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The Benefits of Recruiting Software for Staffing Agencies

The Benefits of Recruiting Software for Staffing Agencies

A staffing agency can be a lucrative business. That is if it is done right. With a lot of companies constantly looking for talent, your service can certainly be invaluable. With the right tools like recruiting software, you can enhance your services to win more clients.

Why Businesses Use Staffing Services

While in-house recruiting is favored by most businesses, companies recognize that staffing agencies can produce better results for filling in crucial positions. Here are the top 5 reasons you may want to consider using staffing agencies for finding the right talent for your business.

  1. Skilled Recruiters – Recruiters who work at staffing agencies are tasked to focus on the most crucial part of recruitment which is to source the best talents. Unlike traditional recruiting done in-house, personnel don’t have other tasks that require their attention. Because of this, they are able to spend time on sourcing candidates that have the skills and characteristics that are required by companies looking for talent. Recruiters at staffing agencies are able to raise the bar when it comes to getting quality candidates because they have better skills at identifying applicants at pre screening and initial interviews.
  1. Extensive Sourcing Options – Staffing agencies hire recruiters who have access to sourcing options that may not be available to in house recruiters. This is due to their constant contact with job seekers and from their experience working in the same capacity with other companies. And because of this extensive sourcing option which is beyond regular job boards and websites, there’s more chance of finding the right talent.

These recruiters are also able to source talent from passive candidates. These are individuals who are still employed and not actively looking for a new job. However, they may be encouraged and persuaded to move companies with the right incentives such as better locations and compensation packages.

  1. Industry Specialist Recruiters – Recruiters working at third party companies often have the expertise in identifying the right fit. They understand the real job needs that go beyond what is written on the CV’s. They do effective pre-screening interviews that identify which of the applicants with the matching skills will be able to efficiently do the job.
  1. More Efficient Hiring – By sourcing recruitment processes to third party agencies, companies are able to save on both resources and budget. Running an in-house recruiting campaign means allotting manpower and money to getting it done. But by entrusting these to a staffing agency, the only cost the company should budget for is the agency’s fee. While there are costs in both options, the latter produces better results which make it a better investment.

Recruiters who work with staffing agencies use a consultative technique so candidates take the job for all the right reasons. They are able to discuss the long term benefits of a career change to passive applicants. So candidates are fully aware of the situation before they make any decisions. This results in the candidate being able to fully adjust in the new company.

While recruiting companies do have an advantage over in-house HR companies, optimizing processes can take it a step further. This is where recruiting tools can be a huge help.

Recruiting Software Defined

Staffing agencies specialize in providing quality candidates to companies who have positions to fill. This service can be enhanced with online recruitment software. And the next obvious question of course is what is recruiting software?

The software is a tool that offers various features that help make the recruitment process a lot more efficient. It helps organize data and keep track of recruiting campaigns and application progress. With the optimization, staffing agencies such as yours will be able to provide better service.

The best recruitment software offer quite a few features, below are the ones that come in handy for your type of operations,

  1. Reporting and Analytics – Recruiting firms deal with a lot of data which can only be useful if these are efficiently analyzed. Recruitment software for staffing companies comes with this feature to ensure that the data can be put to good use. It helps you take inventory of your company’s strengths and weaknesses so you can take measures for improvement.

With your data evaluated and analyzed you are also always on top of the quality of your candidate pool which means you will be able to respond faster to client needs.

  1. Compatibility With Different Platforms – Sourcing and matching candidates with client needs is a dynamic business. And it is one that doesn’t end once you and your team clock out for the day. Some recruitment management software allows users to be able to use it on different platforms such as mobile. This means they have access to updates, account progress and other necessary details to be able to deliver quality service. This is why most modern managers involved in recruiting find the tool invaluable.
  1. Back Office Functions – Working as an outsourced recruiting solutions provider can be a profitable business. However in order for it to work, you’ll need to be able to communicate with your clients. This includes providing them with updates on the progress of the recruitment and sending accurate invoices for your service. Recruiting agency software offer features that help you get these admin tasks done without affecting taking too much time away from your recruiting activities.
  1. Applicant Tracking – The life force of a recruiting firm is the talent that it sources to match with what clients need. This is why it is essential for you to be able to stay on top of your pool at all times. Not having an efficient process may result in some candidates getting lost because of inaccurate scheduling and lack of communication. This feature allows you to have a visual on all of your candidates and where they are on the application process.

Benefits of Recruiting Software for Staffing Agencies

In order to be profitable, recruiting agencies need to have a streamlined process to help them deliver talent to the companies who need it. Below are some of the challenges that staffing agencies experience and how the right tools can provide the needed solutions.

  1. Applicant Dishonesty – One of your responsibilities in getting talent for a company is to check whether the candidates are providing accurate information on their CV’s. Some candidates tend to enhance the CV they submit during their application to increase their chances of landing the job. Recruiting software can help you weed dishonest applicants out.

The tool keeps the details stored in a database where it is easily accessible. The program can search the database for the requirements of the posted job and provide the relevant results. This is done much quicker than you or team manually assessing the CV’s on file. This means you and your team spend less time browsing through the CV’s so you can focus on validating if all details are true or accurate. You can then ensure that you deliver only the best candidates to your clients.

  1. Slow Hiring Process – The business world is one that operates at a very fast pace. Sourcing and processing candidates need to be handled at the same pace. If you and your team take too long in processing applicants that you source then chances are they might lose interest or land another job. This is why it’s essential that the application process is fast and efficient. If the time between interviews and results are too far apart then you might not have a candidate to hire by the time you get in touch with them. The recruiting management tool allows you to schedule interviews and communicate with applicants in a timely manner so you don’t lose any of the talents during the entire process.
  1. Not Enough Staff – To be able to deliver the results that your clients need and expect, you need a full team to do the outsourcing, pre assessment, and other necessary tasks to find the talent for your clients. However, additional people mean larger costs that can have an impact on your profitability. By utilizing a tool designed to optimize recruiting processes, you will be able to deliver with less staff. With free software available online, and ones available for purchase offering free trials, you can test out tools without needing to make a big investment.
  1. Outdated Hiring Strategies – Competition among staffing agencies are fierce nowadays. There will always be other companies working to attract candidates to their pool. Whether you’re working with job seekers or passive candidates, the key is to be able to get them interested in the jobs you have to offer. Working with outdated hiring strategies will certainly not work to your advantage. Upgrading to online recruiting management tools will help you reach candidates more efficiently.

 Reviews of recruitment software show that the staffing agencies that use the tool have been able to enjoy numerous benefits to their businesses. It increases their productivity, improves their output and enhances their recruiting processes. You too can enjoy these benefits by optimizing your process with online recruiting tools. Visit and view their list of reputable recruiting software providers that you can choose from to start improving your business today.

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