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Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Get People to Click Your Link


Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Get People to Click Your LinkIt wouldn’t matter how great your created content is if people will not click on it and read it. So after writing wonderful and interesting pieces, the next step is to get people to click on that link. How will you get people to click on that link and get clients? Easy, make your link irresistible to all viewers by making it compelling. Is there a way to do that? Of course. Marketers of old and new have mastered the art of clickable links. They have studied online behaviors and activities of users to know which techniques and strategies work the best to get your links click. Top PPC management firms know all about these tactics, it’s time to let you in on the secret. Here are some tips, tricks and hacks to get people to click your link.

Place Links Properly

There is a proper placement of links as some marketers believe. A study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group reveals that viewers actually follow an F shaped form when reading or perusing web content. The study reports that viewers will usually read from left to right when reading the top part of a web page first then top to bottom. Occasionally reading from left to right again when they see something that they have been looking for. With that in mind, you could find out which placement of your link will work best depending on the design on your landing page.

There is no one correct way to place your links, it will all depend on the landing page. But what you can do is test how a link placement does. You could put one link on top, bottom, left or right of the web page, then try to test them on viewers and check which will do the best. Some PPC management firm will have an idea on which placement works the best.

Use Long Anchor Texts

According to Street Directory, anchor text is a hyperlinked text, but instead of a web address you will just see the text colored blue and underlined. When you click on this text it will bring you to the hyperlinked address. Anchor text is among the most effective ways to optimize your keywords. This is why many marketers are using anchor text for their products. Back in the days, anchor texts were made to be as short as possible but recently it has been found out that longer anchor texts actually work better. Ask your PPC management company about the standard length of anchor texts to be used in articles or advertisements.

Don’t Use Too Many Links

There is no standard number of links per word count of an article, but using too many links can be distracting. You want your viewers to stay focused on what you are offering in your advertisement and you want them focused. You PPC management agency might have an idea on the number of links to be used per article but it is not advisable that you use too many. Too few links might not also work on your search engine optimization efforts. So just use what you think is the right number. It has already been said that while there is no right number of links per article, but SEO Hacker have concluded that most successful blog posts contain ten links, on average, per post.

Don’t Put Too Many Distractions

It is not only links that can be distracting. Pictures, videos and flashy sidebars are also considered distractions. Especially if they are not relevant to what your call to action or article is saying. If you want to appear like a high quality website to your viewer it is best to keep your reader attention on the content and not on any possible distractions.

Some PPC management services will help you with writing content and not just on searching keywords and bidding. Those services are necessary especially when you are just starting out because the marketing world can be tricky. There are many things to consider like the number of links, what images are acceptable and the likes. If you want an experienced managing company read reviews on PPC management company to help you decide which you should acquire the services of.

Deliver a Wanted Product

You can have the greatest and the top PPC management firms but it still will not guarantee that you will get a lot of clicks on your links. You could have the most interesting and compelling call to actions and yet you could still have poor conversion rates. You could follow all the rules about making a successful blog post but still you have no readers. On a side note, according to a study done by Blog Pros analyzing 100 high ranking posts, they have found out that an average article contains 1149 words and 92% of those posts have social buttons. You could do all things right but still won’t be successful. Why? Because maybe nobody wants what you are offering. If you want to successfully market something, you should have done your research of whether your demographic will like the product or not.

Stand Out

There are many ways for your fall to action to stand out. You can ask you PPC management firm about this or you can try doing the following:

  1. Adding special effects to your call to action button may attract potential clients and it one way to stand out from your competition. Sometimes it might look too showy so you also have to know when to dial back the effects.
  2. Use lots of white space around your call to action. A study by Lin of UX Study found out that using white space in the margins and in between paragraphs increases reader comprehension by 20%.
  3. Try using power words like remarkable, sensational, free, and amazing or words that you think will get your chosen demographic to click.
  4. Make call to actions that contain a time limit or a limited offer. These kinds of call to actions create a sense of urgency within the viewer and makes them feel like they have to click now or they will lose a great opportunity.
  5. Positive emotions will also help your call to action stand out. Emotions like optimism and motivation can be evoked with a small number of words.

Links Should Have a Purpose

Don’t put links that have no purpose, obviously. They will add to the distractions and will put your search engine optimization efforts into jeopardy. Make sure that when adding links to your articles or advertisements, they are there for a reason. They may be informative like sources, or they may lead to another page of your website. The important thing is that links are in place because they serve an important purpose.

Place Certain Colors

You have probably heard that interior decorators put certain colors in certain rooms. Like using yellow paint on the dining room walls because it makes people want to eat more. Or using white or light colored paints in small rooms to make them look bigger. Just like interior decoration there are also certain colors that you should use when making call to action buttons or links. If you want to get people to click your links, you have to use bold colors. Colors that are eye catching and will immediately attract the attention of your viewers. Red is a bold color but it also hurts the eyes. If you notice, most sites use the color blue because it evokes the feeling of trust in people. Know more about color psychology online and don’t forget to read reviews of PPC management firms.

Be Honest With Your Advertisements

Desperation makes people do outrageous things like lie in their advertisements. Although you might attract a lot of attention because of your wonderful advertisements, you are also more likely to lose them immediately when they find out that you can’t deliver what you promise them. There are many marketers that make a living telling lies. Just look at the commercials of fast food chains that makes their burgers look scrumptious and huge on television but actually the opposite in real life. Don’t be like them and always be honest with your advertisements. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement and if you are honest and deliver a great product, you can get the people talking about your business.

Proper Page Placement

Just like knowing where to properly place a link in a page, it is also important that you arrange your pages properly. If you want your main sales page to be always accessible, there should be a link leading to it wherever a person is on the website. PPC management is not all about links, it’s also about right placement.

For pay per click management to be successful you have to get people to click your links. You can do that by following all the tips and guides mentioned above.

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