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Tips for Selecting a Cloud File Storage Service for Your Business

Tips for Selecting a Cloud File Storage Service for Your BusinessEvery business – whether big or small – receives a lot of data. To follow the progress of your company, you need to keep a record of every information that you receive. You have to put them in the spreadsheet, type them in the document, or if you need to present a proposal to your team, create a presentation. When you’ve used all those files, you have to save them to your computer for recordkeeping and future use.

However, storing large quantities of files and folders can clog up your computer’s memory system and may result in lower performance. If you want to save all your files without compromising the speed of the machine, why don’t you use cloud storage?

This type of service is one of the widely used methods of storing files. No need to use a floppy disk or a flash drive to store some of your files to another memory and save up space. You just need to sync your computer and other devices to your cloud storage provider so you can start uploading files and modify them whatever gizmo you’re using.

There are two main types of cloud storage, and these are cloud block and cloud file storage. In this article, we will focus on the latter type. We will discuss what it is, and how to select the right cloud file storage services.

What is cloud file storage?

Cloud file storage is a service that lets you save, manage, and backup critical files via the Internet. The structure of this data storage uses a standard level of protocols, from Server Message Block to Common Internet File System to Network File System.

As mentioned earlier, cloud file and cloud block storage are the two main types of cloud storage services. They are similar to file-level and block-level network storage. The only difference is the objects they are storing. If cloud storage saves files and folders, network storage, as the name implies, stores network data.

Though there are two types of cloud storage services, cloud file storage is a more popular choice. Most cloud storage companies use a cloud file storage architecture since most of us store important documents and other files that we can use in the future.

Cloud File Storage is ideal for saving unstructured and semi-structured data. When we say unstructured data, those are the files that you can modify, even if it’s in the data storage. Examples of unstructured data are spreadsheets, texts, and presentations.

If you have saved huge files on your computer, and you want to sync them to a cloud provider, then you should choose the cloud block storage. This type lets you save large files, such as databases, videos, and pictures. With this service, you don’t have to compromise the performance of your computer.

Unfortunately, only a few companies offer cloud block storage. It’s because the network bandwidth of such services is not compatible with the database performance that we use. If you still insist on using this service, you have to make sure that you have sufficient memory to run cloud block storage. Conversely, you can upgrade your existing plan to store large data. However, you should expect that you have to pay more since you’re asking for a bigger memory.

How to Choose the Right Cloud File Storage Service

Most of the top cloud file storage services offer a free trial package with different amounts of storage space. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to this factor if you want to acquire optimal cloud service for your business.

Before making a choice, you should identify what you want to save, and what services you want to get. Getting cloud-based file storage services are the answer for your storage needs. With their service, you can backup your data and share it with your team so they can work simultaneously, even if they work in their homes.

Every company offers different services. Thus, it’s worth to take a closer look at each provider to get the right file storage service.

Know what your business needs.

Knowing what your business needs will direct you to the right cloud service. There are different types of cloud file storage solutions. Some services let you save videos, photos, and documents, while others let you store information about accounting. There are also cloud companies dedicated to customer relationship management.

When getting a cloud file storage software, you need to consider the needs of your business. For instance, if your business is more on documentation, then you should get a cloud service provider that lets you save documents. That’s the only way to get the most out of their file storage.

Size of the Cloud File Storage

Cloud file storage comes with various storage spaces. Some offer two gigabytes of data storage, while others provide five gigabytes. Still, there are companies in which you can get unlimited storage space.

When getting a cloud file storage system, you have to consider the size of the data that you want to save on the cloud storage. For instance, if you only want to store unstructured data, two to five gigabytes is enough space. With this capacity, you can save thousands of files in the cloud storage.

However, if you want to store videos, photos, and other large files, you have to choose a service that offers unlimited data storage.

Payment and Limits Options

Not all cloud users live in the same country. Some are living abroad. Thus, cloud file storage services must provide different payment options. You just have to search for their payment methods and make sure you have an account at least one of these options.

As for the limits, you need to know if they have hidden features, or they put needless limits in you while using their free services. To make sure that you don’t get such limits, you have to read their policy – or better yet – find some cloud file storage reviews. That way, you’ll know if the company has hidden agenda when it comes to their free offers.

Collaboration and File Functions

Almost all top cloud file storage services can perform regular file operations. However, with the number of cloud companies that give file storage services, you may find limits when it comes to unique file formats (for example, you can’t view a .raw file as it is not supported by the service provider.)

If you want to share the file with your teammates, you have to look for features, such as chat options and file versioning. These tools will allow you to communicate with your team and modify data simultaneously. If you just want to backup your files, look for a service that lets you sync your data. With this feature, you can view your files using different devices, as long as you have an Internet connection.

User-friendly Interface

Let’s face it! Not all cloud users are IT experts and English speakers. Thus, a reliable cloud storage company must provide features and services that will enable users to operate their data storage with ease. The features should be one click away and not anything else.

As for the language, they should provide multiple languages so they can choose the type of communication they prefer. They should also be mobile-friendly since most of us rely on our mobile phones, that we sometimes forget about using our computers when viewing data.

If the data storage service has all these features, then you should include it on your list.

Security of Data

Security is one of the major concerns among users. Since it requires storing data through the Internet, they are afraid that someone would steal their data and use it for their purposes. However, cloud file storage can be one of the safest places where you can store data since it has encryption and authentication features. Moreover, there are companies, which allow their users to backup critical data multiple times and store them in various places.

When choosing a cloud file storage provider, make sure that they have security features. Look for encryption and authentication services to ensure that your data is safe with them.

These are the things you must consider when choosing a cloud file storage provider. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll find a data storage that fits the needs of your business.

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