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Struggling With A Slow Team? Here’s How You Can Speed Them Up

The best way to accomplish any task is with a team of focused individuals who work well together. If you are faced with a team that is struggling to catch up to the client’s deadline, here are 5 simple tricks that can speed things up.

You could have the best resources and tools, the most productive methods, and access to never-ending funds, but you cannot achieve your organizational goals without a high-powered team. And to make sure that team works in sync, you need to be a high-impact leader who can motivate the group.

What you really need are some kickass motivation techniques that will result in improved quality, faster response times, increased productivity, and more profitability. Here are 5 sure-fire ways to push your team to achieve bigger goals.

Create A Better Team Vision

The best way to get your team energized is by clearly defining their target. A team that is not united by a common goal can’t work to its full potential. Keep your team informed on where they are headed and how to get there. With a clear end goal in mind, your team will even be prepared to face multiple changes in operational conditions and will be able to rise to new challenges. As a manager, your job will be keeping the team going and improving team spirit when they start to lose sight of the end goal.

Make A Safe Environment For Your Team

The people on your team need to know that they are safe, not only physically but emotionally and psychologically as well. Your aim should be to create a workspace where the employees can openly share their ideas, knowing that they will not be judged unfairly. You should also make sure that you are approachable so that team members can open up regarding any problem they are facing.

Appreciate Each Individual As Often As You Can

Every person needs to be appreciated from time to time, for their accomplishments or for ideas they come up with. Leaders in successful teams tend to give out genuine praise to an individual who achieves any of the mentioned areas in front of the entire team. Make it a part of your workplace culture to constantly appreciate hard workers. You could even get to know each member of the team and see if they prefer recognition in public or just a personal appreciation note.

Make Each Individual Feel Like They Belong

It is extremely important that you look at each member of your team as a person with real feelings and needs. People naturally look for a place where they belong and it is imperative to create a workplace where each individual is inspired by the work that you do. When taking in new team members, pay close attention to whether that person would fit into the workplace culture. If you end up choosing a person who does not mix well with the culture, they will only be more disengaged and less productive.

Create More Ace Workers

All your employees need to be trained and mentored to be more efficient and better team players. But it isn’t enough for you to focus on team members who already do their jobs well. Make it a point to mentor quieter and less efficient workers that are close to becoming as efficient as your top players. Your focus on improving the efficiency of these workers will boost their confidence and show positive results.

These simple steps can go a long way when you’re trying to speed up your team. You could have an energizing day out or even have a team-building activity hour once a week to boost your team’s morale. With just a little effort you can have a loyal team of workers who will give the organization their best, every day.



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