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Smart Email Management Tips for Freelance Workers

Email is one of the prominent Internet tools. Since it became popular in the 90s, people have used it to send letters to their loved ones. As it continues to rise, many businesses are now taking advantage of this service. One of them is the freelancers.

Smart Email Management Tips for Freelance Workers

Freelancers don’t go to offices to work. They just stay at home and use their laptops and their Internet connections to earn a living. While they are becoming successful in their field, the number of their clients is increasing too. Hence, the more emails they receive.

For this reason, it’s quite hard to manage all your emails. Good thing there is an app that helps you manage your emails. This application is the email management tool.

As the name suggests, it’s a program that handles your emails. It allows you to move messages from one folder to another. With this software, you can find the emails that you’re looking for with ease. You just need to open the folder and search the subject of the email.

However, it’s still quite challenging to manage a bulk of emails even if you’re using the best email management tools. To help you with your problem, we will give you tips for managing your emails. But first, you need to know whyit is crucial to manage your emails.

Why Email Management Is Important

As mentioned earlier, email management refers to handling your emails. With this software, you don’t have to take time searching and managing your messages. Apart from that, there are other benefits that you can get from an email campaign management tool. Here are some of them.

It increases productivity. Spam is one of the primary issues of email management. According to a survey, nearly $21.6 billion were lost in 2004. All because of deleting spam.

On November 2006, it reached 86 million spam messages a day! Imagine how much you’ve lost if your emails were sent to spam folders. Good thing you can control this phenomenon. With the use of an efficient email marketing management tool, you can reduce sending spam messages. Consequently, it will increase your productivity.

It minimizes the cost of the agreement. The latest corporate embarrassments have pushed the Congress to make a law that will increase the business transparency. This act has been helpful for many consumers. But on the marketing side, it has become their nightmare. Thus, there has been an increased demand for storage of document retention.

Fortunately, you can reduce your expenses and increase your transparency. You just need to get a reliable email management application. This system, not only simplifies the method. It also features the entire process.

It decreases the cost of action. When email management arrived, many businesses think they’ve reached their bases. It’s because the system grabs all the inbound and outbound emails. However, when the order for email exchange came into the picture, they’ve used a storage system for their emails.

Though the law was considered to be their nightmare, it has brought some advantages to businesses. Since they are now using a storage unit, you can save countless hours from searching emails. Moreover, it eliminates the frustration since everything is in order.

It decreases security threats. Believe it or not, some emails may contain computer viruses. Once it gets into your system, it can cause computer crashes or worse, data theft.

According to Jim Nicholson, the Veteran Affairs Department lost $100 million due to data theft. It was all because of an email that had computer viruses.

As a businessperson, you don’t want to experience the same thing, especially if you own a large corporation. With the help of an email campaign management tool, you can protect your computer from virus attacks.

These tools have a built-in antivirus and security features that scan every email you receive. That way, you don’t have to deal with these problems every time you open or download some files.

It recovers the lost data in a snap. There are different reasons for losing data. One is natural calamities. If your computer gets wet, it could lead to data loss. Another reason is accidents. You might accidentally spill a cup of coffee on your desktop, or your child pressed the delete button.

You will be frustrated if these things happened. However, if you use an email management tool, you don’t have to feel disappointed anymore. Apart from the big storage space, it also has an archive. This feature backs up your emails after a failure. You just need to open the folder to retrieve those messages.

Tips for Managing Emails

Many people think that managing emails are hard. But it’s more difficult if you’re trying to find a message on the internet. Thus, it’s critical to use an email list management tool.

But what if you don’t have this software? Is there a way to manage your email inbox? Yes, there is! You just need to do the following tips:

Categorize Your Email.

When you receive an email, the first thing that you do is read it. When you know the message content, it’s up to you if you want to put a mark on it. If you need to work on a task, you can put a red mark on the email. This color indicates that you have to work on this project.

If it’s complete, and you’re just waiting for a reply, you can put a blue mark on the email. This color tells you that the project has not yet been approved. If you completed the task, and your client accepted the finished project, you can put a green mark on it.

These actions are not just about organizing your emails. It’s also about categorizing them. For instance, if you’re looking for tasks that need to work on, you can look for a red mark. That way, you’ll know in an instant that you have to work on these projects.

Segregate Emails According to Clients and Categories.

Another thing that you can do is to segregate your emails. There are two things that you can do to separate them. Either you divide by categories or by clients.

For instance, you have several topics to write. You have to write about “health and wellness,” “games,” “software,” etc. Before you write an article for each topic, you need to create a folder for them. After sending the essays, put them in the named folder. That way, it will be easier for you to search for the topic and the subject of the email.

If you want to segregate it by clients, you can also do the same thing. Label the folders with the name of your patrons so that you know who gave that task. If you can’t label the folder, you just need to move the emails to the designated folder. However, you need to remember whose projects are in the first folder, the second folder, and so on.

Automate Your Search.

If you have thousands of emails in your inbox, you find it hard to look for a particular message. It would take days before you can locate the email.

However, with the automated search, it wouldn’t take that long. It only takes less than five seconds to find the email. You just need to type the subject in the search box.

However, the speed depends on the email system you’re using. For instance, Gmail takes up to five seconds before it can find the email that you need. To make things easier, you can bookmark your search. That way, you don’t need to repeat the searching process again.

These are the things that you can do if you want to manage your emails. With these tips, you can search for your email with just one click.

However, if doing these things aren’t enough, then you should get the best email management tools. Unfortunately, all providers claim that they provide the best system. These words make everybody confused. They don’t know whether or not they should believe their claims.

If you want to get a reliable email management program, then you should read some reviews of email management tools. These write-ups will tell you what you need to know about a particular product. It covers the features, specs, and pros and cons of the system. Most of the time, it includes what the users have to say about the software.

However, not all reviews of email management tools are reliable. Thus, you need to check the source of the article. If it comes from a credible website, then you can trust the content of the review.

There are many review sites on the Internet. CrowdReviews is one of them. Like any other websites, it offers a ton of email management software reviews. The only difference is the credibility of the write-ups.

The reviews came from actual users. They wrote what they experienced when they started using the software. With this website, it will be easier to find the right email tool that fits your needs.

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