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What is Ticketing Software and How Does it Work?

What is Ticketing Software and How Does it Work?

The changes in technology have affected all areas of our lives including businesses like the event management industry. Today, this industry makes use of software that can help make the various jobs easier such as the ticketing software. Because of the increase in the demand for this software, there is also an increase in the number of products available just like the ones you can see on

Since many have already experienced the benefit brought about by using the software, people already want to know how to use ticketing software. Before we look into how the software works, let us first know what a ticketing system software is.

A Closer Look on Ticketing Software and its Functions

Event organizers are the ones who will benefit the most when using ticketing software for events. Without the proper tools, it can be frustrating to oversee the registration and ticketing process. With the revolution of event technology, the old tedious tasks are now computerized using different software.

If you are still in doubt if this tool is worth investing on, we will give you some convincing advantages that it can offer.

  • Integration on event website sale and phone sale

The usual process when doing ticketing task is that the clients are first required to register to the website then the data will be transferred to a desktop registration software.  This process can be time-consuming when numerous clients are trying to get tickets. With the integrated feature of ticketing software for websites, all you need to do is to install the program to your event website and it will automatically manage all the data on your behalf.

For merchants who utilize phone sales and personal ticket sales, the ticketing software can still be used. It can make transactions faster and more cost effective without the need to be an internet expert. Through ticketing software for events, you can still use the tools you previously tapped in doing business.

When you are ready to start using ticketing software, you just need to create an internet merchant account where you need to coordinate with your bank so you can make an arrangement on the different payment options. The second step is to make the event. In this step, you need to enter information like ticket prices and other details of the event. The last step is the actual selling of the tickets online.

  • Fast access to funds

The inability to access funds right away can discourage some people from using ticketing software. This is because some systems can take days and even weeks before you can get hold of the payments. If you want fast access to clients’ payments, make sure that you choose a tool that offers direct integration to your chosen payment gateway. With direct integration feature, payments will be deposited to your account each night.

The availability of funds will guarantee that you’ll have money to pay for the overhead costs and other necessary expenses.

  • Efficient customer database management

According to a research done by SuperOffice, there are several reasons why businesses lose customers. About 66% of customers are lost because of bad experience with the company. Many of them feel that they are neglected; hence, they opt to go to other establishments. A further decline of customers can be prevented with effective customer relation management (CRM).

One of the most valuable assets of your business is customer database and this information can be used to have an excellent CRM. The database can be collected with the use of the event ticketing software. Every time a client purchases a ticket, their information like name, email address, phone number and billing address, is automatically stored in the systems.

Duplication of records does not happen when using ticketing software because when customers use a different email address, you will have the option to merge this information into the system.

Tasks you can do in CRM with the use of ticketing software include the import, edit, search and export of data. Now, you don’t have to worry about losing customer information because all these functions can be done on one platform.

  • Availability of seat reservation

Seat reservation availability is beneficial for both you and your clients. As the seller, you will have the option to price the seat in relation to the location as well as the date and time of performance. This feature prevents errors like double-sold seats as well as stampede problems.

With seat reservation option, you and your client get to access seating charts. This will allow your client to picture out where they will be seated in relation to the stage.

This software feature is just an add-on which means that this will require additional cost but with the added benefit you can get, it’s worth investing on. If you want to create a personalized experience for your client then this feature is a must.

  • Orderly entrance management and added security

Barcode scanner and print-at-home tickets make an organized entrance and guaranteed security possible. This is another useful feature of the ticketing software.

Whenever someone purchases a ticket, they will receive an email containing a barcode. The barcode will help recognize the customer and the order linked to the purchase of the ticket.  Upon admission, the barcode on the ticket will be scanned to verify its validity.

Fraudulent activities are a common problem in some establishments. The use of barcode provides security and completely eliminates ticket duplication.

Print-at-home ticket option is a very convenient method for any customer. The client can automatically print the ticket after purchase. Included in the ticket is a PDF form which you can also print advertisements on. The PDF tickets can be disabled depending on your preference.

  • Increased sales through marketing and advertising

To help with the marketing and advertising, the ticketing software enables the integration of emails, Facebook, and other third party services. When your customer purchases a ticket, their information is sent to your mailing list and customer database will be updated. Using the list, you can easily search by events, genres, and purchase history and customer satisfaction.

Since about 900 million people are using Facebook, this is a good place where you can sell your tickets. This has the ability for full platform integration which means you don’t have to constantly monitor your sales here. With the use of a single software, all the other current software including Facebook can be integrated in the ticketing tool.

If you want to gain insights into your customer’s behavior, then the google analytics combination can be very useful to you. Aside from customer behavior, it can also provide information on purchasing habits and suggests ways to improve purchased sales.

When all these features are used to its full potential, you can greatly improve the overall performance of your business. You can expect high customer satisfaction rating and increased revenue production.

Ticketing Software Important Selection Criteria

There are numerous ticketing software available today and this makes it hard to choose one for your business. Basing your judgment on the features and price alone is not enough. There are other things that need to be considered.

Before you buy that software, ask yourself these questions first:

  • How much are you willing to pay for the hardware and site connectivity?

Before jumping into buying software, allotting a budget is very important. You must look into your budget and set a certain amount for the purchase.  Having a certain cost in mind can already help you narrow the options.

Another thing you need to consider is the cost of the devices and the connectivity needed for checking tickets on site. This can sometimes cost you a lot so make sure that you are not tied to one system.

  • Is it easy to set-up the registration for the event?

Any vendor you talk to would tell you that their software is very simple to install and registration is easy. But, there are different approaches on how various software can be installed. When an event has a complex set-up, it can also affect how the registration will be.

  • Is registration hassle-free for clients?

People who want to buy the ticket would have to register first. When your registration is confusing and requires repetitive information, it can affect the client negatively. This is why it is vital that the registration process is hassle-free and can smoothly be processed.

  • Can the software be integrated with your current CRM?

If you are currently using a CRM system, you must check it can be integrated into the ticketing software. If not, try looking for other software to make the transmission process faster and less arduous.

  • Is the business model suitable for you?

The business model for ticketing software has different strategies. Aside from the cost of the tool, there are some who would require percentage per ticket sale turnover. There are also vendors who charge a set-up fee and for payment processing.

With these selection criteria, picking ticketing software is less taxing. Just make sure that you don’t get swayed by what the vendors tell you. Always check-out reputable products like those found in Here you’ll see the top ticketing software today.

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