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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Power Up Your Website with Local SEO

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Power Up Your Website with Local SEO

An efficient marketing technique is at the heat of every successful business. Whether you have a product to sell or a service to offer, the most important thing is customers to know about you, hence, the importance of running various marketing strategies.

One of the most cost efficient ways to promote your brand is by having a strong online presence. While developing and maintaining a website may be an investment, it has a wider reach than other marketing strategies, so you get a quicker ROI. However, in order to ensure that your site is able to catch the attention you need, it needs to be optimized; hence, SEO comes in.

SEO Defined

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique that helps make the most out of your website. Search Engine Land, an online publication on search engine topics, defines it as the process of getting traffic from organic searches. The technique enhances the site to be more visible in search engines, such as Bing and Google. So, when customers go online to search for a product or service, your site is one of the top options on the search engine result page (SERP). A more specific type of this marketing technique is Local SEO.

Econsultancy, a marketing solutions provider, defines local SEO as a technique focused on the customer and business’ current location. Simply put, while SEO makes your brand known to anybody online, local SEO enhances your site so folks in your area become aware of your business. Your site’s ranking is influenced by different elements that web crawlers or spiders use to analyze relevant sites. Search engines use different algorithms to find which of the listed websites are useful and relevant to the search launched.  Some of the elements included are the following:

1. Back Links –Backlinko, an SEO consultant firm, considers it as the most important skill needed in SEO.  Your site gets better ranking with more quality sites linking to you. These serve as recommendations to do business with you. While there are various link building methods available, care should be done to ensure success. Search engines beef up their policies to ensure that no malicious techniques are used to affect the ranking using irrelevant links.
Local SEO tips recommend to link to other businesses in a similar industry or perhaps from your local chamber of commerce. These make better links that have positive impact on your SERP rating.

2. – One of the key elements that make SEO effective is keywords. When a person goes online for example to search for birthday cakes, they would use these words to launch their query and serve as the keywords. Spiders and crawlers check all the listed websites for content relevant to what is being searched for. They identify sites that include these words in strategic locations as the results that should be recommended. However, stuffing your site with keywords will have an adverse effect;instead of improving your ranking, search engines recognize this as spamdexing and your site will not be rated or ranked.

Local SEO Experts recommend that geo-targeted terms be used on your site to enhance for local searches. With 46% of Google searches being local according to Business 2 Community, this strategy helps build your brand.Name, address and phone numbers (NAP) are elements act like keywords that work well in local search SEO.

3. Content –  To ensure that consumers are getting results they need,search engines included content as part of the algorithms in ranking a site reducing the chances of customers clicking on SERP results that waste their time.

In the past, sites manipulate ranking with keywords, links and other elements. So it was quite common to get a site recommended that did not provide what the customer was looking for. With content added as an element to get better ranking, sites are now ensuring that they have relevant and well-written content.

For any of the elements used in optimizing a site, it is important to consider the techniques used. There are white hat strategies that follow the policies of search engines to the letter but may take a while to produce results. There are also black hat strategies that produce quick results, but use dodgy practices resulting in penalties or being banned from search engines.

While SEO may seem to be easy as a DIY marketing technique, it is ideal to work with experts to get the maximum benefits and avoid non-compliance to policies.

Top 5 Reasons to Power-Up with Local SEO

Working with top local SEO companies ensure the success of your business. You can increase the value of your website by turning it a marketing tool that helps generate revenue and affect profitability. Here are 5 benefits you can enjoy by enhancing your site for local business SEO.

1. Stronger Brand – According to the Houston Chronicle’s online publication, a company’s solid reputation plays a key role in its success. Customers tend to choose to do business with companies that they recognize, or ones they are familiar with. Some brands even become synonymous with the product, like Xerox. A powerful branding means more revenue especially for local businesses.With local SEO tools,you can catch the attention of consumers in your area so that they become aware of your business. With a stronger online presence, consumers become more confident to do business with you. Most consumers prefer to buy products from stores they can identify with and ones that make them feel valued;this is what neighborhood stores and businesses are known for. So, all you need to do is make sure the customers know how and where to find you.

2. More Targeted Market Focus –Most SEO campaigns bring you the needed traffic to your website. However, since these are more generalized, traffic does not always result in profit. If you have a carpet cleaning service in Memphis, website visitors from Nashville will not bring direct revenue. So, all your effort in getting more traffic from organic results will not have an impact on your company’s profitability. There is little ROI on marketing costs used to optimize your site. With a site that’s enhanced with local SEO, you can target the audience you need. This ensures that Memphis residents and businesses will find you if they need their carpets cleaned. Your website’s impact on your business’ revenue becomes more considerable, so you can see ROI much sooner.

3. Improved Personal Connections –Working with a local SEO company can help you to have a better relationship with prospects in your area. So, even when the search doesn’t have a location included, optimizing it with local SEO will give a higher ranking on SERP.With higher rankings, your site gets more traffic from customers within your area;they get to know more about your product or service,and have access to any other information they may need about your company, such as your location. According to Business 2 Community, 71% of consumers go online to confirm a business location before visiting the physical store. The same source also cited that 78% of local searches result is a sale. With these impressive numbers, it’s easy to see enhancing your site with local SEO is a worthy investment.

4. Helps Beat Competition – A popular saying that goes, “if you’re not first, then you’re last.” This cannot be any truer in business;if a consumer goes online looking for your product or service, you want to be the first option available on the SERP. This means chances of impressing the consumer to check any other choices. According to Internet Marketing Ninjas, a marketing solutions provider, a 2010 study showed that the top SERP result gets 36% of clicks with the 2nd one getting 12.5%. With more people visiting your site first, it certainly helps you stand out from the competition.

5. Attracts More New Customers – While repeat customers generate a lot of business, it certainly will not hurt to gain new customers. With 87% of smartphone users going on a search engine at least once a day, you definitely want to be on top of the SERP. So, if you were running a bakery, by using local SEO you have a chance of winning orders from consumers who go online to search for cakes or pastries.

Whether you’re a start-up, an SMB or one with multiple locations, local SEO certainly helps improve the performance of your site. Reviews of local SEO companies show you how other business owners enjoy the benefit of this marketing type brings. Discover your options by checking the list of local SEO agencies on

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