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There Are Several Ways To Find Programmer For Your Startup:

There are several ways to find a programmer for your startup:Programmers

– Code by yourself, of course if you can
– Find a freelancer
– Find a software company

Let’s try to understand what to choose.

1 Code by yourself – of course, this is the easiest way. Especially if you have like-minded people. This way will be the cheapest one also.
However, most of the startups don’t have any technical knowledge. Therefore, we are skipping this paragraph and focus our attention to understand what is the difference between choosing a freelancer or a development company (outsourcing).

2 Freelancer
You can find them on different resources like UpWork, Angel List, Guru etc.

But there are too many people there seeking for a job. Usually the portfolio and rates are main criteria when you are trying to choose. However, there are a few risks when you are choosing a freelancer.

– You can’t check the authorship of their portfolio and they will not share the source code because it’s under NDA

– Low quality of the code. The developer actually did his job – the code is written. But you could have some issues with it and require some bug fixing in future because of the poor performance.

3 Software, outsourcing company.
This option is most convenient, but here you also need to be careful.

First of all, the cost. Startups can’t pay high rates. Nevertheless, they need to choose the lowest price. Lowest rates usually mean lowest quality and priority. So think before you choose!
The great names in portfolio mean nothing. Always ask for references.

Specify what technology should be used and why. Let them explain their suggestions in the easiest way. Because you are not the technical specialist.
A detailed guide you can also view in this article : How To Find A Programmer For A Startup?

Yes, to choose a correct option for you is not an easy work. Maybe you will need to create your own strategy. It is, however, possible that you need to complete all steps, find some friend and create your own code but then see that this way doesn’t work and can’t meet your main goal, choose a freelancer and understand how hard it is to find a really good single person who can and want to help you or do your search and finally find the best team to work with.

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