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Top 10 Websites Built Using AngularJS

Out of some 1 billion and 40 million websites that are online today, I have pulled out top 10 amazing websites built using AngularJS framework. All these websites bear a common goal: to provide real benefit to the end user and enhance the end user’s way of life.

For anybody, not familiar with Angular JS, let me give a brief introduction of it before actually slipping into the list. Angular JS is a client-side web application development framework, available as an open source license. It is fully based on JavaScript.

The ranking has been done on the basis of the website’s performance, ease-of-use, stability and reach amidst respective target audiences.


angular js website

  • Domain Authority: 96
  • Number of Facebook Fans:3, 540 and growing

The renowned website bringing global weather report on your fingertip is powered by AngularJS web development framework. It has a powerful search tool where users can enter the name or zip code of the city to find its weather report. Thus, it helps users from all strata to plan their trip and other on-field activities and stay prepared to cope with any adversity that may emerge in a better way.


Angular js web development

  • Domain Authority: 82
  • Number of Facebook Fans:  76,622 and growing

Bridging freelancers (approx. 15.7 million) with companies looking for the right match to get their task completed efficiently and affordably, this AngularJS website has become an online marketplace.

3) YouTube for PS3

Youtube built in Angularjs

  • Domain Authority: 88
  • Number of Facebook Fans:  7 and growing

The most entertaining website of the world, that is, YouTube is made available to Sony PlayStation 3 users via AngularJS. Users can search, watch, share, download and upload content from/to it without any interruption.

4) GoodFilms

an angular website

  • Domain Authority: 33
  • Facebook Fans: 24 and growing

This AngularJS website offers an inclusive entertainment solution to users. They can search and watch movies from varied sources like Netflix, iTunes, Prime, Hulu Plus, HBO Now and more, interestingly, from anywhere, anytime, using any device.


Angular website example

  • Domain Authority: 90
  • Facebook Fans: 4146

This is a must-visit website for movie and TV buffs. The website boasts to have over  81 million subscribers globally. 50% of that are from the US alone. Users can subscribe with a plan of their choice and watch movies and TV shows, anywhere, anytime on TV, desktop, laptop, tablet or phone/


Angularjs web development - upwork

  • Domain Authority: 77
  • Facebook Fans: 29,744

The website is used by over 1 million entrepreneurs to get their works done by freelancers from across the world. Businesses can hunt for skilled and experienced web developers, mobile app developers, designers, writers, virtual assistants, accountants, sales and marketing experts and more through the portal.



  • Domain Authority: 81
  • Facebook Fans: 5, 384

It should not raise eyebrows. Mobile and app developers from across the world take advantage of its learning and development resources to build quality websites and mobile apps.



  • Domain Authority: 94
  • Facebook Fans: 62, 963 and growing

The AngularJS website helps users to find royalty-free images, illustrations, videos, and music clips at unmatched prices. For easy navigation, the content materials are made available in categories, including emoji, icons, infographics, baby, family pictures, nature, animals, holiday videos, fitness videos, children videos, beauty and more.


Angularjs development

  • Domain Authority: 81
  • Facebook Fans: Data not available

Trip planning becomes easier with this AngularJS website. Users can get themselves registered with the website and manage flights, locate places, check travel information, and do much more with absolute ease using any device.


Angularjs example

  • Domain Authority: 76
  • Facebook Fans: 43, 275

A perfect destination for online shoppers. Users can find tailored outfits in categories, including women, men, kids, swim, shoes and accessories, school, etc. It has a global network to serve customers in the every nook and cranny of the world.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Hope you enjoyed reading. Want to avail yourself of Angular JS web development services? You may contact Root Info Solutions easily.

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