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Top 5 Reasons You Need Customer Relationship Management Tools

Top 5 Reasons You Need Customer Relationship Management ToolsCustomer relationship management tools are now in the rage right now. You can see that a lot of businesses are using them right now, and why not? It can be very beneficial to companies. It can have a significant effect on your company in the long run. Even if you’re just starting in the business or is a mid or large size company, it’s a must to have this tool for your company. Just keep reading to find out why you need this tool in your business.


Based on the top customer relationship management tools, the most common thing they have is communication. It gathers all of your customer’s data, beginning from their first contact with you until their last transaction history. It compiles all forms of communication your customer made, e-mails, call logs, chat messages, et cetera. This will help everyone on the team on what’s happening to the customer and remember everything that has happened to the customer. It notifies if there is something that needs to be done.

Using this data, it will help you determine what your customers want and need. It gives a more personal connection to you and your customers. You’ll be able to know your customers better and improve your customer relationship with them. Because you already know what they want, you can deliver what your customer expects. It provides an easier and faster way of getting their information. It also gives your customers a more personalized experience every time they contact you.

Not only it helps with the customers, it also helps communication between your employees or departments. It keeps everyone connected to each other and promotes teamwork, which is another reason you’ll find out later. Since it already has a full history of your customer’s activities, each department would be able to improve their communications at your business organization level. If there is an issue with the customer, it can be resolved immediately.

Every time the customer calls to talk about a technical problem, you’ll be able to see what has been done so that you don’t have to repeat that and make the customer think that you’re robots or does not know the job very well. You just need to read the log history in the system to find out what’s the next step and check on the knowledge base on how to resolve them.

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Data Storage

Don’t you just love it when all your customers’ data is in one place, eliminating any clutter and disorganized messes in your business? You won’t have a hard time in finding where things are and having an accurate report of your customer’s interaction will help you determine what the best thing your customer needs is. It compiles a list of not just one customer but all of your customer’s data, providing you information that can help you with your sales and marketing campaigns.

This will also help you speed things up because you know where to search. The records are categorized correctly and can be arranged in an order that you can customize. It shows what activities were done to the customer and will reduce the time it gets to get things done. The time spent in recalling what was done with the customer’s account will be faster because a record is already there. It would reduce the chance of the customer getting mad if numerous attempts of sending them multiple emails a lot of times.

An efficient data storage also needs to an effective strategy. By using the software, it will help all employees create, modify or delete the data, depending on the activity. It can give them public or private permissions. You can set what they can do with the customers data. You can also give them the option to only view the data, to prevent any data loss or modification. In this way, you can monitor your data storage and make any changes if necessary.

 However, one thing you have to think about is the price. The bigger the data storage space you need, the more expensive it is. The best customer relationship management tools may be expensive if you’re just starting the business. Try to get a storage space package deal to lessen the costs.


Reports are a big part in top customer relationship management tools. Why? The ability to generate and extract reports to find out what’s happening in a business can be very powerful. It helps in providing information to all the departments of the company. These reports are intended to make you track your progress and identify any problems that may arise. You can customize these reports or use pre-set templates that has analytics to not only provide real-time information but forecasting your next steps.

There are about five essential reports you need to monitor in your business. Below are the following reports:

  1. Customer satisfaction reports. This helps you find out what your customers needs are or what products or services they don’t like. By knowing these, it will bring more customer revenue on the ones that they love and increase customers loyalty.
  2. Sales and Marketing reports. This, as the name suggests, helps your sales and marketing team by finding out your sales cycles. This will figure out the best way to check the inventory of your stock and to purchase more if needed. It can also check on the past purchases and can use that to predict any future revenues.
  3. Productivity reports. This report finds out more about your customers. Who are your loyal customers and who makes the most purchases? It checks on the buying habits of your customers and can help you decide on strategies that can make your customers purchase your products again.
  4. Sales Conversion reports. This report has something to do with your sales and marketing team. By using sales conversion reports, it lets you know what the percentage of your possible leads is that can be converted to clients, won sales and deals. This also makes your teams make follow ups to them after a sale is closed.
  5. Progress reports. All businesses want to know where they stand in their goals. Each department must have a progress report that they can use on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, depending on the needs. This helps everyone to be on the same level and make any adjustments to hit the goals.

There are a lot more reports that you can generate in the software. You can customize the data you need to make them into reports. The best CRM tool should have the capability to export and import your reports and have access to them whenever you need to.


CRM Software should have integration. How do they do that? They integrate your company’s website and the software into just one place for you to view important customer’s data. Depending on the software, you can choose which data you can view, export and import. By integration, this also means that you can access your data by different mediums, such as mobile or remote access.

It increases your company’s profitability by checking the customer’s trends. This will make your company prepared on the next goal. By having a common goal, this increases the business focus and helps your company delegate tasks for each department. It can also monitor the overall company’s performance.

All departments can benefit from having a better customer relationship and maintain customers that are loyal in the future. They collect and gather all the information you need for your company. This will also promote camaraderie among departments.

On a financial perspective, it provides a better chance of your company’s profitability by having a specific targeted marketing. It boosts your customer and leads tracking by using the data that is presented.

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A winning business has teamwork and CRM Tools work together. One great way to achieve teamwork between departments is having transparency. Each team contributes to the company. Everyone knows what they’re doing and help each other out. Everyone can focus on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Having a dedicated team can help them identify any problems and resolve them quickly.

Teamwork increases accountability to every person in the company. It keeps everyone committed to the task at hand and makes sure every goal is met in a timely manner. By having teamwork, one can also create a common goal to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

It also removes the fear of conflicts between teams. Since everyone has accountability for their actions, it increases the confidence of every team that they are doing the right thing. It reduces the need to double check on everything, reducing the time wasted in error. It encourages everyone and supports each other in times of crisis.

So here are the top five reasons why you need a CRM for your business. To know more about why you need customer relationship management tools, check out Forbes article here or Hubspot’s article here.

If you’re considering CRM and all of these reasons fit in your company’s needs, you should get one. If you want to find out the top CRM Software, just go to CrowdReviews’ page on CRM.

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