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Spotting The Productivity Styles Of Your Team Members Made Easy

You have a big project in the pipeline, and you want to make sure your team gives its best? Here’s how! There are certain productivity styles, one of which each person possesses. If you’re able to spot that style and exploit it to suit your project needs, you might just get the perfect result with a happy client and a content team member.

Not everyone gets to choose the people they work with. For the majority who have to go ahead with the flow, grouping your team members according to their work/productivity styles goes a long way in increasing the amount of work that can be done. You not only get to realize their full potential in due course but also get work done in the best way possible.

Dealing with and resolving conflicts among your team members need not be a task on its own if you know what irks and makes them click. Here’s a breakdown of the most common productivity styles found on the internet and how to deal with them.

‘Less Talk, More Work’ – The Prioritizer

If you want to get work done with no questions asked whatsoever, (yeah, pretty much like the guy from the Transporter series) then the Prioritizer is your guy.

Analytical, logical, and realistic- will describe them the best. They won’t take any crap from anyone and are highly focused on accomplishing the task at hand. They will be proficient at time management and are most likely to plan the entire approach before they get started with any work. The presence of a Prioritizer in a team is bound to bring in that energy required for your team to nail deadlines.

If time is always the enemy, you better have a Prioritizer by your side!

The God Of Small Things – The Planner

Detailed detailing about the little details turns them on.

If you ever wanted to know who started the great listicle trend, you might just be in luck. Planners can’t live without making lists, action plans, and schedules for the day. Their desk will likely be plastered with post-it notes that remind them of the 1000 things they need to do tomorrow, and the 1000 things they have accomplished today.

You can’t approach them to work on impromptu projects lest they have a panic attack. But you can rope in the Planners for supervising projects. Get the best out of them by using them to find flaws in any projects, processes or systems!

Captain Of The Ship – The Arranger

If you like to give all your projects a personal touch, then you just might be an Arranger.

The ideal that separates these people from the rest is their sensitivity. If the Prioritizer and Planner form the backbone of a team, an Arranger is often what drives the team to give their best. They tend to get along with everyone on the team and are often great leaders to work under. Their excellent communication skills make them a prized asset in a marketing team.

The desk, that you came across surrounded by people chattering away happily, most probably belonged to an Arranger.

The Great Juggler – The Visualizer

Running out of ideas for your new project?

A visualizer might just be who you need. With their intuitive, holistic, and spontaneous approach, they always bring innovative concepts to the desk. They pride themselves on being risk-takers and you will often find them multitasking projects.

How can you spot a visualizer in a team? They will mostly be the one whose desk is covered with piles of files or documents.

For any team to succeed, you need to know the core values that separate the team members from each other. Spot these productivity styles early on and get the best out of any team right away.

So what’s stopping you from nailing that next big project, again?



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