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How To Tackle Shared Leadership

For any organization to survive and succeed in today’s dynamic market, it needs the best of all resources available. Shared leadership is an innovative way of pooling in collective brainpower by bringing in two or more dynamic leaders to manage an organization. There have been times when collaboration between leaders haven’t worked out well for the leaders as well as the company. But there are couple of things you can keep in mind to avoid any conflict with your co-leader. Make a shared leadership position work in your company’s favour by taking care of the following steps.

  • Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

You can’t choose the person you share the leadership role with. But you can choose the person you want to be. Consciously assessing the qualities you have against the qualities that would help the company sustain will definitely help you in a long run. Work on your leadership, emotional quotient, decisiveness, accountability, and empathy skills to be an integral part of the team. When you are comfortable in your own skin, you reduce the chances of letting negative emotions affect your work.

  • Build Trust Between The Two Of You

Trust is often the glue that holds a team together. Sharing knowledge and skills about the market will not only boost the company’s business but also benefit your personal growth. Holding back on the knowledge or information will only reduce the overall efficiency involved in the operations of the company and sabotage its stake in the business. Respecting each other’s opinions and decisions will help you make headways in business.

  • Work As A Team

No matter how creative or smart you are as a leader, it is sometimes difficult to upgrade a company’s future singlehandedly. When you collaborate with another able leader, you will be able to pool in the best of the resources available in a company and get the best out of the union, doubling the chances of leading a company to success.

  • Listen More, React Less

Though voicing your opinion is a necessary call-to-action when you have to make a point, most often listening to someone who has more experience leads to greater insights. Be open to accepting the opinions of the other leader, without feeling threatened. Your sole focus should be the growth of the business than your own personal growth.

  • Divide Responsibilities And Roles

Power struggles and lack of cooperation will often lead to a loss in productivity. Play to each other’s strengths and overcome weaknesses to make way for a highly effective team. If your co-leader is adept at operations, let him make the core decisions that would aid the company. You could head other departments that require the skill sets you possess.

  • Be Open In Your Communication

Being able to clearly and concisely describe what work needs to be done is extremely important. Nurturing a healthy line of communication between you and your co-leader will help in clearing any misunderstanding that would otherwise prevail in a stressful work environment. It is vital that you create a symbiotic relationship with your co-leader as this will inspire your employees to work harder for the company’s well being.

  • Share The Same Commitment

You need to come together as a unit that shares the same vision and dreams for the same goal. Foster a sustainable future for your company by building a common understanding of the project, goals, and the ideals that the company stands for. Work through any differences you might come across and collectively come up with solutions to overcome problems.

  • Make Use Of Diversity In Effectively Solving Issues

Make the diversity in each other’s role and skills work for you. Take advantage of your varying skill set to tackle problems or create innovative concepts. Diversity helps you consider larger perspectives and possibilities that would otherwise remain unnoticed.



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