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Top 3 Benefits of Cloud Storage for Small Businesses

Top 3 Benefits of Cloud Storage for Small BusinessesCloud storage is one of the fastest-growing methods of storing data that you don’t want to lose. Though its concept has been around for years, many people are still unaware of what it requires.

If you are one of these people, you have to read this article, as it will discuss what it is, what benefits you can get, and how to buy cloud storage for your business. So without further ado, let’s begin the discussion.

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a service that manages, maintains, and backups critical data. This storage is available to users over the Internet.

Users pay for the consumption of this service, depending on the size of the memory. Though the per-gigabyte price is low, cloud storage companies have added features that make their users pay more than what they bought.

There are three types of cloud storage models, and these are public, private, and hybrid clouds. Public cloud offers a multi-tenant storage that is perfect for unstructured data. Since it has a multi-tenant storage setting, the data storage is cast throughout the continents or regions. Public cloud uses a per-use payment basis, similar to utility computing. An example of public cloud is Microsoft Azure.

Private cloud, also known as an on-premise storage, is a service that provides a dedicated setting where you can store data behind the company’s firewall. This type is perfect for those who want to take control over the information they want to store, and for those who need to customize their data.

Last, is the hybrid cloud. It’s a mixture of private cloud and third-party cloud storage services. This type provides more deployment options and business flexibility. For instance, the user can store structured data in a private cloud, and the unorganized information in the public cloud. In the past few years, more people are using this cloud model.

Despite the benefits that it gives, those who use hybrid cloud storage face business, management, and technical challenges. For instance, private workloads should have access to public cloud data storage companies; hence, having a reliable network connectivity and compatibility is a must.

An enterprise cloud storage provider must be scalable to fit the needs of the business.

Cloud storage security is still a major concern among its users. Thus, providers have included authentication and encryption into their services to give added protection to their data.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

As mentioned earlier, security is a concern among users, which is why business owners are still unsure about using this form of storage. They wonder whether or not they can rely on a network storage to give them the data that they need, and if it’s possible for foreign companies to keep their data safe and secure. The truth is, cloud-based storage companies offer services that will benefit small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.

Collaboration and Synchronization

Cloud storage enables users to sync documents between personal computers that have been connected to the same network. This function is beneficial for small businesses since they don’t need to physically transfer data from one computer to another. Moreover, it can save a lot of time from moving the documents, especially if the volume of data that needs to be transferred is high.

Furthermore, cloud providers use online portals where word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are present. This setting allows users to view and modify data using these tools. With this feature, employees can work instantaneously with each other no matter where they are.

Sharing and Protection

Despite the people’s knowledge, cloud storage is much safer and more secure than the protection that small and medium-scale businesses use. For small business owners, you need to remember that your data is prone to theft, software issues, computer failures, and fire. With cloud storage, it reduces the risks of these problems, as it provides a verbosity for each level, ranging from the machine to hard disk to the data center. Furthermore, cloud storage offers file encryption to strengthen security.

Large quantities of files, documents, and folders can occupy huge space in the memory and slow down your computer. The same thing happens if you have a large volume of messages in your email. Moreover, sharing files through emails can increase security risks. If you transfer and save files using cloud storage, you can safely copy them and share them with others without worrying about getting hacked. Hence, you can share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without raising security fears.

Online 24/7

When a small business relies on their Internet Service Provider, there’s a possibility the company would face various problems. Once the router fails to connect, you could lose big time, from downtime results, to the loss of data and services. With cloud data storage services, you don’t have to deal with such issues as they are good at keeping the last action that you did. Hence, if your service is down, or you lose your internet connection, cloud storage will automatically save critical data and store it in a secure place. Some services include cache data so you can still edit the document, even if you lose your Internet connection.

Things to Do When Getting Cloud Storage

There are many cloud storage companies that you can hire. Unfortunately, all of them claim that they provide the best service, making you feel overwhelming due to their promises and the number of options you have.

If you want to make sure that your choice is one of the best cloud storage companies, you have to do these steps.

First, you need to know why you want to get a cloud storage. Do you want to backup your files to make sure that you still have them in case your computer breaks or save the folders that you frequently modify?

If you only need a few files to sync, then you should get a cloud service that offers a free genuine account. Free accounts provide two to five gigabytes of storage data; that would be enough for personal needs. When getting a free cloud service, you need to create an account, download the app on all the devices you will use for accessing the files, then choose the files you want to sync. From that moment, you can open the folders that you synced, as long as you have an Internet connection.

However, free cloud providers involve risks since not all of them offer genuine services. To make sure that your data is safe, you have to check if it’s a valid account and not a free trial. Some companies use the word, “free” for marketing purposes. If you don’t do your research, you may end up with a free trial instead of a free service.

If you want to save large quantities of data, such as photos and videos, you will soon run out of space. In times like this, you have to decide if you need to get a cloud storage that has bigger memory. If so, you have to upgrade your data storage and look for a better price.

When you need to save large quantities of information, you should expect that you have to pay the company monthly in exchange for their data storage. When buying cloud storage, you want to hire a company that is trustworthy, offers good rates, and makes the backing up and restoring process simple since not all users of this service are experts in IT. Moreover, you need to consider the number of places where they store the backup files. Some offer backup services and store them in multiple locations. That way, you won’t lose your data, even if their servers crashed.

Lastly, you need to look for companies that provide unlimited data storage space. This service is beneficial, especially if you’re running a business, and you have much data to save.

Fortunately, the best cloud storage companies offer complete system backups with sync folder options, enabling you to upload files you want to work so you can hit two birds with one stone.

You may also read reviews of cloud storage companies. These write-ups will give you ideas of how the cloud provider works, as well as the quality of their service.

Cloud storage offers a secure way of maintaining and managing critical data. With this service, you don’t need to worry about losing the important documents you have. Moreover, you can modify and view the data, even if you’re using your smartphone, as long as you have an Internet connection, and if your router fails, the cloud provider will automatically save the changes, even if you lose access to the Internet. Hence, you’re guaranteed that your business won’t lose any data or service.

There are several websites dedicated to providing reviews of cloud storage companies. is one of them. With this site, not only are you getting a list of reliable cloud storage providers, but you are getting real reviews coming from their customers. With this website, you’ll get to choose a cloud company that fits your needs.

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