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Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Service Management Software

Thousands of contractors struggle year after year. Their operations are not finely tuned, profits never seem to climb, and the stress level is always high. Their owners never seem to have enough time for relaxing vacations or much-needed family time. To make matters worse, many of these businesses are completely dependent on its owner’s daily involvement for its survival.  On any given day, if the owner is not on a service call, he or she is out somewhere fighting a “fire.”Service management software is key in managing a contracting business. It helps streamline business processes and increase productivity

1. Scheduling

Schedule field technicians by dragging and dropping tasks into their profile on a calendar. This type of view allows the office personnel to see who is available and avoid double bookings. This saves time by eliminating the need for back and forth calls from the field to the office and it reduces paper work.

electrical contractor service software2. Dispatching

GPS Tracking of field technicians can really benefit an electrical contracting company. This aids in scheduling because users know exactly where service technicians are in the field, what equipment they have in their vehicle, and more. This is extremely helpful for contracting companies and allows you to schedule technicians to work orders more effectively based on their location and equipment.

3. Customer Management

Manage interactions with past, current, and future customers to improve customer satisfaction and keep everyone organized. Track phone messages, appointments, notes, files, documents, email, etc and locate all records out in the field or in the office. This allows for better reporting and makes it easy for your employees to manage relationships in the field and eliminate double entry back at the office.

4. Accounting & Bookkeeping

Gone are the days when it is necessary to have a separate software program for all your accounting data. Good electrical contractor software has an enterprise level accounting system included. Why shouldn’t all of your customer, business and accounting information all be in one place? It allows you to track incoming and outgoing money by department or profit center and makes balancing your books easier.

5. Inventory Management

Inventory tracking is a huge headache if it is not done properly. Electrical contractor service software makes this system automated, therefore saving you time and eliminating headaches. Imagine equipment and parts being tracked by serial number, making searching fast and accurate. Some systems even allow users to print and scan bar codes, create multiple part numbers for the same items, setup warehouses and track inventory by vehicle. The more robust the inventory section of the software, the better.

These 5 reasons are just a few of the necessities to look for in an electrical contractor service software program. Others include, reporting, flat rate pricing, sales reporting, marketing, mobile solutions and more. Invest in a software program for your electrical contracting business that includes the criteria outlined above, all-in-one program. If you’re using multiple software solutions for different aspects of your business, look into a complete package that includes it all – you’ll be glad you did.

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