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How Technology Impacts Learning Today

Over time, technology has transformed the methods of how things are done in our daily lives. This includes our lifestyle, our systems, and our learning. The impact of technology in modern learning has been debated by educators in that not all would agree that there is a significant change in the process. In reality, however, no matter how other scholars disagree, technology has dramatically influenced our way of living and our way of learning at the same time. Here’s how.

Wider Access to Information

In the olden times, information is limited to books,and education was accessible only to those who can afford it. Today, however, learning opportunities are very extensive and several institutions offer online training courses for students all over the world. Information is obtainable real time and we do not have to travel far and wide to be able to share and have access to it. Education is no longer limited to the traditional platform we all have gotten used to. Learning is now extended to all and has crossed the borders with the help of technology.

Faster Assessment

Institutions understand the importance of technology and are now inclined to make use of online assessments. Students no longer have to run to the nearest learning center to assess their knowledge base. Online training courses are making use of this method to evaluate their students. And even if you want to obtain your learning from traditional universities, you can just go online and take the assessments from their websites to evaluate your qualification. This is widely received because of its cost savings factors. The results are known to objective and reliable since there is no human intervention involved.

The Use of E-Books

Libraries and books are no longer confined to the physical ones. Online libraries and e-books make it easier and more convenient for users to look for a particular volume without going to the actual book store. Plus, e-books never run out of stock and you can have a library of your own without having to build one.

More Open Communication

Learning is no longer restricted to the traditional classroom setup. This provides opportunity for more open communication with learners from across the globe. With that, people are allowed to study the same course regardless of location without having to travel throughout the world. For example, learners from Asia can have the same module for learning management system as learners from Europe. They can share the same platform and collaborate with each other easily. And if you need to ask an author or a publisher about a certain topic, you don’t have to send a snail mail and wait for weeks before your letter reaches the destination only to be sent to an incorrect address. You can easily share your experiences and insights via blogs or even videos. The classroom walls no longer limit your communication and collaboration with others because technology has no barriers. Therefore, it is important that you do not limit your learning to traditional methods as well.

Modification of Roles

Back in the day, only teachers are allowed to “teach” and students only act as the audience. However, technology has allowed an unconventional learning system where the learner’s role changed from being the audience to being the presenter. This enables a more liberal process where the learner will have to take more responsibility in learning with the use of technology and the teacher’s role will then be to guide the direction of the learning. This is true to majority of online training courses where there is no conventional teacher but wisdom is both absorbed and imparted.

Meeting Special Needs

Majority of students with special needs are not responsive to traditional classroom learning. However, there are many mobile applications that are designed to meet their needs. Parents can look for an online training platform that will suit the need of his child that will help maximize the child’s full potential. This advantage of technology bridges the gap of regular and differently-abled learners, eliminating needless discrimination.

Use of Multimedia

Technology has enabled trainers to create instructional materials more conveniently. Multimedia aids allow us to make use of videos and animations, paving way to a more fun and engaging method of learning.

More Accessible Training

Online training have significantly contributed to the enhancement of skills for everyone willing to take on the challenge regardless of status, role, and industry. For example, students and professionals can attend the same leadership and management training and learn the same set of skills at the same time. Or, the professionals who are attending for refresher purposes can mentor the students in that same training, thereby providing value-added knowledge to the industry’s future leaders.

Kathy Amato

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