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The Top Car Rental Software and How to Choose the Ideal One

The Top Car Rental Software and How to Choose the Ideal One

In running and managing a business, you always have a room for improvement. This can sometimes mean embracing technology to help in doing your work more efficiently and in achieving your goals.

In a car rental business, it is always helpful to have a car rental software that can take car reservations, track your vehicles and monitor rate management for you. This will help you manage and organize your rental business as effectively as you can while also saving your time, effort and expenses.

However, choosing among the many car rental systems in the market is not easy if you don’t know what you have to look for. This article will you choose the ideal one for you and your business. It will cover all the essential features you have to look for in a rental system and the top software systems from various customers and software users.

Top Car Rental Software System

There is already a long list of car rental software systems available in the market. Sometimes, purchasing the best one can be a little tricky. To help in choosing the ideal one for you, here are some of the top car rental software programs picked by many software users:

  1. Easy Rent Pro

Easy Rent Pro is a low-cost car rental software that can be available through different languages. This includes English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Having this feature in a car rental software will help you widen your range of audiences and help you cater to various people from different countries.

With the Easy Rent Pro, you can get a single location rental system that can manage an unlimited number of vehicles. It also features fleet utilization, quick look-up, and rate management, data back-up and restoration with a customizable rental booking form. Easy Rent Pro also features QuickBooks integration to avoid you from doing any manual input.

Customization is also possible with Easy Rent Pro for a reasonable prize. You can choose to upgrade to a cloud rental software that is an online Web-based system that can manage a multi-location car rental business. This can be accessed and it can give you real-time data wherever you are, through various devices with the use of the internet. You can also choose their online reservation system that provides a business website where your customers can visit through their computers or mobile devices.

Easy Rent Pro reviews will help you determine if this is the car rental software that is best for your business through user and customer’s reviews.

  1. ScheduleBull

ScheduleBull is a web-based universal scheduling software. It can be your go-to for any type of reservation software system. It ranges from hotel and hostel reservation software, vet clinic software, and car rental software system. This is a one-stop software solution where you can manage your reservations from room and bed to your car schedules. As a cloud software, you can use ScheduleBull on your laptop, tablet or on any mobile devices.

The ScheduleBull rent management software serves as a service application system with client database, car database, room database, automatic reporting, contact generation, website management, bill and estimate printouts, and email marketing. ScheduleBull features from simply planning and organizing the time and reservations of your clients, creating contracts, making invoices to generating and checking your reports.

More than that, ScheduleBull can provide your website API integrations to expand your features and to implement logic. These integrations include mobile support to optimize your business access through a wider range of devices, and multiple language integrations. Having your website in multiple languages will help you gain a wider area of audience and clients.

Also, ScheduleBull has HTML5 and JavaScript technologies which allow synchronization of data on your screens done instantly. Its SSL certificate ensures the safety and security of all your data from being intercepted. Aside from ScheduleBull’s email hosting with an integrated e-mail browser, it has also payment features that allow for FirstData and Paypal payment forms. Moreover, ScheduleBull can be integrated with a customer management software or CMS.

You can read ScheduleBull reviews for more ideas and software information.

  1. Bluebird Auto Rental System

The Bluebird auto rental system can provide you all the tools, features, and functions you need to effectively run all aspects in your car rental business and service. These include easily generating laser rental forms, rate management, fleet tracking, vehicle maintenance, and accounting interfaces.

Bluebird can be an easy car rental software to give to your customers where they can access anytime and anywhere. This is possible because Bluebird system also works as a mobile app that they can download. This will also allow you to take car reservations through the internet, which makes your business available 24 hours every day, and 7 days every week. Also, Bluebird can give you a variety of payment options because it also features a credit card processing.

With Bluebird auto rental system, you can also get an excellent customer support according to Bluebird reviews. They have a standard support plan to help you get your way through maximizing the use of the software program. They also have periodic upgrades which you can get for free and with no additional cost.

Ideal Car Rental Software: Things to Looks For

In looking for a certain software system, you want to make sure you get the best product available in the market. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one, but the software program that fits your needs. It should also have all the functions and features you need to improve your business system.

  1. Varied Payment Options. In choosing a car rental software, you might want to consider a system that has the ability to receive payments from various payment options. This includes online payment options such as Paypal to allow your customers to pay for your services whichever is more convenient to them. You might also want a software program that can accept credit card information as another mode of payment.
  2. Multiple Language Support. Having a reservation software system, it can always be helpful to have the kind of system that can support multiple languages. Since you are mostly dealing with tourists, this feature will give you an advantage and flexibility to cater to various people from all over the world. This will broaden your audience and improve your unexplored markets, thus giving more exposure for your business.
  3. Ease of Access. An ideal car rental software should be easy to learn, to navigate and to train your employees with. It should allow you to improve your content management where you can easily change the content of your pages and website and create both internal and external links even without any HTML experience.
  4. Pick-up and Drop-off Options. To offer your customers a better service, you might want to consider a car rental software with a feature that has options for pick-up and drop-off locations. You can also group these locations by various geographical regions where your customers can choose from. This will serve as additional information on their reservation process.
  5. Vehicle Grouping. This feature of a car rental software will help you organize all your available vehicles by different groups. This will allow your customers to choose what kind of vehicle they want. Also, you can add a certain vehicle into several groups if you want to.
  6. Blackout Management. The best car rental software should not only let you take the customer’s reservations but also should allow you to manage blackouts to prevent any further reservations from being unavailable. This feature will help you display the end dates of the blackouts for each unavailable vehicle where customers can check. This will also help them change vehicles, reservation dates or both.
  7. Multiple Rates Generation. To efficiently manage your business, you want a software that can help you lighten your workload and this includes having a system that can automatically compute rates. This will also make it easier for your customers when they can quickly view payment calculations. You can also choose a system that can carry multiple rate calculations depending on locations, vehicle, or seasons.
  8. Contract Generation. Going paperless in managing your business can be easy if you have a car rental software that can also help you easily generate contracts or rental agreements. You don’t have to physically store those pre-filled forms when using this software system. It will let you print your documents right from your computer whenever you need to.
  9. Reports and Analysis. A car rental software should be helpful for all your clients as well as to your business. Managing a business is not easy, but if you have a software system that can automatically generate your business reports, your work becomes easier. This will allow you to print rent reports including pending, confirmed, canceled or voided reservations, open and closed contracts, rates and sales reports and payments received.

From the long list of available car rental software in the market, choosing the best one for you and your business can be made easier if you know exactly what you are looking for. This includes the features and functions you need in this software and the budget you have.

Learn more about car rental software and the benefits it can give your business by reading through To help you choose a car rental software program, we have best car rental software reviews from customers and users.

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