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Top 5 Challenges Faced by iPhone App Developers and How You Can Avoid Them

Top 5 Challenges Faced by iPhone App Developers and How You Can Avoid Them

Mobile applications have been changing the way we deal with our daily life for the past few years since they were introduced. There are so many apps to choose from in the market, and most of them are free of charge. Others are paid apps which offer more features than the free version, while there are also some apps that would offer charged add-ons.

Apps can serve a wide range of purposes. Some are used to access news articles like Feedly and the New York Times app. Others are used to communicate like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp. There are also apps for gaming like Minecraft, Asphalt 8: Airborne and Clash of Clans. For people who love online shopping, there are mobile apps for e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon.

Some do iPhone app development for business because they want to help business owners, to create apps that can connect them to their customers better and provide more accessible services. Most people want to find out how to do iPhone app development without hiring an expert.

iPhone App Development Introduction

Developing an app may sound a bit overwhelming for some people, especially to those who aren’t too keen on technicalities such as user interface, app design, app performance and app connectivity. To develop iOS apps, you need to get to be acquainted with the two programming codes used, namely, Swift Code and Objective-C. Swift Code is relatively new, but fortunately, there are a lot of lessons, both free and paid where you can learn about this coding language.  Between the two languages, Swift Code is recommended for iPhone app development for beginners. It’s far simpler to learn.

You will also need to learn about X-code, which is iOS and Macs Integrated Development Environment (IDE). According to LifeHacker, X-Code is the interface used to write iOS apps. There are resources you can read about iPhone app development for non-programmers, to help you make apps without using programming. However, it is still way better to have programming experience to help you resolve issues. Learning the basics can be through simple lessons and reading high-value resources. Finding where to learn iPhone app development is just a matter of typing the correct keywords in your search bars. Apart from knowing how to develop apps, you will also need to continuously learn how to avoid the top 5 challenges faced by iPhone app developers.

  1. Compatibility Issues

Knowing about the latest iPhone app development updates is quite important if you are planning to develop your own iOS apps. Keep track of the latest trends and regulations that they implement to know what sort of adjustment you will need to make with your app’s program. This is done to avoid any compatibility issues with your app and the platform. Failure to keep up with the updates can result in your apps to crash unexpectedly. When you can’t find what’s wrong with your app, you can immediately approach companies that are experts in resolving such issues. Read as many reviews to see how a particular company can help you with your compatibility issues. specially added buttons or tools that you can use to write your apps better.

Aside from compatibility issues with the latest platform update, some app developers also struggle with designing their apps to function across different Apple devices. In most cases, Apple users have more than one iOS powered gadget. Some people sign in on multiple devices, so it’s crucial to make extra sure that the app you programmed can function well regardless of the gadget’s screen resolution. To avoid having this problem, you will need to test the app across different Apple devices. Focus on the app layout, as well as its different functions. Check response time – slow apps don’t sell. See if the buttons also work.

  1. App Performance

App performance can be related to the issue about platform development. When a certain update is implemented, and your app’s programming is not fully compatible with it, the app can crash or lag. Sometimes, there are disabled features too. If this is the case, you simply need to tweak your apps code to fit the new requirement. In other cases, app performance is slow because of the structure of the app itself, slow network connection or minor program glitches. You can call experts for iPhone app development services. They can help you restructure the app if you request for it.

  1. App Store Approval

Plenty of app developers complains a lot about how long it takes sometimes for Apple app store to approve submitted apps. There is a set of requirements that you need to meet and you can read more of these in the Apple Store review guidelines handbook. These guidelines change over time, so you will need to constantly check for updates. Take note that when you submit your apps you will need to make sure that it’s ready for publishing, otherwise, you are discouraged to do so. It is also important to double check the links you placed in your apps. Once Apple’s app development team sees any broken links, you can expect total rejection for your app. They will ask you to resubmit once you attend to that glitch.

Other red flags would include incomplete information submitted in the App Review form, absent placeholder content, wrong or incomplete app description, dysfunctional User Interface, and submission of multiple similar apps. Take note that they are also quite strict when it comes to the potential of your app to get a reasonable user engagement. Apple turns down apps which serve a very small group of the population. Lack of valuable content, layout, graphics and functionality would also minimize your chances of getting your apps published. If you think you need minor tweaking with your apps codes but you don’t have any idea where to start, you are can seek expert advice from top iPhone app development services provider.

  1. App Security

In developing apps for large enterprises, there is a huge need for implementing high-security features to safeguard user data better. Apps for online shopping, for example, would need layers of security features to make sure the online payments are processed correctly. This can be complicated to setup on your own if you don’t have any background in iOS programming, so you can ask help from the experts. Before hiring a service provider, take the time to read iPhone app development company reviews. Weigh in on the apps that they help to secure. There are many pros and cons of hiring an offshore iPhone app development company, so might as well put that into consideration.

  1. Getting Used to the Developer Portal

iPhone app development for newbies doesn’t just feel scary because of the app writing itself. Developers will also need to get comfortable in using the developer portal. Different platforms have different developer’s portal. For iOS app development, you can go to the Apple Developers site. You will use this site on a regular basis, especially when you start to submit apps for publishing. Get to know the latest interface updates. There are special pages where you can learn how iPhone app development works. You will be asked to register an account by providing basic personal data. You will also be asked to link a payment method for the app writing and submission. If you are a beginner and you want to have a more in-depth training in Apple app development, you can enroll in their Developer program. Upon clicking the enrollment link you will be asked if you are enrolling as an individual or an organization. You are permitted to connect your apple ID for faster and smoother transaction when you start submitting your apps.

Now that you have learned about the top 5 challenged that iOS developers struggle with, which of these problems do you think would affect you heavily? What other challenges do you think you will struggle with? Take note that these are just a few examples. There are so many problems that iOS app developers attend to once they start writing their apps. To avoid all sorts of issues, create an app development plan before you begin. Set the goals of your apps, familiarize yourself with the coding methods, and learn about the different kinds of issues that developers often complain so you can make your app better. Focus on creating a work timetable to designate tasks effectively.

If you think you need more expert advice, feel free to contact the best companies in the industry. Check out our Reviews of iPhone app development service providers to find out if they can provide you with the assistance you need. These reviews were written by verified customers so you get access to first-hand information to help you decide better.


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