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In-Store Checkout Experience is Important. How to Make it Better?

Customer experience especially the in-store experience is the one of the most essential factors to boost customer loyalty and get more customers attracted to the brand. Moreover, given the current scenario of the retail industry when there is a heavy competition between pure play e-Commerce retailers and brick-and-mortar players. As well known online retail brands try all sorts of techniques to grab on to a large bite of the market share pie, brick-and-mortar retailers are being put to the test on their survival skills.

However big an e-commerce retail business gets, it cannot take away the value of physical retail stores. However, brick-and-mortar retail companies cannot just continue to do business the way the have being doing it in the past as this would translate in they being waiting to get bought or get shut. They have no choice but to evolve their strategies and processes in order to ensure a firm grip of the scenario and remain in the game. No doubt the best way to achieve this would be delivering an exceptional customer experience .

While there are n number of factors that go into creating and delivering a comprehensive experience for retail shoppers and each of them need to be looked at attentively, the in-store checkout experience could be given a higher rating in-terms of importance as compared to many others. Having said that, providing the best check-out experience in-store can seem to be stiff challenge, especially during peak hours and shopping seasons and festivals. But this can definitely be achieved with a 3 pronged approach where in the right people are using the right technology to drive retail business processes the right way.

To delve a little deeper into the 3 pronged approach, there are some innovative and interesting technologies that provide solutions such as mobile point-of-sale (POS), self-checkouts, mobile payments, mobile wallets, quick billing, CRM integrated POS, etc. – i) to make the billing process at the check-out counter easy and quick through automation of operations, ii) to bust long queues by enabling handheld devices such as tablets to be used for scanning products and billing, iii) to speed up payment processes by allowing payments through mobile phones or using mobile wallets. But however great these solutions are, if the people that use them aren’t exposed to the capabilities of the technology that are available with them, the purpose is defeated. Furthermore, the store staff may know how to use the software the right way but if they are not helpful and easily approachable to customers in the store, or don’t possess the right soft skills, it will still lead to a bad experience. Hence the right mix of store staff who are well trained in all aspects and are equipped with the right retail solutions can help ensure that the check-out process becomes a wonderful experience for customers who will be left wanting for more. Brick-and-mortar retail owners need to make use of the 3 pronged approach in order to be able to make the in-store check-out experience simpler and smoother for shoppers.

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