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SEO is a Scam: Exposing SEO Myths and Misconceptions

SEO is a Scam: Exposing SEO Myths and Misconceptions

There will always be people who will discount something as a scam. Even if you show them evidence to the contrary, they will still stick with what they believe in. If you are one of those people, this article is probably not for you. But if you are one of those open minded people, who are willing to try new things, then go on and read the rest of this piece.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is advertised to bring you lots of money. This is maybe why most people think of this process as a scam. But actually, SEO is a collection of strategies and tactics to increase the number of visitors of an optimized website. There is a chance of gaining money from this, but it might take some patience and perseverance on the marketer’s part. If you keep through and work with SEO continuously, then sooner or later, you might see some money pouring in.

Here are some of the top myths and misconceptions about SEO and some notions to dispel them.

SEO Is no Longer Relevant

The most common fallacy that you will hear is that SEO is no longer relevant and is, in fact, dead. There are many more marketing strategies out there that can be used to promote your site making SEO tools irrelevant to the modern world of internet marketing. SEO is a thing of the past, come to the dark side and use more modern techniques.

This is not true because using search engine optimization is truer now than ever. If you want to reach the high ranks of search engine results page, you would use optimization. Although it is true that there are other marketing strategies, SEO will always be relevant. In fact, you could read from this article how using SEO can boost the presence of your online store. This is also true for other types of website.

If you want to increase the visibility of your site and drive traffic, keep up with the use of SEO software.

SEO Is About the Right Keywords

It is not actually a myth that SEO is about the right keywords. What is wrong is marketers’ thinking that the SEO platform is all about the keywords. In order for the optimization process to work well, there are also other factors that have to be considered.

Before, when the internet was a simpler place, keyword density can be equated to brilliant optimization. But the internet evolves every day, and so are the practices that search engines use to rank web pages. It is no longer all about adding a lot of keywords to your content. Search engines will now look for the relevance of your content rather than the exact keywords and phrases.

Search engines have become intelligent and you can no longer fool them into thinking your site is related to a word search simply because it is full of the right keywords. Along with the changes in keywords, here are more reasons why your business needs to update its other SEO practices and techniques.

You Should Have a Lot of Web Pages for Better Ranking

Many people think that quantity is always better than the quality of their work, but this isn’t so for SEO management. Especially now that search engines are stricter when it comes to ranking pages; and they prefer quality and relevant content over the number of pages on your website.

You could still add as many pages as you like to your site, but do this only because you think they are relevant to the site, and not because of optimization purposes. Additional pages do not guarantee that search engines will crawl your site more. So it is better to create relevant and quality content rather than creating a lot of pages in hopes that you will get a higher ranking.

Images Do not Need Optimization

This is where most beginners make their mistakes, forgetting to optimize the images. It’s maybe because they don’t really believe that even pictures need optimization. But search engines cannot read pictures; to them it’s only a photo. They wouldn’t know if the picture is relevant to the content of the site or not. That is why you have to help the search engine look at pictures like they are contents. Make them look like live text by adding optimized captions, description and alt text to the picture. This will help search engines have an idea on what your pictures are saying.

It is not only written words that need optimization. If you really want your website to appear on the top of the search results pages, you need to optimize everything that appears on your website. That includes photos and videos. Another tip is to add unique pictures to your site rather than stock photos. This will help get your picture seen more since they wouldn’t be duplicate contents. The top SEO tools will help you with the optimization of your pictures and videos.

There Is a Hype With Optimization of Mobile Sites

According to CMS Report, conversion from mobile devices are up by 64% as compared to conversions from desktop computers. So no, it is not just a hype that marketers should optimize their mobile sites. You can get more clients, and therefore sales, if you make sure that your site can be used through mobile devices. Another report from Smart Insights says 48% of customers use a search engine to start a mobile search for products that they want to buy.

If you do not have a mobile site, you could be losing a lot of potential clients. If you do have a mobile site, make sure that it is compatible with mobile devices. Google reports that, 61% of visitors most likely won’t come back to a site if they have trouble accessing that particular site.

Most SEO tool will help you optimize mobile sites. You could read reviews of SEO tools to know which applications offer both desktop and mobile site optimization.

Link Building Does not Work

Just like SEO, some marketers are also claiming that link building does not work and is no longer relevant. This is not true since the final goal of link building is to create a presence for your website. Ultimately, it would also generate traffic for your site. What doesn’t work is questionable and unsafe link building practices. Search engines are particular about the existence of other links on your website. If you have links that are irrelevant, then that will cost you your ranking. In this article, you could read about Google’s guideline on link building.

Other link building strategies include content, guest posting, blogging, infographics, broken links building, submission of your site to local and business directories, paid links, competitions and giveaways, video submission, and press release submissions.

SEO Is a Con

Others believe that you don’t need SEO when you have great and wonderful content. That SEO is a con and a waste of money. But what use is your content if no one will be able to see it. The best SEO software will help you get your site out there, so more people can read it. It wouldn’t matter if you wrote the next Nobel Prize winning novel if no one is there to appreciate it.

The key to a successful website is to create amazing content and optimize it. With SEO, search engines will get to discover new and relevant content. It also means that the chances of your work being seen by other people is also increased.

So write great content and leave the optimization to the top SEO tools. You could read reviews of SEO tools to know which can help you achieve your goals and objectives.

There Is no Connection Between SEO and Social Media

There is a belief that being on social media will not do anything for your SEO efforts. This is because social traffic is different form the ranking factor in the search engine results pages. But this doesn’t mean that your social media cannot help you increase your ranking in the search results page.

In social media, your page can be shared a thousand times. That would be a thousand impressions on your site driven by social media traffic. Search engines would take notice and think your page is relevant increasing your chances of being on the top of the rankings. With social media, the visibility of your site can also be increased. Although, a popular Facebook page is not a guarantee that your SEO is improved, it has been proven that it can help. Here is an article on how your blog can help market your business on social networks.

Now that these fallacies, myths and misconceptions have been corrected, you wouldn’t be afraid to optimize your site anymore. If you want your site to be searchable and driving traffic, it is time to start using search engine optimization. You have nothing to lose by doing this, and a lot to earn.

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