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Strategies to Drive Sales Productivity

Sales productivity is now becoming one of the main areas of concern for today’s organizations. Managers often make the mistake of pushing their sales personnel to work more rigorously to meet their targets, but if that extra effort is given for helping the sales reps in efficiently managing their working time, then managers can indeed boost their team’s sales productivity.

What is sales productivity?

It can be defined as the rate of revenue acquisition done by sale persons for their organization.

Growth in revenue is the major goal for every company but aiming the growth in sales productivity makes the goal appear more fruitful.

What strategies do you need to drive sales productivity?

It is evident that if the sales team meet their targets, they will help in generating revenue and the profit will be generated which will help the company to retain its position in this competitive market.

The effective ratio of outputs versus inputs will help in maximizing the sales result for the organization. A successful sales productivity strategy includes factors that contribute to minimizing the expense of company resources and focus on maximizing sales with minimum effort.

A Few Key Stats

As per Aberdeen Study, two to three sales reps fail to achieve the annual sales quota.

Domo reports that reps generally spend more than 50 working days not doing the core selling activities, each year

Thunderhead reported that 80% of the sales occur between 2nd and 5th call however only 20% of sales reps take it to the 3rd call.

600 emails per week on an average; that is the number of email sales reps receive per week on average as reported by The Brevet Group

Let’s Get Started With the Strategies

Avoid a Stagnant Sales Cycle

Sales reps lose valuable time searching for the high-quality marketing content. Moreover, data compiled by various resources suggests that quality marketing content positively influences 95% of B2B deals that gives in-depth insight regarding your products and services.

If your sales reps are losing time on searching marketing content, then it means that your organization is losing lucrative sales opportunities at the same time.

About 25 to 50% of the forecasted deals get stalled or simply go dead. The longer a prospect stays at a stage in your sales pipeline, the more are the chances of losing it.

Sales reps are wasting one-third of their productive day for searching relevant content to be pitched to their leads.

One more point of concern is that because sales reps are not able to find the apt content for their use, 70 percent of the marketing content developed for them is wasted.

To avoid a stagnant sales cycle, the reps must add value to their conversation.

This can be done by introducing content and insights. They need messaging and collateral that addresses apprehensions that demonstrate the ability to solve a problem, and shows how ROI can be attained.

Keep a Check on Your Sales Processes

Businesses tend to lose millions of dollars as far as revenue is concerned because of the inefficient sales process. A well-defined sales workflow is fruitful for around 33% of companies, but the actual task is to have a flawless sales process in your organization.

You must find out the loopholes of your current workflow and determine what the factors that deter your sales process are? Finding all these issues will help you get insights on the flaws in your sales process, whether there is a lack of proper communication or a resource relocation is required.

I am not saying you can become productive rapidly, but you can integrate the processes that productively work for you in your sales workflow.

Relate your sales goal with your company’s sales goal this will help in adding a more definite value to your sales process and will push your sales team to increase their overall productivity.

Automation and Technology

Every sale manager will agree that streamlining their whole workflow and eliminating redundancy is the core issues that they want to deal with to remove the roadblocks in their teams’ road to productivity.

This can be achieved with sales automation. With automation, sales team get help from various tools that make their daily task seamless. Having a complete automation in place means your team saves much time that they can use to focus on carrying out the core sales activities.

Technology, as you read above, has helped sales a lot. Sales tools have aided sales team in making timely decisions, create productive sales strategies based on various data available with the CRM system. Analytical tools and many other sales tools that help in automating the overall sales task are the results of development in technology. Embracing the technology has made the daily working culture smoother for the sales reps.

Use Analytical Tool

Your smart CRM system collects various data related to the deals, contacts, prospects, call logs and much more. This data is easily available to your sales team. Analytical tools are helping businesses in developing various strategies and help them in accurate decision-making.

Highly insightful data regarding their sales team’s performance and the detailed report on deals are helping B2B companies become more productive.

Sales Productivity Metrics

The ultimate step towards developing your sales productivity strategies is to have well-defined sales productivity metrics. Include sales performance targets and develop a system that rewards the reps for following the sales process described by you.


Have a review meeting for the strategies that you have set for driving your sales productivity.

The market has various CRM systems, automation software, and sales productivity tools that many organizations are adopting for a seamless daily functioning. Companies are welcoming these technological tools and are happily implementing this productivity software for smooth operation of the business tasks.

Sales productivity depends on the dedication of not only your sales team but your marketing and support team too. Having a smart and intuitive CRM aids you in achieving your goal of having higher productivity as it saves your over time and resources and helps you utilize the spare time in increasing your overall work productivity.

Salesmate has been developed to function seamlessly with the sales team of any shape and size. It is designed to suit all the necessities that an organization requires for its functioning. If you want to have a detailed conversation on how to integrate Salesmate in your organization’s working environment, then get in touch with us today.

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