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Tips and Tricks for a Successful Pay Per Click Bid Management


No matter how small or big your campaign is, PPC bid management can be difficult. If you are a beginner, then, all the terms and strategies can be hard to follow. Sometimes you would just opt to hire someone to handle it all, but of course, you want to save money, so you do it yourself. And if your campaign is getting bigger, you could be handling thousands of ad groups at a time. It can be overwhelming. You might be losing a lot of money, and you don’t even know why. You entered this practice in the hopes of making some dough, but apparently, it’s hard work. So whether you are using manual bid management or a PPC bid management tool, here are some tips and tricks you can use to make your bidding successful. Your bid managers, if you have one, probably already know this, but if you want to take bidding on your own, you can use the following guides to help you be successful in this endeavor.

8 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Pay Per Click Bid Management

Choose a Strategy That Works for You

There are so many bidding strategies that top PPC bid management tools offer. Google AdWords alone offer six types of automated strategies for bidding, this includes maximize clicks, target search page location, target outranking share, target ROAS, enhanced cost per click, and target CPA. Klient Boost claims that AdWords actually have 21 bidding strategies that not a lot of people know about. Other bidding management software will, of course, have more. With so many options available, you could be confused as to which one to choose as your own bidding strategy.

The different strategies have different goals and with work with the different levels of the campaign. If you want to know what works for you, you can try all of the strategies. But admittedly, with all the available strategies it could take a lot of time. Similarly, you could just read about the strategy and their goals to see if which of those goals is in line with what you want your business to achieve. Choose anything as long as it works for you and you think you can be successful with it in the long run.

Develop the Process

Once you have chosen the strategy, you have to develop the process. Configure the options to fit all your desires and business needs. Depending on the PPC bid management software, there are a lot of options that you can configure. Options like accounts, campaigns, key words, ad groups, product groups, goals that you are planning to achieve, conversion, clicks, CPA, revenue, combination, positions, and even constraints about the bid ceiling, floor, and positions. Configure these options to fully optimize the bidding management process. There are strategies attributes that can help you tell if your keywords, ad groups, and overall campaign is working. They are as follows:

  1. Percentage Without the Clicks, Conversions, or Impressions. This can help you identify if your max bid or cost per action is too unrealistic or when your keywords are not performing well, so you can replace them with others that might work better.
  2. Max Bid Percentage. This is the number of days within a set time where keywords are reaching their most effective and maximum set of bid.
  3. Optimal Cost Percentage. This is the actual cost divided by the cost per action.
  4. Target Position Difference. This is the difference between your keyword’s target position and your actual position.

Be Informed

If you want to know if your strategy works well, you have to be informed of the test results of your links. Many beginners commit the mistake of putting their links live immediately after crafting without testing it if it is the best version. There are many things you have to test in your advertisement before you put it live. The position of the call to action in your page can make a difference in the perception of the people towards it, so it is one thing you have to check out.

After testing the different versions of your advertisements, you have to make the necessary adjustments to make sure that what you are putting out in the world is the best and most optimized one. Pay per click bidding is a lot of work, and sometimes, it can be a trial and error. Make sure to test and refine your advertisements multiple times before putting for the whole world to see. Unbounce made a case study about the best place to put a CTA.

Monitor Your Rules for Automation

The difference between manual and automated pay per click bid management is you can just set the rules for your automation and let the software do the job. The problem with this is that there are times that your settings may be too aggressive and you might be paying a lot of money unknowingly, or if your settings are not good enough, you might be missing the chance to get many viewers and you don’t even know it. Using manual bid management though needs you to be always alert and quick to think. You would have to monitor your bids regularly if you decide to do it manually. If you handle thousands of keywords per campaign, that might cause inefficiencies and neglect. It is still better to automate the process. Just don’t forget to monitor the rules you have set regularly. With regular monitoring, you can adjust settings that need modification from time to time.

Test Different Options

It was mentioned above that you should choose a strategy that will work for you. But if you want to succeed with pay per click, you have to do a lot of trial and error to find the best options and strategies for you, which means a lot of testing. Even if you found the best one that will work for your business, you shouldn’t stop testing other options. You might find something that is even better than what you are currently using. Your goal should be to at least try everything once, so you will know about all the strategies and you can safely make a decision on which strategy to stick to.

Do Some Things Manually

Using the best PPC bid management tool may not require you to do some of the things manually that’s because you have the option to automate everything. With all the keywords and impressions that you have to monitor and keep track of every day, doing those tasks manually will surely drive you crazy. Good thing you can automate those things now, but there are some things that you just have to do manually. Some bid managers tend to accept and reject bid changes manually, especially if the changes are large enough that if they fail it will lose their customers large sums of money, so they tend to pay closer attention. Those who are also on a tight budget tend to use manual bidding. Another instance when managers use manual bidding is when they see a keyword that is performing well; they can allocate more budget into that keyword and do so manually.

Stick to Your Budget

If you want to be successful at bid management, then, you have to set a budget and stick to it. With bidding, there is a tendency to overspend and that is not good for any business. There are tools that can help curb your spending. You can read reviews of PPC bid management tools to know what software has the ability to set a budget on a campaign. Many marketers are failing in pay per click because they spend more than their budget. It is easy to spend a lot of money on pay per click especially if you are desperate to get a lot of visitors to your site, but if you want to be successful, it is best to stick to a preplanned budget. You can check out reviews of PPC bid management software to know what others are saying about a certain software’s ability to manage budget.

Do Lots of Practice

According to Brain Facts, Society for Neuroscience, repetition of something can lead to improved performance. That is why the old proverb, “practice makes perfect” fits pay per click truly. If you want to succeed at pay per click bid management you have to practice at it. It is not an easy skill to master, so doing lots of practice is necessary. If you want to be making lots of money soon, then, practice on doing advertisements, testing them, and experimenting on the different automated bidding options. No one became an expert overnight, and the same can be said about pay per click bid management.

Success is a long, arduous journey. Successful people didn’t find their success in an instant. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance; maybe some tips, tricks, and guides can also help you succeed. If you have read the tips mentioned above, then, you might be on your way to a successful PPC bid management.

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