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Top 10 Reasons Your Site Isn’t Bringing You Clients

Joe Balestrino
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Joe Balestrino

Joe is has been helping business grow through search marketing since 2004. He is the author of the "Definitive Guide To Local Search" and is a regular contributor to dozens of online publications. Joe offers free consultations through his site.
Joe Balestrino
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I Features to Look for in an Expense Management Software 2work on law firm’s sites daily and I come across at least 3 of these issues a week. The typical law firm doesn’t rely on its site to drive leads – they rely heavily on referrals.

However, I see a pattern of firms who have been seeing a slow down on referrals. These firms then scramble to find out where to get new cases. If you rely on your site for leads or would like to, take a look at these ten tips.

  1. Customers can’t find you. You may have a website but you haven’t done anything to promote it. A website along doesn’t drive traffic it’s what you do to promote it that drives the traffic.
  2. You haven’t optimized your site. If the tags and content doesn’t match what people are searching for then you won’t be found on relevant search.
  3. You’re not advertising your business online. Paid search is a great way to drive people who are looking for your services in the areas you serve.
  4. Your site is dated. If you’re site hasn’t been updated in the last 5 – 10 years, it’s time for an update. There is an unspoken standard that visitors expect. If you’re not keeping up it could affect your image. Also new technologies in web development help keep your site up-to-date with current standards.
  5. Your site isn’t mobile friendly. If visitors can read your site easily on mobile devices you have the potential to lose a huge amount of inquires through your site. It makes your site not only hard to read, but harder for users to fill out web forms. People search more on mobile devices the desktop/laptops. If your isn’t responsive you’re excluding a huge amount of visitors.
  6. It’s hard to contact you. If your phone number and forms live only on the contact us page, you stand to lose a lot of inquiries. Anticipate that users will only see one page so be sure it’s easy for them to contact you on every page.
  7. Your site takes a long time to load. Google will demote your site in rankings if it takes too long to load. Simply because it’s a bad user experience. Check that your site loads quickly especially on mobile.
  8. You’re not doing any PR for your law firm. Win a big case? Pick up a high profile client? Someone make partner? Opened about another office? Did some pro bono work? If it’s newsworthy write a press release on it.
  9. Not sharing your expertise. Share your knowledge through articles, podcasts, interviews etc.. Get links pointing back to your site when you do.
  10. If you’re not blogging you’re missing out on driving organic traffic on “long tail” searches. When writing blog posts stick to a topic and be sure to make the content relevant to the location you service. A good example would be an injury law firm in NY writing a post on “The 5 things to do if you’re in an accident in NYC”.

These are just some of the items that you should consider looking into if you’re site isn’t producing new cases for you. This can apply to law firm marketing but it can also apply to any business.

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