7 standards. It provides a library of EDI documents types that can be visually mapped to transfer data to or from your back-end systems.

Review of Existing User:

Ryan Arnfinson posted his reviews about Dell Boomi EDI. He said that what he likes most about the Dell Boomi EDI is its drag-and-drop feature. He added that it is easier to use than other PAAS he has researched. Another thing he loves about Dell Boomi EDI is the capability of the user to build complete integrations with no coding skills required. You can check the whole review of Ryan Arnfinson on Dell Boomi EDI at

  1. Pro EDI Translator

This software involves EDI trucking, healthcare claims, or simply processing invoices and purchases orders. Pro EDI Translator also manages map writing and communication with your trading partners. Pro EDI Translator is often used by small businesses because of its affordable price.

Product Features:     

  1. Allows setup of unlimited trading partners and documents (EDI mapping)
  2. X12 & EDIFACT translator
  3. Mapping of all versions of EDI standards
  4. Automated processing of EDI Data (unattended mode)
  5. Supports Windows, Linux, and Unix Platforms
  6. 100% cross platform portability
  7. Document management and reporting

Reviews of Existing Users:

Two reviews were posted at about user experience with this product. Both are happy with their experience with the service they are getting from Pro EDI Translator. One of them said that the best part about using Pro EDI is that they have an actual support team based in U.S. who is always happy to help. “Their software comes with a Tutorial and other documentation, and you can either write your own maps or pay them to write them all for you. Either way the software does unlimited EDI Translation, and it ran on both our XP and Windows Server 2012 machines without a problem,” he added.

The other one said that the software is easy to use and is customizable. All the data are also aligned properly with what the trading partners are sending or looking for because they don’t have canned maps. You can read whole reviews for Pro_EDI translator at

  1. Altova MissionKit

Brief Product Description:

This is a software development suite of enterprise class XML, SQL, and UML tools for application developer and information architects. Constricted integration of MissionKit performs seamless execution of information workflow. It also offers a subset of the tools and functionality such as professional editions of SMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, UModel, and DatabaseSpy.

Product Features:

  1. XML information workflow – information are distributed, received and managed properly through the help of this feature
  2. Unparalleled support for all aspects of XML Schema development
  3. Integrated options for XSLT creation and testing
  4. Consistent access interface for all major SQL Database

Reviews of Existing User:

A review posted on the website of Altova Missionkit shares, “I have learned that there is no substitute for quality tools. And truly, your MissionKit suite is a quality tool, easily the single best resource for enterprise development that I have ever encountered, and in itself a prime example of how software should be written. My sincere compliments on an excellent product.” This statement was made by Thomas Blersch, senior software engineer of Exeter Government Services LLC. You can check other reviews by visiting their website.

  1. Basware

Brief Product Description:

Basware has been in the business of providing invoice and order solutions for 30 years. The Basware network is an open network that allows all companies – buyers, suppliers and partners to connect globally.

Product Features:

  1. Send and receive e-invoices with your trading partners
  2. Manage e-catalogs and send e-orders with your suppliers
  3. Find and connect with your trading partners through theNetwork Business Directory
  4. Manage vendor data in the network
  5. Printing Services – convert e-invoices into paper invoices
  6. Scan and capture invoice scanning software converts paper invoices into e-invoices
  7. Sendelectronic payments globally via the network
  8. Set up adynamic discounting program for early payment and discount capture
  9. Getinvoice financing for your receivables

Reviews of Existing User:

Maurelio Canon, one of the users of Basware, said that he likes most the online automated invoicing process and purchasing feature. He also added that scanning and capturing solution makes his life easier when processing invoice on cloud. Another review from Michelle Gabudao stated, “Basware has a platform that looks very so modest, and it is a good package deal for your business. This software helps you to generate different invoice and expenses. This software enables you to build business network facility. Because of this software you can easily convert fixed cost into the variable value.” There are a total of ten reviews posted at that will help you grasp more about this software. But to sum it up, the cloud-based application and its internet connection will give you real-time update.

  1. Bots

Brief Description:

This software functions as an EDI translator and supports many EDI formats. It has powerful translations, like tackling many similar yet different translations in a sensible way. It can run 150K EDI files per month and its maintenance is for free. It can be run on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, OSX and Unix.

Product Features:

  1. EDI data formats such as EDIfact, x12, tradacoms, xml, csv / delimited, etc. allow you to download all messages / all versions
  2. Bots translates any formats to any format
  3. Built-in acknowledgements /confirmations (997, CONTROL)
  4. Bots monitors incoming and outgoing EDI flows
  5. Automatic restart of EDI files when communications fail

You can check complete features of Bots software in their website at

Review of Existing User:

There are no existing reviews yet at but upon checking its website and features, it seems that Bots contain features and functions that a good type of software must have. This software is recommended to small retailers up to big retailers.

Each electronic data software has unique features and they differ from one another. They will never be ranked by the crowd, especially those who are using it, without being satisfied by the service they have received.  If you are thinking of changing your current EDI software, you need to compare your prospective software and your current software. Evaluate the situation of your business and how your current invoice and order solution system satisfies the goal of your business. You might want to check the current packages you are using, because there are some features that you don’t need but are actually included in the overall amount that you are paying. Check the complete list and other reviews of the best electronic data interchange software at

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