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The Latest Trends in the iPhone App Development

The iPhone is the most popular brand of mobile device. Since Apple launched it nearly a decade ago, many people want to get this phone. There are several reasons for this. For one, it’s an all-in-one gadget. You can do many things with this phone. You can surf the Internet, play music and games, check your email, and so on. Hence, you don’t need to buy numerous gadgets for you can do these things with your phone.

The Latest Trends in the iPhone App Development

Another reason is the features. It’s the pioneer of smartphones. It’s the first mobile phone that captures pictures and records videos in high definition. Hence, you don’t need to buy expensive cameras to take a photo or video of your precious memories. Other than that, you can play any game using this phone. You just have to download the app and start playing.

As of today, the mobile industry keeps evolving. Many trends are emerging. There are now waterproof smartphones so you can take photos while swimming. There are also smartphone watches. It’s a phone and a wristwatch in one. You just have to connect the gadget to your mobile phone so you can get messages and calls on your watch.

However, these are just some of the latest innovations in the smartphone industry. This article will discuss other trends in the iPhone software development. But first, you need to know how an iPhone application development company creates mobile apps. So without further ado, let’s begin the discussion.

Things You Need to Know About the iPhone App Development

We all know that the iPhone won’t be as popular as it is today if it wasn’t for the iOS applications. These programs make the handheld device more user-friendly. Without them, smartphones would never appear.

However, developing an app for iPhone devices is not an easy task. You need to be an expert in creating software. In other words, you need to go through some training before you can make a mobile app. As an entrepreneur, you know how precious time is. You can’t get back all the time you wasted from training.

Fortunately, there’s a way to develop a mobile app suited to your business. You just need to hire an iOS app development company. These establishments will create the application for you.

However, they can’t start making the mobile app without your help. Developers need your insights to give them ideas of how they will make the app. Nonetheless, it’s their role to meet your standards and to exceed your expectations.

Creating an iOS app is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it will take several months to finish the app. It takes even longer if only one person develops it. Thus, you need to hire an iPhone app development company to make things easier and faster.

Developing a mobile app involves coding. It’s to ensure that the application runs smoothly on the operating system of the phone. When creating codes for the app, you need to use a device where you intended to run it. It will ensure that the program will run smoothly on that gadget.

However, there are apps, which work on both iOS and Android devices. If you want to target iPhone and Android users, then you need to redevelop the program. Use the original code that you’ve created. Rewrite it on the other device to make it applicable to both phones.

When they’ve finished developing the app, they need to submit it to Apple and wait for their approval. They will do some random tests to the app to ensure that it meets their standards. If your application has a log-in feature, the creator needs to submit a demo version. That way, they can test the app without creating an account.

If it passes their criteria, Apple will launch it in the App Store. If it doesn’t, they will return the app to the developer. The creators need to improve the application until it passes Apple’s standards.

7 Trends in the iPhone Application Development

To get high-quality iOS apps, you must hire the best iPhone application development companies. These establishments do not only create quality mobile applications. They also know the latest trends in the iPhone application development.

There are seven latest trends in developing iPhone apps. Listed below are the newest innovations in the mobile marketplace.

1 – Swift Coding

As mentioned earlier, codes are essential in developing iPhone apps. It enables the application to run smoothly on any iOS device. But last year, the process of coding has become simpler and easier, thanks to Swift Coding. This latest innovation has more developer-friendly features than other methods. Meaning, iPhone app developers can create high-quality applications in an easier way.

But what makes Swift Coding better than other methods is its flexibility. This trend helps the development service to create an iPhone application, which is also working on tvOS and WatchOS. In other words, it integrates all Apple devices and makes them as one unit.

2 – iBeacon

Mobile marketing businesses want to track the users of their application. They want to know how often they interact with the app. Good thing there is iBeacon. It serves as a geo-locator of the mobile application. It helps mobile marketers to create a campaign suited to those who live in a particular area. With this innovation, you can make a more efficient mobile marketing strategy.

3 – Security

E-commerce is now switching to mobile-commerce. Its purpose is the same as the e-commerce website. The only difference is the device you’re using.

As of today, the m-commerce industry is expanding. More and more businesses develop apps where buyers can purchase items using their phones. Despite the convenience, many people are still hesitant to switch gear. It’s because they feel like such apps can’t provide the protection that they need.

Well, they don’t need to worry about it anymore. The latest iOS apps have improved security features to protect the information of its customers. That way, users can feel safer as they shop using the app.

4 – iOT and Wearables

Last April, Apple launched the Apple Watch 2. It was said to be the most successful device of 2016. It’s more than just a wristwatch. It’s also a smartphone. When you connect it to the iPhone, the watch will receive calls and messages. Hence, you don’t need to get your phone from your bag. You just need to check the watch to see who called or messaged you.

However, it causes disruption to iPhone development companies. They need to remodel their apps, so they can also run on WatchOS. Because of these changes, many developers are improving their applications. According to, the number of iOT apps will triple this year.

5 – Free Apps

E-commerce apps are the ones you can enjoy for free. Once you downloaded them on the iPhone, you can start purchasing products anytime you want. However, there are applications, which you can’t fully enjoy for free. One of them is gaming apps.

According to, mobile gaming apps are the most downloaded application category. Thus, app developers take this opportunity to make a profit from their programs. However, as the years went by, gaming apps have also become available for free.

So the question is, where do they get profits if the apps are for free? The answer is advertising. Through marketing, more people will know about the app. Consequently, the company will get more revenues.

6 – Integrated Cloud

Cloud service isn’t just a mere storage platform. It also allows users to open data in whatever device they’re using. Nowadays, iPhone apps are cloud-integrated. This latest trend enables users to take advantage of the application whatever device they’re using. They just need to download the app on their devices and start using it.

7 – Emphasis on M-Commerce

As mentioned earlier, mobile commerce is expanding. It gradually swallows up the e-commerce industry. For this reason, many businesses are looking for iPhone application developers. They want to create an app where buyers can make orders without going to their website. All they need to do is open the program and look for the items that they want to buy.

This innovation does not only benefit the users and the business owners. App developers are enjoying the perks too. They just need to advertise their service or post their portfolios on forums and other sites. All they need to do is to wait for a client to hire them.

These are just some of the latest trends in the mobile market. Make sure you incorporate them with your apps to get higher revenues and sales. However, you need to hire a reliable company that develops iOS apps.

To know the reputation of the firm; you need to read reviews of iPhone application development companies. These articles will tell you what you need to know about the business. You just need to search for the company to get some reviews.

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