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From Studio Floors To Public Spaces: The Rise of Video Live streaming

One minute video = 1.8 Million words. ~ Dr. James McQuivey

Live streaming = Timeless we say.

In 2016, online marketers spent about $5.4 Billion creating, curating and spreading videos as viral topics. In 2017 brace yourself for the next evolution in video marketing. The era of live video streaming.

What is live streaming and why is it so hyped in this mobile age?

Live streaming is the practice of broadcasting realtime videos to an audience over the Internet. Although live streaming has been around for ages, it is only in the recent years, with better Internet accessibility, higher bandwidth speeds, HD video playback in mobiles, etc. that it has become so popular.

Literally any user with a smartphone and Internet connectivity can now broadcast themselves to the world.

Marketers, mobile apps and social networking websites have been pushing the pedal on live streaming investments. It helps them cut through the cluttered newsfeed of a social networking or video sharing website. It also cuts through various levels of users such as Business-to-Consumer, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Enterprise.

Use of live streaming in branding has leapfrogged by at least 4 times in the past gives years. It is evident from the interest that tech giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. have shown in providing live streaming as a feature in their web and mobile apps.


Video Timeline


A recent study report from Trusted Media Brands Survey also states that brands are going to invest in live streaming advertising heavily in the coming years, or as soon as next 6 months.

From scheduled to on-demand and leapfrogging to live streaming

The trend of on demand video streaming ate into market pie of scheduled broadcasts. Live streaming is all set to usurp the throne that on-demand video streaming has come to enjoy in the recent years.

Low-quality programs, out of focus advertising, poor quality of videos all may slow down the growth of broadcasts and add fuel to the growth of live video streaming.

The business perspective of live video streaming

Live streaming renders massive business benefits to all kinds of enterprises. Here are some benefits that can be taken from live video streaming.

  • Creates a connect with customers
  • Establishes brand identity
  • Lures news leads
  • Creates a social presence and following
  • Real-time delivery
  • Boundaryless reach
  • Measurable reach

What next? How to create a video streaming website?

Apptha, the world’s single largest hub for eCommerce plugins and extensions can help you build video streaming website that can turn the growing trend of live video streaming into a profitable business.

Apptha HD Video Share

Apptha HD Video Share is a readymade script with tons of features that will help you stream live videos in high-definition clarity, in any format to any screen. Its monetization opportunities make it a perfect option to start video streaming website at par in performance like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion. What more, you can also import videos from YouTube or other video sharing websites to generate hordes of traffic.

Other features of Apptha’s HD Video Share are:

  • Free & Premium themes
  • User ratings & reviews
  • HTML 5 enabled HD video playback
  • Brand your video content with logo watermarks
  • Multi-lingual compatibility
  • Mobile responsive template
  • RTL support
  • Social sharing buttons

Apptha’s HD Video Share script has already been used to create more than 5,000+ websites that stream a wide variety of video content.

Looking for an awesome template to create video sharing website with live streaming, monetization and HD playback?

Go live. Earn tons. Get popular.

Get Apptha HD Video Share Now!

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