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Time Tracking : How To Organize Your Time Better

What is Timer Tracking:

Time tracking is the method of measuring total working time, you or your employees have contributed to the organization productively.

In depth, time tracking is the process of noting your every minute spent in entire day, so that you can analyse your hours and manage to spend it well; to increase your productivity.

There are many methods to track your time, and there has been a lot of research also been done in the past few decades because efficiency of each individual effects the productivity of entire organization.

Finding a right Time Tracking Software is one of the best methods to organize your entire organization’s time better. For an organization, it is advised that each individual use his or her time wisely, hence he or she is advised to use a good Time Tracking Software.

Time tracking software helps you increase your productivity, and your organizational productivity as well. Here are some of the features of a good Time Tracking Software:

Time Card:

Time card assists you from the start of the project till its end. It allows you to add tasks under the project, add timer for the specific task, and reminder for the task as well. This is a major feature to note down, because it will assist you through your whole project by giving continuous time alerts.

Running Timer:

Running timer allows you to set up a timer for your each small activity. You can decide a time you want to specify for a specific task, then after the completion of the task you can add the actual time. At the end of the process, you can differentiate the time difference. Based on the results, you can come to a conclusion that for X kind of activity, it takes Y amount of time for you.

Instant Time Feedback:

When an employee adds a task to the project, every person related to the project will get notified. They will also know the amount of time have left for the completion of a specific task, so that they can plan the consecutive task. This way all employees can schedule the complete workflow collaboratively because all people under one project will be aware of each task.

Time Reports:

In Time Reports, you will find each activity and time spent on it. You will see the tasks which took lesser time than the ideal task time, and you will also identify the tasks which took longer than your ideal task time. You can work upon your productivity based on the data. You can identify the task that are tedious and time taking for you, so that you can prioritize them at a better time slot.


  • You will know all the details to manage your personal time, so that you can improve your productivity.
  • You can identify the task which is long and tedious for you or interesting and shorter for you. Based on this, you can manage your entire day.
  • It increases the productivity of your organization, as every individual is focusing on spending the time in the right direction.
  • Your entire project workflow will be easy, and the projects will be completed on the decided deadlines.


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