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Tips for Working with a Bad Boss

Yeah, we’ve all been there. Working beneath a boss who sits too highly on his or her thrown, making sure to remind you where you stand (beneath them of course).

There are suitable ways to deal with such people and we are going to guide you on the fruitful path.

If you have a boss who is grilling you for infinitesimal particulars on every job you complete, then get strategic and plan for it. Anticipate what will be asked of you and if you want to add a little whip cream, make sure to propose a little more than what they ask of you.

Out Micromanage them!

By out micromanaging your boss you will make it impossible for them to degrade your work. “Out-micromanage her so you’re in control.”

Its important to keep in mind that when dealing with a bad boss, or any uncomfortable situation for that matter, try to manage the situation as prudently as possible.

“Alter your way of viewing the situation—you are working for yourself instead of your boss or the organization. Any skills that you learn now will help you to be a more valued person in your future endeavors. Use your present job to develop not only your skills but your coping mechanisms.”

When you learn to respond in this fashion, you will profit from the remunerations in a more all-inclusive way. This reaction will not only improve your work life, but most likely, improve your personal life as well.

Its gone Public!

So often we have a boss who decides it’s appropriate to publicize mistakes you have made. In some cases it’s the type of boss who does this to all employees, and in other cases, for some unexplained motive, its always you.

The solution: Find a way to approach the situation. Its always best to point the finger at yourself when trying to confront a challenging circumstance.

Try something along the lines of, “From what I’ve understood it seem you don’t favor my methods. I would find it helpful if you can clarify exactly what you expect, or how you want projects completed. This way I can reduce the space for errors in my work.”

We all make mistakes.

Try to find the language that suits you, try not to sound passive-aggressive, and most importantly try to be sincere. Perhaps there is something you are in fact over looking. Ask them for their advice. Most likely they will value this reaction.

Perhaps you have an impractical boss.

One who has minimal understanding of the process of a project or the accurate time needed to complete a project. Suddenly the unrealistic deadlines fall on you and your co-workers. This is stressful and demanding.

Take advantage of these opportunities and perform like a leader would. Present the project to your boss and ask them for advice on how they conceive the project can be completed within the deadline specified.

“When your boss throws a huge project in your lap with a deadline of yesterday, schedule time with him to map out all the steps. Make a GANTT chart. Or a really detailed list. Make it clear that what your boss thinks is one item is really 25.”

Don’t be afraid to take control of a situation. Recognize your position, and work within your limitations, but don’t be afraid to rise above your role every now and then. Just try to be intelligent about how you go about your implementations. Don’t lose sight of your goals and don’t be frightened to take control.

At Coggno we offer leadership training and if need be, harassment training programs on how to judiciously and properly deal with these challenges.

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